The Poll Has Spoken

It was a dead heat between The Marry Godmother and Ready, Set, Wed. I’d check the poll and from hour to hour they would switch places. Each entry got a significant number of votes cast for it- thank you for voting! My readership has spoken and by a narrow margin of 3 points (!) The Marry Godmother has won.

This clever name was suggest by Em of 35 Jupiter Drive. You win a special prize from me!

But since it was SUCH a close race, I’m going to award the top two names with prizes. A valiant effort by Ready, Set, Wed means Jen of Papers & Packages also gets a little something special. Congrats, Jen!

I loved every suggestion and trust me when I tell you, I’ve been agonizing over this decision. I’ve heard pros and cons for each name. I’ve thought about the look and feel that would go along with each name, how I want to present myself to my potential clients, the longevity of the name. Is this what parents go through naming their kid? I am, essentially, birthing a business. Where’s my epidural?

I’m leaning towards: Emerald City Engagements* because it can encompass both weddings and other types of events which, as many of you pointed out (so smartly!), I might want that kind of flexibility if I broaden my scope later on down the line. PLUS I think I can actually incorporate both The Marry Godmother and Ready, Set, Wed within the context of Emerald City Engagements. For the wedding portion of my business I could refer to myself as The Marry Godmother. I can also use the term “ready, set, wed” within the description of what I offer. I’m still thinking it all out of course but I’m excited to move forward with more concrete planning- like building a website, getting graphics, business cards and starting my outreach to potential clients.

I have already changed my work schedule at my job, cutting my hours back from 40 to 35 to allow me to focus more on this venture (plus go to more yoga because I am addicted). I can’t thank you all enough for supporting my crazy little ideas. You guys are the best cheerleaders a girl could ever dream of. Thank you!

More on this as things solidify.

*Oh and Egan? Since you suggested Emerald City Engagements you get a prize too. Way to go, you.

18 thoughts on “The Poll Has Spoken

  1. Yay! I’m excited for you and think you’re making the right choice with the names. And you’re right, there’s no reason you can’t register the main name and later trademark others. Good luck to you!

  2. I love this part – cutting my hours back from 40 to 35 to allow me to focus more on this venture. That is awesome to me and maybe I can be in that spot one day.

  3. I’m so happy this I happening for you. We can meet for lunch and call it good. I dig the idea of the different names depending on what you’re doing for the client.

  4. All of this is really exciting. It’s great you were able to allow your blog followers a chance to participate in this new endeavor. But, what’s the most exciting is that you are pushing forward with an idea that we all know you’ll be great at executing. Cannot wait to hear more!

  5. Nice! Cannot wait to see the website. I hope you’ll be posting pictures of your events, too! For those of us who are continually looking for wedding ideas… πŸ™‚

  6. Those were my favorite of all of them. Way to work them all in to the scheme of things. I wish I had imagination like that. Good luck to you on your new venture…Although, I don’t think you need luck, you have talent.

  7. That’s exciting! By the way, you have inspired me to return to yoga classes by the way. On Tuesday, I was next to the HEAVIEST BREATHER EVER. He sounded like he was trying to poop the whole time. Got any hints on how to ignore that distraction and focus on myself? (The only available space when I arrived was next to him; obviously everyone else knew something that I didn’t).

  8. Wow. Thank you! I agree that all the names were really wonderful and would have a hard time choosing myself.

    I’m also very excited to hear about how your business unfolds because I think you’re going to be brilliant at it.

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