I’ll Always Be Older

On Saturday, I surprised Mr. Darcy with a gathering of his friends at a local watering hole in honor of his birthday. He didn’t think his friends, the majority of whom live on the other side of the water (East Side to the locals), would ever venture into Seattle-land. But for him they did. Because he’s the kind of guy you do that for. Because he is the kind of friend who would go above and beyond to help you or be there for you. He’s generous, loyal, easy-going and good-natured with a wicked wit and a sharp mind.

Even when he’s drunk.

You see, Saturday was the first time I had ever really seen Mr. Darcy hammered. His friends kept purchasing him rum & cokes and as the night wore on, he was six or seven in. As his designated driver I watched with amusement when he got up to say good-bye to departing pals and he would sway back and forth whenever he was required to stand still or upright. On the way to the car I proclaimed, “You’re drunk!” and he replied, “I’m not THAT drunk. I haven’t thrown up and then asked for another.”

Ah, this man of mine. He’s aces.

I managed to get Mr. Shmoopie home. On the drive back to our place he was proclaiming his love for me in various ways. This boy likes to talk when he throws a few back and his shmoopie factor skyrockets. “I looooooooove you” is said with half-closed eyes in my general direction. We arrive at the building and he stumbles out of the car and proclaims, “KISS ME!” from the driveway as our new tenants are struggling with boxes at the front door. Very sexy, indeed.

I get him upstairs and into bed and he’s chattering on about this and that but he’s whisper-talking even though I am right next to him. I wish I could upload the video I took of him. It cracks me up every time I hear it. Let’s just say, I am dating a very funny guy who someday might run for Crongress which is, by his estimation, a governing body run by Walter Cronkite.

I’m glad he had a good time and was surprised. He’s not used to birthdays being celebrated all weekend long (or week-long in my case) but that’s how we do it in my family. Last night there was family dinner at my Mom’s with presents, eclair cake and Finn wrestling Mr. Darcy on the couch not 2 minutes after he arrived. He’s very popular, this boyfriend of mine, with pets and kids and mothers alike.

And with me. I’m pretty much totally in love with him (understatement). But, I’m saving the sweet talk for his card.


18 thoughts on “I’ll Always Be Older

  1. It sounds weird when we say it but I do know what you mean. A charming little drunk is pretty cute. 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your popular guy!

  2. My sister’s husband wasn’t used to birthday celebrations before marrying her and into our family. We do birthdays big-time. And more recently with lots of fake mustaches.

    Happy! happy birthday to Mr. Darcy.

  3. Like you, it took me some time of dating Sweets before he got really drunk. And it was HILARIOUS to see him talk too much. Anyway, it’s cute and endearing and it really does sound like you’ve got yourself a special man!

  4. That is so funny! Now I feel bad that we didn’t know it was almost his birthday when we saw you! We would have gotten your drinks, lady.

    I think I may have seen Mr. W relatively drunk, but I was drunk too so I can’t be sure.

    Glad you had fun celebrating.

  5. Happy Birthday to Mr Darcy 🙂 Ray just had his birthday and we also celebrated pretty much all week long. It’s how we do it we both of our families so there’s always a lot of meals to attend 😉

  6. hee! i rarely see my bf too drunk, mainly because he has the tolerance of a bull and i’m virtually always drunker than he is if alcohol is involved. it’s HILARIOUS when he is drunk though. he does a lot of grinning 🙂

  7. Nothing says “I love you” more than more than ‘I wish I could upload that video of your hilarious drunk self to my blog’. That’s true love right there! Happy Birthday, Mr. Darcy!

  8. Yay! Happy Birthday, happy birthday! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Vahid really drunk in person…I am usually the drunk one. But I HAVE seen an old college video that his friends took of him (and his friends) way drunk. That was awesome.

  9. Happy Birthday to him!

    I love that you surprised him and love that he is a happy loving drunk. Good thing he didn’t shock you and turn out to be one of those angry drunks who just gets pissed off about everything. I dated a guy who was like that, turned jealous and mean when he was drunk. It was not a happy surprise the first time I saw him drunk! I myself am always a little too friendly when I’m drunk and I had a friend in college who said being drunk brings out your true personality…which must mean my true personality is kind of slutty.

  10. Happy drunks are awesome. My bf is sooo much fun when he’s drunk, but it’s not until he’s pretty much ready to pass out that he gets unsteady on his feet or slurs, which is brill.

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