Deeper Into the Fold

I alluded last week that Mr. Darcy and I had traveled by plane somewhere West.

A couple weeks ago we managed to cross off another item on my 37 in 37 list.

31. Go to California with Mr. Darcy

Please note that Mr. Darcy had NEVER been to California. And for those who are new here, that’s where I was born & raised. I often say the thing I miss the most, besides my friends there, is the ocean. I wanted him to see what I was talking about. I also wanted to show him around one of my favorite cities (San Francisco), introduce him to some of my closest friends and show him where I grew up.

RaeRae & RunRun* were gracious enough to let us crash at their place for the entirety of our trip. I just love them to pieces (and their adorable cats, even Gadget who has emotional problems and sprays all the time). Within hours of our landing, RaeRae was whispering conspiratorially to me in the kitchen, “Sizz, I LIKE HIM. He’s so good!”

Yeah. I know.

We spent one whole day frolicking around the city. We managed to navigate BART, ride a cable car, meet Abby for lunch at the Ferry Building, stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf, and meet Bird & Ama for dinner at Burma Superstar (if you are in SF and haven’t been there, go now!). It really was bliss.


Sorry Mr. Darcy, I fell in love with a pirate while in San Francisco.

Bird proceeded, in true Bird fashion, to intensely question Mr. Darcy. At one point I came upon her asking him, “When is the exact moment you knew you loved The Jonesy?” (That’s what she calls me.) I felt for him, I really did. And I tried my best to warn him about her. I figured if he had survived my other friends who had given him the third degree (cough-Jenny Two Times-cough-Long Story Longer), he could weather Bird’s interrogation. I honestly couldn’t answer that question if it was asked of me. There wasn’t a moment that I fell in love with him. I just am. I just continue to.

Wharfing It

We even made it up to my childhood house where I got to point out my bedroom, the birch trees I so miss, and share tales of the neighborhood and my childhood as we drove around. It was a very brief stint through town in which we managed to see James Dean & Natalie Wood** at their new house with their new puppy which we almost put in my purse because she is the cutest. However brief, it was good to see them. It always is.

Sandy Feet

RaeRae grew up in Half Moon Bay and since I didn’t feel Mr. Darcy had been properly introduced to the California beaches yet, we spent time driving around, brunching, and getting our feet wet in the ocean there. The weather was picture perfect the entire visit. I really could not have asked for a better getaway. I’m so glad that more of my closest friends got to meet and spend time with Mr. Darcy. I knew they’d love him but it is nice to have them give us the two thumbs up. It’s heart-warming to see him interact with the people who are my extended family, my inner circle of trust, my best of friends. That they welcome him into the fold, that he gets along so well with them…it’s just…what I’ve always wanted.

Old Man & The Sea

* & ** check out the Characters page for back stories.

P.S. This leaves Dumpling, Jersey Girl and Tomato who still need to meet him but that will be remedied by the end of summer. Mark my words.


25 thoughts on “Deeper Into the Fold

  1. i love that he is playful. it is good for you. GOOD.

    and your stories made me miss CA so much.

    but more importantly… i am glad we all approve.


  2. what’s wonderful is it looks like he likes to have a good time! and he SMILES!!!

    two great attributes to be good enough for the Sizz.:)

    love the last picture by the way.

  3. I love that he’s making the rounds, meeting all of your dearest of old friends, and that they are all loving him. That really is such a true testament to his character and his love for you. The first time I met him I knew he loved you. He literally could not keep his eyes off of you.

    Here’s to true love, which really does triumph over all else.

  4. I’ve always said, you know you’ve got yourself a catch when you never have to apologize for the guy you’re dating. He just fits in nicely to your world. Sizz, I’m pretty sure you’ve met your match!

  5. Thanks to Abby I checked the website for Burma Superstar some time back and discovered they have two locations on my side of the Bay. Yum!

    Glad you two had a great time.

  6. How wonderful! San Francisco is really a romantic city. My mum and her brother grew up in San Francisco. Her brother still lives there and we’re always down that way. It’s like a home away from home. I love it.

    I’m so happy for you guys! Meeting, and being loved and accepted by the friends is huge. In some ways, even more important than meeting the family. Sounds like everyone got along swimmingly! Yay!

  7. Awesome. You look like you had so much fun that I’m going to suggest we do the same. My g/f and I have both been to SF before but we’ve never been together. Oh my goodness that will be a fun trip. Thanks for the suggestion πŸ˜‰

  8. It feels so good when you get to introduce the people that are important to you to the other oh-so-important people in your life… and they hit it off like that. It leaves you smiling for days. Yay!

    I might get to go to San Francisco in August. Can I email you for ideas on fun activities? (Never been to CA)

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  10. seriously you two are so cute and i’m so glad all of your friends approve, always a good thing. and yay for great weather, SF’s weather is always tricky, haha.

  11. That is great that he hit it off with your friends and sounds like you had an awesome trip to California. I’ve been to a few places in the States but never to CA before. Hopefully at some point, I will get a chance to see it! πŸ™‚

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