I went to Urban Craft Uprising on Sunday and bought myself a present.

I fell in love with Rachel Austin’s work last year at UCU and have been thinking about purchasing a piece of hers since then. I started small but hope to graduate to a bigger piece someday. For now, this little gem needs a place of honor to be displayed in my home.

(If you look closely you can see she uses maps under her paintings. This one has the Puget Sound.)

17 thoughts on “Artastic

  1. I love the red and blue together. Thanks for pointing out the map under the painting…I love that and wouldn’t have noticed it in the picture you took.

    Off to check out Rachel’s website!

  2. I think it’s very evocative of the fact that you and Mr. Darcy are moving in together. 🙂 (Two little birds on a wire.) It will look great in your little love nest.

  3. Oh, I love that! I want to incorporate something similar into our kitchen after the remodel. Going to her site now! Thanks!

  4. That is so perfect! You and I are same/same in art taste, it would seem. If it were me, I wouldn’t hang it. Because then I’d have to choose a room in which to hang it and then whenever I was NOT in that room, I’d miss it. So instead, I vote you carry it around your apartment. OR better, tie it to Mr. D’s neck and make him follow you around everywhere. He’ll understand.

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