It’s All Part of the Job

The dumpster area in the back alley was strewn with clothes and recyclables and trash so we donned our latex gloves and got to work. I was on one side of the dumpster picking up harmless cardboard when I heard Mr. Darcy from the other side let out an audible groan along with “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

So of course I had to go see what was up.

Upon picking up a soiled white shirt Mr. Darcy had discovered poo. And it appeared to be from a human.


He picked it up with his head turned away while making noises to express his utter disdain and disgust for the task . It was pretty gross. Way worse than picking up a discarded bra or that one time I had to dispose of a needle. Or the last time we cleaned back there and he had to warn me, “Watch out for that used condom.”


This is why we wear latex gloves when we clean the trash area.

And why we are locking the dumpsters and every tenant will have to use a key to throw their trash away. It’s a pain but the dumpster divers are making a mess of our alleyway. It might not stop them from defecating but at least people won’t be standing knee-deep in our trash rifling through it.

This job has its perks and its drawbacks.


17 thoughts on “It’s All Part of the Job

  1. Tell Mr. Darcy that at least the poo was outside. A friend of mine had her car broken into and had her laptop stolen from the trunk. The thief didn’t stop there … a bag of human poo was left for her in the back seat. Eiwwwww.

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  3. Oh gross. I was at the bus stop when I saw a DIY dildo made out of rolled up plastic bags, a rubber band and a condom. I only knew what it was because I watched MSNBC: Lockup. TV teaches me too much.

  4. A shirt with poo? Disgusting! What’s wrong with people? Having a key for each tenant is a great idea. At the very least it will limit the type of trash being discarded there (we hope)!

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