We’re Captive on the Carousel of Time

That? Was a really awesome weekend.

Friday night Supple and I braved the Eastside to meet up with Mr. Darcy and friends. Here’s a clip of what that was like:

Dog Ass & Supple impersonating Christopher Walken.

No seriously. Watch that clip. (Wow, I’m a real tyrant of a director when I’ve got some booze in me. “YOU ARE ALL QUITTERS!”)

Saturday was all about volunteering and working and yet, despite it being “work”, it was a lot of fun. As Mr. Darcy said to me, I was in my element. I do like chatting it up with folks and talking about the great work of the agency I work for. Plus we have this wicked cool new event coming up this summer and I’m super excited to get people to sign up. After a long day of giving back, we managed to drag ourselves to finally see Iron Man 2 which was good just not as good as the first one. Though Scarlett Johansson was pretty bad ass in my opinion. And hot.

An aside: Why is it that the person who talks through the movie is usually the dumbest one in the room?

Sunday we took Finn to the zoo where we saw Meerkats(!) and assorted other animals. Mr. Darcy and I both got shit on in the bird feeding area but Finn, the bird whisperer, did not. He found it pretty darn funny that we did though. We managed to survive pseudo-parenting for the afternoon though Mr. Darcy’s lower back hurt and my knee was hurting me. We’ve definitely decided that getting in better shape before we have a kid is an absolute must.

They had a little scuffle while we were there. Apparently the bathing/napping bear was not into having his space invaded.

These ones enjoyed eating off sticks the most.

Finn: The Bird Whisperer. Or, alternately, the one who does not get shit upon.

If you squint you can make the meerkats out. They are tiny like bunnies.

I always think of that song "Flamingo Baby" by the Violent Femmes when I see a flamingo.

These boys have my heart.

Giddy with anticipation.


16 thoughts on “We’re Captive on the Carousel of Time

  1. I used to think the meerkats were the coolest until I really checked out the gibbons.

    Glad you had a great weekend. I got to spend Saturday in Santa Cruz hanging out with old friends.

  2. Awwh. Now I have “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” in my head. (I apparently think in Footloose soundtrack songs.) So! glad the weekend was such a great one. I’m foreseeing another trip to Portland for you and Mr. Darcy soon. Mostly because (I’m psychic, and) I miss your faces.

  3. Love the Joni Mitchell reference in your title 🙂

    That video clip is priceless. I love how super into it and serious you are about it, but they’re just cracking up. So funny.

    I haven’t been to the new Meerkat exhibit yet!!! Glad you guys had fun 🙂

  4. I love Meerkats. They’re the best. Especially when they fall asleep standing up. So cute.

    Also cute: Your two boys together. That picture is seriously a foreshadowing shot of Darcy holding YOUR kid some day!

  5. I’ve said it before and many times thereafter but Finn is just SO ADORABLE! Love the picture of him and Mr. Darcy! So glad you had such a lovely weekend lady. 🙂

  6. Those pictures are so adorable! I’m glad you had such a great weekend. And isn’t it awesome to be able to test out the parenting thing? How fun! Wasn’t it incredible to see Finn see everything? One of my favorite things is when my kids experience something new and describe what they see/feel. It is so cool to see life through their eyes sometimes.

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