As of this weekend Mr. Darcy and I are officially living together.

The two of us, captured by Tomato's camera on his visit.

In light of this BIG LIFE CHANGE, I’m starting a new blog series called, “You know you are living with a man when”. Here’s the first installment:

You know you are living with a man when. . .

There are Japanese swords in your apartment.


I like to refer to them as “fighting swords” to which Mr. Darcy likes to retort, “What other kinds of swords are there? Cooking swords?”

Smart ass.


There are conversations that go something like this:

“Dude. Your shoes SMELL.”


“YES! I almost passed out just walking by them in the hallway.”

“I’ll buy some odor eaters.”

“I think they are too far gone for such measures. You might want to consider buying a whole new pair.”

Offenders are on the left. Peeeee U!

Later while watching tv together:

“Dude. Your feet SMELL.”


“I’m tweeting: I just want you to know in case I die that it was the stink of my BF’s feet that did me in.”

“Great. Juuuust great.”


There are books about war and history and nerd things next to your crafting books and guitar:

Our books are dating.


There is a brand new flat screen television within two days of moving in:

Apparently a new tv comes with every cohabitating boyfriend purchase. SCORE!


We’re still setting things up but once we’ve got it all situated, we’ll do a video tour of our home for you. For now we’re still trying to figure out the desk set up, what rug we want, waiting on our new couch, etc. etc. etc.


31 thoughts on “Cohabitational

  1. Nice! Also this new series is hilarious! 😀 I do have to say that there in fact are different kinds of swords, nice fighting ones and then just pretty wallflower ones. Fighting ones are referred to as “battle ready” swords, which means you can take them apart to clean them. And wow, I am completely done geeking out on those. Whoops!

  2. Look at that! Just when I think you’re beyond hope, a white knight swoops in and adds a touch of class to your pad! Woo hoo!

    Love ya, sis!

  3. Wait a second… you didn’t have swords BEFORE Mr. Darcy moved in? How would you have fought off a ninja attack? Silly women! Just goes to show how truly helpless you are without a good man to handle the important stuff for you… like ninja attacks.

  4. “Our books are dating.” LOVE IT!! You definitely scored big on the awesome flat screen!

    I mean you scored big when you landed such a wonderful boyfriend. 😀

  5. I remember having a very distinct moment, after Garrett and I moved in together, when I looked around at the submarine books on the bookshelves and our giant technological television set up and I thought to myself I sort of never imagined it like this, but I am so happy that it is like this. Congrats to both of you!

  6. Congrats! This is how you deal with the smelly shoes thing. When he’s gone, throw them out and then lie about it. That’s how successful relationships are built. On lies.

  7. Oh Congrats to you! So so happy for you both!

    Oddly, we got a new TV when we moved in together too. Must be one of those things.

    I, unfortunately, am an expert on the smelly shoe/feet problem. Shoes more so. I found the only solution is febreeze or something like it, and putting the offenders outside. (Sometimes they get rained on — oh well.) Odor eaters just aren’t going to cut it.

  8. hee! i want my books to date someone else’s!

    that first photo of you two is incredibly awesome. yay on the cohabitation, you guys 🙂

  9. You know you’re living with your boyfriend when vocal farting on the hour, every hour, becomes the norm. Though, for me, Sweets waited until we were married to bring on the ugly. hahaha.

  10. I hear you on the stinky shoes/feet. How does that happen?! And the Boy wonders why I need many pairs of shoes…

  11. Haha what is it with men and having stinky feet? I banished my husband’s workboots to the porch cos they smelt so bad 😉

  12. Smelly feet need to be soaked in warm (hot if the feet can stand it) vinegar water, scrubbed, and spread with over the counter yeast infection cream. It is a yeast infection that stinks…if the feet stink, most likely the feet are itchy too. Athlete’s foot is either a yeast or fungus infection, both well treated by vaginal yeast infection cream…hide it from the recipient if they might be grossed out by that. My BF doesn’t scratch his feet anymore now that we have this ritual.

  13. Swords!! YES!!! When the Rock Star and I first moved in together, he had a three set of samurai swords (very similar to what you have pictured) that I had NEVER EVER seen before in the years of dating him. Apparently they originally belonged to his stepdad, and his mother was now pawning them off on me. Greeaaat.

  14. I LOVE that picture of you two. You can see the love.

    I can’t wait for the next “you know” series. This one was fun. In our house, I am the one with the stinky feet!

  15. I love the picture of you guys, too. But – and I say this with love, and as a person who lived in Japan for 4 years – the swords have to go. Mr. D, I’m sorry and I love you. (The kind of love that tells the truth.)


  16. The swords made me laugh out loud. He doesn’t own a jedi robe, does he? I love the mingling of his nerd things with your craft things. Totally the way it should be.

  17. Yay for co-habitation! It’s great, except for the mess they make.

    We have lightsabres on our wall. But the irony is that I bought them all for Jason for birthdays and christmas’s. I think they’re awesome.

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