From Here to There and Back Again: Love Travels

I spent 6 non-stop days with Mr. Darcy and fell even more in love with him.

Love that man of mine.

That’s the mark of a solid relationship. We, thankfully, are excellent travel companions. He handles my pre-travel freak outs with compassionate consideration. And I? Bring snacks so he doesn’t go hungry. What? Snacks are important! Hungry travelers trapped on a cross-country flight are dangerous. They should security scan for it.

Getting from Seattle to Philadelphia is a looooooong flight. My butt fell asleep. Around the 8th hour of travel I started to go a little batshitcrazy from being cooped up. I took extra time in the lavatory just so I could stand up and stretch my legs. I never once fell asleep on the flights. But of course Mr. Darcy did. As evidenced in our previous travels, my boyfriend is one good sleeper.

We shared a double bed at his parents house. If that’s not togetherness I don’t know what is. It was also one of those beds where if he moved, I moved. But there were no cats to wake us up at 5am so I slept past 8am most mornings. Hallelujah! He wasn’t kidding when he told me that he grew up  in the country. Man oh man there are a lot of trees (and corn!). And when we arrived past midnight that first day of our trip, the crickets were loudly welcoming us as were the stars. Without streetlights, they brightly twinkled hello.

The Homestead

Being Corny

I adore his parents. They are such wonderful people- his mom making me a pot of Earl Grey tea that they got on a trip to London and his dad regaling me with story after story of their ancestors. I am certain I was told a story with every single photo hanging in the house (that’s a lot). And when that tour was over? He brought out these big scrolls of paper that showed the family tree. Upon our departure he made me write down my full name, date of birth and where I was born because he’s adding me to the tree.

I think he likes me.

Maybe because when he hugged Mr. Darcy good-bye he told him, “She’s a keeper.” And his mom whispered, “Don’t screw this up!” then asked me if there are any special dishes I like at Thanksgiving.

My future in-laws?

Throughout the trip though, I felt more and more close to Mr. Darcy. Maybe it was being embraced into his family by his parents or so welcomed by his closest friends. Maybe it was seeing his dorky little self in childhood photos and glimpsing the man I love in the child he once was. A little boy who made a makeshift motorcycle out of couch cushions, wearing big gloves and sunglasses, pretending to be one of the officers from CHiPs. Maybe it was how happy he was to introduce me to the most important people to him or to show me around the neighborhoods he used to live. Maybe it was attending the wedding of two of my dearest friends, seeing how happy they are together and in turn, how happy they are for us.

Mr. & Mrs. Dumpling

I was sitting with the groom for a brief moment of quiet togetherness amidst the clamor of the reception. We talked about their honeymoon and the wedding and how, WOW, here we are all these years later him getting married and me with someone special. We’ve traveled a long distance from that time we were a couple and I was falling apart and he was trying to keep me together. Not just in miles- me to Seattle, him to North Carolina- but in emotional distance. And yet here I am at his wedding, crying as he exchanges vows with someone so perfect for him. He asked me about Mr. Darcy moving in. He knows this is a leap of faith for me, a mark of the depth of my feeling. He was, after all, the last man I fathomed doing that with. I shook my head a bit in amazement and said to him,  “I’m going to marry him.” I know this deep down inside myself as an unwavering truth. Then I got all teary and we hugged because holy shit! we’ve both found our person.

The Dashing Dumpling as Groom

So maybe it was all of those experiences rolled into one big amazing feeling. Or maybe it was dancing with Mr. Darcy, laughing and smiling and quietly planning our future together while Frank Sinatra crooned. I think my father would have approved.

I predict that this is what 90% of our wedding day photos will look like.


55 thoughts on “From Here to There and Back Again: Love Travels

  1. Wow. Just wow. So very happy for you! I’ve read along throughout your travels/travails in love these past few years. I knew Mr. Darcy was a keeper from your first words about him, but didn’t think you were ready to shout it to the interwebz. I looooooove how you will look in your wedding photos!

  2. oh my gosh, this was the sweetest post ever! you guys are too adorable and am so happy the trip home went well… the first time eric & i slept in the same bed, at his parents, was definitely a big deal so i think you’re headed in the right direction! yay! =)

  3. This is the best possible post I could have read today! Joy. That’s what it is, and there’s SO much. I couldn’t be happier for you.

  4. You fucking came East and didn’t call me? This makes me HATE. Granted, I’m in Michigan for work for a couple of weeks, so I couldn’t have gotten together, but still, its the principle f the thing. I call BULLSHIT!

  5. Do you have any idea how happy your posts have made me lately? I am so damn glad you have found this great guy, who has great parents, and whose parents see how damn great you are! It’s just all, well, GREAT!!!

    Yay you, yay Mr. Darcy, yay you + Mr. Darcy!!!

  6. You are going to have some beautiful wedding photos.

    I may have even got a little teary eyed reading this, though I am not admitting to anything.

  7. Holy shit! Those are the exact words my husband’s dad and mom said to him (seriously!) when they met me. And that was almost 20 years ago.
    I am beaming with happiness for you and Mr. Darcy! When do I get to meet him?????

  8. I’m zero surprised his family loved you so much. I am, however, 100% thrilled that you’ve found a man who sees all the amazingness you are AND that his family sees it to. I’m glad you had a fantastic love-cation. Bask in the happy.

  9. I fell so much more in love with Andrew when I got to go home, see where he grew up, see those awesome photos and videos and really know who he was before me. It was so fun, and I think it really does add a depth to your relationship, for sure. I’m so happy to see you so happy…you guys are adorable.

  10. Holy crap that is awesome! So incredible to know, and after all you have both been through~to find each other! Adorbs!

  11. In the immortal words of George Gershwin, ‘Who could ask for anything more?’

    I believe every meant-to-be couple makes this world a better place for us all to live in. There’s something about spreading the happy that does it.

    So this all makes me happy. For you, for him, for us all! Yay!

  12. Traveling with someone for the first time teaches you a lot about each other. I think in some respects it acts as a litmus test for compatibility. Last year when Hazel and I went to California on our first official vacation together we learned new things about our travel quirks but ended up having an absolute fantastic time.

  13. What an amazing trip! His parents sound so wonderful. And it’s so cool that you and your friend have each found your special person. I am so happy for you! 🙂

  14. Happy, happy!! This was just warm fuzzies for me.
    Why is the part of the post that made me laugh the most the part about the double bed? Probably because I totally get it. My parents (who from the picture appear to be about the same age as Mr. D’s parents) have always slept in a double and can’t understand why J and I aren’t exactly thrilled about the fact that their guest room has one too. Closeness is good. But I don’t like visiting my parents in their non-air conditioned house in the summer.

  15. Tears in my eyes as I look at that last, beautiful photo of you two. (Last as in the last one on this post.)

  16. I am crying. CRYING! Not just a bit teary eyed, but crying! This post is so, so, so sweet. I’m so happy for all of you (you, Mr. Darcy, his family, your friends, everyone)!!!

  17. I was just looking at all these photos thinking they could be your own wedding photos! I can definitely feel the love and joy!

    BTW, when the day comes, you need to start reading this blog: It’s for people like you and me. (I think you’re at a point in your relationship with Mr. Darcy that it would be ok to go ahead and start reading it. At least look at it.)

  18. Such a great post! You sound so over the moon in love and I can’t wait until you post about Mr. Darcy proposing (which, I will bet lots of dollars, will be in the not so distant future.). Speaking of weddings, I have an adorable picture of you and Tomato in my wedding album. I’ve been meaning to scan it and send it to him. When I do, I’ll send it to you too. 🙂

  19. Awwwwww I’m so happy for you 🙂 It just reminds me of when I fell in love with my husband… He stuck by me, smashed down the walls protecting my heart and made me fall head over heels 🙂

  20. There’s nothing quite like (a) seeing the childhood home of your sweetheart and (b) attending a wedding with him. The fact you combined these two things into one makes this trip monumental. I’m so very excited and happy for you!

  21. I’ve wanted to read this ‘i’m going to marry him’ for the longest time 🙂

    Me too have a silly grin on my face. I loved the post!
    I’m SO HAPPY for you!

  22. Damn you, woman. You’re always making me cry at my desk. It has been so wonderful watching you find your happiness and your man. My heart bursts for you.

  23. I love seeing where people come from. Geographically, relationally, and childhood photographically. (That might be the most nonsensical sentence ever.)

    So glad it was such a love-cementing trip. So happy for you, friend.

  24. How great is that?! You seem to be in a great transitional portion of a relationship most people aspire to have. I hope great things for both of you.

  25. That IS the mark of a solid relationship. I’ve had a couple where a six-day trip would have been the end.

    His parents are cute as buttons! Love the photos and I’m glad it went so well. I’m not at all surprised 🙂

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