Sizzleland Snippets

I’ve got some deeper stuff brewing but I’ll save that for when I’m not coming off a 3 day weekend, draggin’ my ass to work. Instead I give you snippets from Sizzleland:

  • I’ve been remembering my dreams (don’t worry I am not going to bore you with them!). It’s interesting to note that they have a recurring theme of ex–boyfriends. It’s like I am meeting up with them in my dreams to forgive them. I’m hoping this means good things.
  • Mr. Darcy and I have never been shitfaced together. We’ve discussed that we should probably do this at some point just to get it out of the way but neither of us are big boozers. It’s interesting to note that in my previous relationship we were drunk a lot together. It was practically the foundation of our union.
  • I’m not that into the 4th of July. It’s always overcast and dreary in Seattle making bbqing kind of ridiculous. This year I was in bed reading while the fireworks went off. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.) Side note: I do not like hot dogs.
  • I’ve returned to yoga and am loving it. Last night’s class though was full of twists and plank poses and LORDY I am feeling it today. But I like the sore feeling. Makes me think I accomplished something.  I drank two beers after class thus canceling out any calories I might have burned. D’oh!
  • I devoured my book club book this month. If you haven’t read The Help, what are you waiting for? It’s the kind of book with characters that play on in your head long after you’re done reading it. It’s almost like I miss them.
  • It’s finally going to look like summer in Seattle this week. Which means Seattleites will be wearing very little clothing and complaining about it being too hot by Thursday. Plus, every store that sells fans will run out of them by the weekend. We’re difficult to please.

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend.


25 thoughts on “Sizzleland Snippets

  1. Yoga, yoga, yoga! (Yelled like toga, toga, toga!)

    I love yoga and am not finding time in my life to make it a regular occurrence. Think I’m going to have to buy some tapes and do it at home because my long-ass commute kind of ruins my spare time for things like yoga classes.

  2. Oh gosh isn’t The Help amazing?! Love it! It’s right up there with The Poisonwood Bible for me. Personally, I think every woman should read this book to get an idea of how far women have come and how far we still need to go.

  3. ha, i was JUST telling my friend at work today how i wish i could go to yoga tonight because man oh man does my body need it right now.

    i LOVE hotdogs. i’ve switched away from processed grossness in so many ways, but i just can’t seem to muster up the disgust that i should feel for hotdogs. yum yum yum yum!

  4. I am very excited about the sun…I know I will be whining once it hits 85.
    We watched the fireworks on TV and ate bean soup. It was cold! (I am proof seattlelites whine about the weather)

  5. Oh, I loved “The Help!” I’ve already started bugging some friends to read it….not looking forward to the movie, though. Something about the casting just doesn’t sit well with me.

  6. Our book club did the Help a few months ago – very good. We just finished reading Elizabeth Street, you might enjoy that as well.

    BTW – do we have to wait until Thursday to whine about the heat? It’s gonna be 85 tomorrow – wtf! How do we go from wearing fleece to shorts in three days – oh that’s right it’s Seattle!

  7. No one I’ve heard of, but I’m apparently desperately out of touch with pop culture (or so my tweenage relatives have told me). The actress who plays Hilly was a Twilight vampire and the most recent role of the actress playing Skeeter was a voice in Marmaduke.

    To be fair, I’m probably short selling these actresses since, as I said, I had never heard of them or seen any of their movies. You can see the cast at

  8. I loved The Help. It was a very intense reading experience for me. I read it on the plane(s) from Arkansas back to Seattle after Christmas and didn’t talk to Slim at all while we traveled. I may have shushed him. A lot. I’m with you on the 4th. Growing up in small town Texas ruined me for the 4th celebrated anywhere else. I spent the evening babysitting Baby Girl and watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress. PS? A lot of brides are SPOILED. Thanks for the reminder about crazy, wussy, sun-pansy Seattlites. I don’t own a fan and need to grab one after work! This comment is full of random information but here’s one more important snippet: I like you!

  9. My husband and I have never been drunk together either, and it will probably never happen for us. I have seen him pretty buzzed, but I gave up alcohol entirely not long after we met. (I wasn’t a big drinker before, but I had to give it up for health reasons.)

    I’m not that into the 4th either. Which is ironic, because I am actually quite patriotic. I just don’t love fireworks or picnicking/BBQ-ing in the heat, and I haven’t camped for years.

    The Help was awesome! My MIL’s book clb read it, and she turned me on to it. Loved it!

  10. I have The Help sitting on my nightstand. I told myself I’d finish one and read another that were “first” but I keep reading everyone’s reviews/opinions so waiting just seems silly.

    Also, yay for more yoga in general. 🙂

  11. Interestingly enough Matt & I haven’t really been shitfaced together much at all. It’s either him or me and then the other has to take care of the one who is shitfaced. Fun times (not so much). However, if you two do get shitfaced (so much fun saying “shitfaced”) then you must post about it! With pictures. 😀

  12. Love that you and Mr. Darcy have something in common other than booze. Though, it sure is hilarious to see your beau drunk that very first time. =)

    And I loved The Help … really, really loved it!

  13. 1) It’s slated to be in the upper 80s and 90s in Portland for the next two! weeks and I am already preparing for The Angst. I love sun on my face, but I’m all about moderate temps.

    2) Hurrah! for yoga. So glad you have been able to make the time, and that you’re loving it as much as you are.

    3) I think I’m officially over fireworks. BBQ block parties, however, can stay.

    4) I routinely have recurring dreams about Ian Somerhalder: Which naturally I’ve decided means we’re destined to be together. You know, as soon as he figures out I exist. Details, details.

  14. LOVE your first point about dreams. I have similar dreams. I also have dreams of friends past as well. Mending the friendships or rehashing a good time we had together. Also see a couple friends who are no longer with us which is amazing. It’s like they are just saying hey.

  15. I’m more of a fan of the meaning behind the 4th than the actual holiday itself. Fireworks are ok…if you seen one show you’ve seen pretty much all of them. People that set off firecrackers in the weeks before and after the 4th annoy me. I like the way you spent yours….sound like a perfect celebration to me!

  16. I think there’s a joke in your juxtaposition of “I don’t like hot dogs” and reading in bed, too… 😛

    The Help is totally on my list. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  17. Wow, I’m going to move there, lol. It will be in the 80s by sun up and I bought my first hat over the weekend because my scalp is burned.

  18. As much as I ove a drink every so often, and get a major buzz on, my wife and I rarely get our buzz on together. Exceptions are camping, a house party and gambling at a casino. Most of it is due to the fact that one of us is always a designated driver.

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