Auto Correct

So last night I had to battle lame Seattle drivers in the rain to get to a meeting leaving me very little time between the meeting and my yoga class. Since we were at a pub (that’s where I like to hold my meetings because some people are more productive with booze), a coworker and I decided to share some tater tots. This led me to tweet:

“Tater tits are basically hash browns in a different form, right?”

Then immediately realized the typo and said:

“TATER TITS! Ha ha! Thanks auto-correct on my iPhone. That wasn’t the word I was looking for.”

There was a big response to it. Some of the responses to my faux pas that made me chuckle include:

elzbeth: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also, ha! I don’t even want to know what you dip those in.

justatitch: Tater TITS? I’ve never tried those…potato boobs sound amazing! πŸ˜‰

sosaysmegan: Does this mean the iPhone would auto-correct to “Toys for Tits”? How festive!

tenthmuse: Tater Tits is my new drag queen name.

Like I said on Twitter, feel free to use the term “tater tits” inappropriately in conversation.

And Public Service Announcement: Steer clear of tater tits before going to yoga class. The repeats from it while attempting to hold half-handstand or downward facing dog are unpleasant.

Hey, this post COULD have been an imbedded Poo Poll and a discussion of shitcadian* rhythms.Β  Instead you got burps and tits.

*Shitcadian Rhythm is your poo cycle coined by onenjen’s husband Roth.


16 thoughts on “Auto Correct

  1. The iPhone auto-correct feature never fails to entertain.

    I recently sent Brian a text asking “Do you want to meet my parents at Cholos for dinner?”

    Yes, iPhone changed Chili’s to Cholos, prompting questions about what my parents really wanted for dinner.

  2. As I said last night, this makes me giggle. What I didn’t mention is that when I read your tweet to my husband, my now parrot baby (he’s not really a baby anymore) repeated it a few times. Like, “Tater tits, tater tits, TATERRRRRRR TIIIIIITTTTSSSSSS!” Most everything comes out like some crazy language, but these words were clear as day. I should have recorded it… and I’d try to do it now, but I’m sort of hoping we can move on and forget because I might just die if he calls a stranger tater tits. πŸ˜‰

  3. OMG I feel like I learned so much in this post. Shitcadian rhythms is hysterical. And I really hope Mr. Darcy adopts “Tater Tits” as a new pet name for you. πŸ˜›

  4. I’m totally laughing because I didn’t even REALIZE it was at typo. I’m all, “Of course Sizz calls them ‘tater tits’.” Haa!

    Also: I am still waiting for the Poo Post. I might be forever waiting, but I am patient.

  5. Oh, my! The things auto correct features can teach us. Somehow, coming from you, it sounded like something you might actually say on purpose. LOL. Sure you aren’t just backpedaling? πŸ˜‰

  6. auto correct is the worst best thing ever. it used to repeatedly try to change one of my friends’ names — i finally just started calling her that.

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