Of Note

I’m still not sure how this happened.

I am on the Top 50 Women’s Blogs thanks to Access Communications.

I’m flattered to say the least. Floored and flattered. I got the email and was so busy with last minute work stuff that I didn’t even check the list. Then a friend Twittered me about it and I was all WHAT THE?!

Being at the bottom of a list has never felt so good.

And with that, I’m off to catch a jet plane to Jersey. Because I am classy like that.

See you lovelies in a week.

Be good.




32 thoughts on “Of Note

  1. 😀 I have always thought you noteworthy! But it’s good to be not-iced! Congratulations on the honor! You deserve it, lovely chatterbox.

    Travel safe.

  2. YAE Sizzle! When I look at the list I think that you should be in the top 10. More often than not, something about what you have to say triggers that rare state of introspection for me and while I love your voice and your perspective I also love how you inspire me to be more aware of my own voice and perspective.

  3. Zero surprised here. Have a great trip, lovely. Take a silly picture while you are away. Like, SUPREMELY silly. That is your challenge. GO FORTH!

  4. …congrats!!! …so happy for you …enjoy your trip to the right coast …the show at the winery is fast approaching …looking forward to seeing you there

  5. congratulations. on all the lovely things that have happened for and to you. it pleases me to no end that you have found your lovely mr. darcy and that you’re as brilliant as you are. thank you for being you.

    love and hugs!

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