Couch It

Last night I sold my trust Karlstaad Ikea couch. The couch I scrimped and saved to buy when I moved into this apartment over 2 years ago. The couch that I was fanatical about not spilling on. . . for the first 6 months. The couch that was just a scootch too short to really lay out on. The couch where Mr. Darcy and I made out on our first date. It was a good couch and served me well.

Goodbye Couch!

Yesterday a guy named Freddie came over and bought it. He’ll have to get a new couch cover for it because the one on it was showing the marks of my life.

And now Mr. Darcy and I wait for our new couch to arrive. It was difficult to time the selling of the old couch with the arrival of the new one. It seems like, if we can ever get a hold of someone at Macy’s that isn’t inept, that we won’t be getting our couch until closer to the 21st. Which leaves us with the floor and a pile of pillows to rest on while we watch television.


The upswing is- it frees up a lot of space for a dance party. And when we want to watch a movie, we can blow up the queen-sized air mattress and pretend it’s a slumber party. Maybe play a little Truth or Dare.

We’re slowly buying things to make this place ours. We’re probably tackling the office area this weekend, we’ve got a new rug to buy before the couch arrives, and a craft/art area to fix up in the bedroom. I’d like a new chair but might have to settle for a chair cover while I search out one to my liking. When it’s all done, we’ll take you on a tour of our home.


18 thoughts on “Couch It

  1. I just bought a couch for Ikea and got rid of my old one too! Except I’m currently waiting for them to call me to set up a time to deliver it and they haven’t yet, which is annoying to say the least.

    Can’t wait to see what it all looks like once it comes together!!

  2. I would offer my redesign services – but you pretty much have a handle on it Jones… 😉

    But if you need any suggestions – lemme know!

  3. It is weird I’m able to say this– I guess that’s what time does– but you always have such a fun way of decorating and furnishing. I’m excited to see the decor and design of your place, new and improved for two!

  4. Farewell good couch. Thank you for the memories and the comfortable making out. Because honestly? There’s nothing like making out with a boy on the couch on the first date. It’s rare and it’s awesome. Like UNICORNS!

  5. Reading this brings back a lot of great memories of when Daniel and I made our 1st home together. It also reminds me why I don’t miss being in furniture retail because no matter what we say, there are almost always delays in delivery. And also, I highly recommend making out on the floor where the old couch used to be. 🙂

  6. The Modern Love Machine and I bought a new couch from a local shop when we moved into our new house. Which took an extra month and a half to be delivered (all the time we were without a place to park our rears) How’s that for customer service?

    Sadly, we did not engage in any dance parties or pillow fights. I wish we had.

  7. I love it! I can’t wait to see the new one and what you two do together with your space.

    When we got rid of our old couch to get new ones (years ago) we had a couchless time too. The pillows on the floor thing was kind of fun for a while even though we were pretty happy when our new ones came.

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