Family Ties

Sunday Mr. Darcy and I went over to Dokey and Double B’s house for a bbq picnic. We were lured by the promise of salmon burgers and the chance to meet the two new additions to the family.

Introducing Batman- the fiercest kitten I've ever met. My clawed up hand can prove it.

Meet Harleypants. (My nickname for him is Ass Chaps.)

Harleypants actually let me hold him as long as I wrapped him into a small towel like a kitty burrito. But Batman? He wanted none of that. Finn wanted to hold him so I managed to grab him but the damn cat went all psycho on me- claws out, head turned at me hissing, his back leg arched up and over the top of my hand with his claws drawing blood. Needless to say, that was the last time we tried to catch him. But Finn and I did get a laugh about it while Finn kept telling me, “Tee Tee, you need a band aid.”

Finn has, in no uncertain terms, a raging crush on Mr. Darcy. If I show up with without him Finn’s first question is, “Where’s Mr. Darcy?” Thanks kid. I love being chopped liver.

But seriously, it’s so damn cute the way they are together. I don’t even think Mr. Darcy minds that Finn loves punching him repeatedly in the gut or throwing himself on him. He just likes being part of my family. Everyone has welcomed him with open arms.

Picnic Secrets

It’s such a relief to be with someone that blends so well with my family. It’s been a long time. It feels like Mr. Darcy was meant to belong in my family. I’m particularly fond of the impromptu dance parties in the middle of the living room while Finn busts a move and looks up at all of us with the big smile on his face. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that kid happy. Nothing.

"Do it again!"

So I don’t mind sharing Mr. Darcy with him. Not one bit.


17 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. Love it! When we show up at my brother’s house, my nephew is always all Uncle Eric! Uncle Eric! (or, Where’s Uncle Eric? if I dare show up without him). I say, Hey! Who do you think buys your Christmas presents?!

  2. Kittens and Happy Thoughts. My two Favorite Things! πŸ˜€
    The way you talk about Mr Darcy fitting in with your family??*hearts*

  3. There were three things (that I’ll mention here) that stood out about Sweets when we first started dating. (1) He was better with my friends’ babies than I was. (2) He gets his groove on on the dance floor, even if I’m tired after two songs. And, (3) he’s willing to give up watching football over Thanksgiving weekend in order to spend it with my family at a house without a TV.

    Point being, a guy who assimilates into your life, wave-free … well, that’s something really really special. It means you get to continue being you and your friends and family get to see you being you, only better. Thumbs up to Mr. Darcy for embracing you and your life!

  4. I just love this. The pictures, and the kittens, and the part where Mr. Darcy feels like he’s always belonged in your family. So much awesome happening right now.

  5. The moment I knew Mr. Mom was a keeper was when he charmed my then-5 year old niece. Never underestimate the character judgment of a child — they always know the good ones!

  6. These pictures are so perfect and I just loved every part of this post. What a total gift to have times like these with the beau and the fam. You must sit back and just feel so happy. Yay πŸ™‚

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