Making a Spectacle Out of Myself

You see these:

My tried & true specs. Oh how I love them so.

These are the same eye glasses I’ve been wearing for at least 5 years, maybe longer. I love these frames. They have become part of my face and my personality. They are unique- I get asked all the time where I got them and complimented on them. I’ve grown so fond of them that considering changing them for a new pair made my heart palpitate a little. How will I ever find glasses that are sassy, retro yet hip, and unique?

The last time I talked about this on the blog was April of 2009. Many of you even voted on which new frames I should buy! But when I went to follow through on the actual purchase I found a lot of roadblocks. My insurance would only cover a small percentage if I bought them out-of-pocket. My doctor wouldn’t buy them for me just to try on. The places that might carry them did not take my insurance. And so, I stopped pursuing it.

Wearing my old glasses would not have been a problem if I hadn’t had a bit of a tumble one Friday night in the streets of Capitol Hill after too many vodka tonics wherein my glasses flew from my head and landed on the sidewalk. Because of that, they are scratched up on the lens and on the corner front of the frame not to mention one arm is slightly cracked and bent. And guess what? Those frames are no longer made. BOO ON THAT!

But then I thought, maybe it’s time to shake things up? Most frames don’t fit my eye shape (it’s a big eye problem) or they sit wrong on the bridge of my nose (I apparently have a narrow bridge) so most of the frames I am usually drawn to don’t work for my face. After an arduous session of trying on frames and internet searching, I think that I managed to find a frame that suits my style and face shape. What do you think?

My new glasses: where retro meets nerd.

Why yes I am taking photos of my new specs while in my car. Please note: I was not actually driving at the time. Safety first!

The other news is that, besides biting the bullet and finally getting new frames, I GOT CONTACTS. Yes! At the ripe age of 37 I have finally decided that I am brave enough to stick my finger in my eye. I figure that it’s worth it if I get to finally wear sunglasses. I went for my tutoring session yesterday and managed to get them in after a few tries. The hardest part I found was getting them out. But practice makes perfect… and for a sore eyeball. At least Mr. Darcy is an eye contact wearing expert so I have him to help if I ever have questions.

So I’m slowly adjusting to the new image in the mirror. Is this what people who have nose jobs feel like? Except I can (obviously) take my glasses off whereas they can’t remove their nose (double obvious). What’s next for me then? Growing my hair out?! Why yes, it is. Stay tuned. That’s a much longer process.

*The frames are actually a dark chocolate-brown but you can only really tell in direct light.

*I really need to go buy some sunglasses now- I don’t even own a pair.

*My right eye has a distinct stigmatism which I kept accidentally referring to it as a “stigma” which made the glasses tech and myself crack up.


24 thoughts on “Making a Spectacle Out of Myself

  1. Those look awesome! I’m glad you found a pair you liked.

    And now I feel the need to go buy new glasses…

    Oh and if you’re into being a daredevil you can always go shopping for cheap sunglesses on the Zenni site.

  2. i’ve been waiting for this post FOREVER! they are amazing. i didn’t know that i would love any more than your old ones…however, i will say this. you see your eyes more in these new ones. they are beautiful!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! They really suit you! Girl, you are so sparkly it is just killing me with happiness.

    Nordstrom Rack for sunglasses. I got a pair of gorgeous Kate Spades there, the same ones I’d coveted for two years, for under $50.

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  5. The new frames are great!

    I learned to handle contacts (um, makes me sound like a CIA agent?) when I was in high school, and I remember the pain and the get-this-out-of-my-eye feelings well. It’s worth it though!

  6. I think those are great! You are one of those people that can pull of the retro, trendy, non-standard frame and I’m so glad you take advantage of that.
    I used to wear contacts (and glasses) before Lasik and the whole finger-in-eye thing is still weird to me. You do get used to it though! And now comes the great sunglasses quest!

  7. Check you out, Sassmaster! I like. And I’m quite impressed that you’re brave enough to put your fingers in your eye. I don’t think I’ll ever make it to that point!

  8. I want contacts again so bad. I loved wearing sunglasses and contacts were awesome. Unfortunately they didn’t work out.

    But I do need my prescription adjusted (I think) which means new frames. Yay!

    Now if only I could afford that.


  9. I love the new frames. Also? I love your eyebrows. Sorry if that’s creepy, they’re just so lovely. I hate my eyebrows so I always notice other people’s lovely eyebrows. I have eyebrow envy.

  10. Those are fantastic!! I need to get new glasses which I’m not really looking forward to because a) I love my current frames & worry I won’t be able to find anything I like as well, and b) I can’t afford it right now. The combination makes for a vicious cycle of putting it off, but seeing how awesome your new frames look reminds me that picking out new frames can be fun!

  11. They’re really cute! I spazz every time I have to get new glasses. I wear mine daily, and they really are a part of who I am. I always worry that glasses might alter my personality somehow.

  12. I love the updated look! Still very stylish but something new. Very fun! And I’m glad you’re going for it with contacts. I love mine! They take a bit to get used to, but come in very handy.

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