Never a Dull Moment When He’s Around

Oops! I kind of got sidetracked by this guy visiting:

The One. The Only. The Infamous Tomato.

Please excuse my absence. It was a whirlwind of good times which included family dinners, a quick jaunt to Vancouver to see some of his friends, one of the best dinners I have had in a long time (The Boathouse in Vancouver is SO GOOD), a sudden thunder & lightning rainstorm, a ridiculous hotel pool, long chats on long drives, drinks and more drinks, an epic massage and Crowded House at Chateau Ste Michelle.

So yeah, I was kinda busy.

The Crowded House concert was awesome. Except for the people who decided to stand up and block our view. Especially the lady who was wearing cat ears like a headband on her head. That's just not a look that works for anyone.

Oh and most importantly (to me), my Mr. Darcy and my Tomato finally got to meet. I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Darcy is officially approved by all my nearest and dearest. Like there ever was a moment of believing otherwise?  As if.

This could alternately be titled: Where to men meet and bond over bacon.

I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow. We have voting for my business name on the horizon! (Did you think I forgot?)


9 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment When He’s Around

  1. I am so jealous that you can quickly zoom off to Vancouver! Glad you had such a lovely time with Tomato and Mr. Darcy!!

  2. I had such a great time on Friday. We need to get together more often. The Tomato doesn’t have to be there. We can just talk about him.

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