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Weeks ago many of you put on your creative thinking caps and came up with some brilliant suggestions for my new side business. THANK YOU! I was amazed by the ideas and appreciate each and every one of you who chimed in.

It was hard to narrow down my choices! Sometimes Google nixed a top contender (like Peace of Mind Productions or Piece of Cake Productions or Blue Sky Wedding Planning) because a background check turned up that someone else already had the rights to that business name. Phooey!

I’ve trimmed the list to six choices and now it’sΒ  your turn again. Out of these choices, which do you like best? Please keep in mind my personality (as you’ve gleamed from reading this here blog) and that I am attempting to cater to the DIY bride & groom who need a logistics mastermind for the day of their wedding. I might grow this into a full-fledged wedding planning business someday but for now, it’s really just execution of details and support. I aim to make their special day as worry & stress-free as possible. And when you are casting your vote, think too about if you were a bride or groom looking for such help, what would you be attracted to, hire or take seriously.

This poll will be up through the weekend so please VOTE! and spread the word.

*Small caveat – I sincerely appreciate your input and. . . I still reserve the right to have final say in the business name.

**The person who suggested the winning name from the poll will win a prize.


35 thoughts on “Name That Business

  1. Love the name options. So much fun to get this idea rolling! I still stand by something I think I said previously (I definitely thought it – I think I said it!) … which is, pick a name that gives you the most flexibility in the long-run. For now, you’re focusing on weddings. But, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t also do other types of events down the road. The options are endless!

  2. I voted for Emerald City Engagements, because I feel that title won’t lock you in to only wedding planning. The term “engagements” can refer to other types of parties and celebrations, which you might also want to be considered for. Just my two cents worth.
    Thanks — Shelly in Boise

  3. Ok that was hard to chose. Even harder than making a choice on a multiple choice exam! Can’t wait to hear the result!!

  4. Along the lines of what Nilsa said, I also wouldn’t go for something that locks you into location (like Emerald City). You have some really great suggestions!

  5. Take the Cake… because it is leaves it open for other events besides weddings. (Oh but the Emerald City Engagements would work too…now that I am reading other comments)

    I’m laughing at the caveat… but of course.

  6. I voted for Emerald City Engagements. I kinda like them all.. and kinda don’t.. The thing I like about Emerald is it sounds nice.. the thing I do not possibly is “What does the business do?”.. I guess if it’s in the Event Planner section of the phone book you would know… Do you get me engaged? Um, been there, done that, no thanks. :P. Same with some of the production names. You making a movie? They all sound cool though. Just sharing some thoughts. Not trying to be negative and I surely have no credentials to give advice.

  7. Marry Godmother!!! I think it reflects your style, your personal touch, and is punny beyond belief. Just what a bride most needs. I liked Emerald City Engagements, but it sounds like it’s broader in scope than just weddings– corporate party planning, for example. “Engagements” means more than a promise to wed.

  8. I have thoughts, but don’t want to hurt feelings of anyone who sent a name. They are all really creative & good, but I’ll give you my two cents on how they fit to you! Will send email.

  9. Dude, this is HARD. So many great choices!

    My faves are definitely Emerald City Engagements (Yay alliteration!), and Take the Cake.

    I wonder if I can vote from my phone, too, hmmm…

  10. Man, several of these are so great! I voted for I Do because it’s so damn cute, but I think you could go with almost any of those and they would be great. I love Piece of Cake – too bad that’s taken!

  11. MARRY GODMOTHER. I love this so much it’s difficult for me to explain. It sounds like it encompasses your goals for the business (being a logistics mastermind!) is incredibly memorable and works in an awesome pun as well. It’s just so… wonderful.

  12. Pretty sure that once you have your own name, you’ll also need your own TV show. Seriously – it’d be like Charm City Cakes but in Seattle. I’d Tivo it.

  13. I think I was the first to say that The Marry Godmother was perfect. (Didn’t suggest it but first on the band wagon so to speak.)

    Does that mean I get a prize as well? πŸ˜€

    If you want to do this whole thing in a first class manner you’ll need to have a first class baker for the cake. I know just the person. Her cakes are un- f-ing believable.

    Shoot me an email and I’ll send the web site.


  14. So, I seriously spent 5 hours thinking about it and coming back to it. In the end, I voted for I Do. I just continued to be smitten by the name. I also liked Emerald City and the alliteration, but felt like the word “engagement” was too confusing (since you are starting out with weddings), even if it meant you did other engagements. And plus, it really ties you to Seattle, when you may branch north or south.

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  15. Love Emerald City Engagements. This sounds elegant yet zany (lush and green, ruby red shoes, formal, informal, cool and fun).

    Marry Godmother makes me picture Cinderella’s fairy godmother and you look nothing like that! This name sounds like a little old lady. Yuck to this name.

    I like the other four. I just think Emerald would speak to the widest audience in the most positive way. I think you could get a punk bride, a wiccan bride, a formal bride and a preppy bride with this name. Plus it brands you as local, as part of your city.

  16. I voted for ready set wed because it’s a fun name, but now I’m not sure! I think I might prefer Emerald City engagements. I’m getting married in November, the lady who we went with for our wedding cake’s company is called Takes the Cake.

  17. I also voted for Emerald City Engagements, for several reasons. One of which is that the .com domain is available for that one, whereas it is already taken for others (;; even all appear to be taken).

  18. I hope it’s not too late to suggest checking for available domain names and registered business names before you make your selection. Also, did I miss it and you’re planning events and weddings, not just weddings?

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