My weekend looked like this:

I took my Mom to the airport (she went to CA to visit family) and her dog, Oliver, to the office with me for a few hours. I picked up Finn from school for an afternoon of hanging out. When arrived at 12:31 he said to me, “Tee Tee, what took you so long?” Kid, I am ONE MINUTE LATE. Sheesh. He also informed me that he had our day “all planned out” which included taking Oliver to the dog park so they could run around and I could watch. It was raining and we didn’t know where the dog park was but that idea was forgotten when we drove by a toy store. He got me to stop but he did not convince me to buy him a $17 plastic horse. I’ll give the kid credit, he’s got fierce negotiation skills but I am not that easy. We compromised on a $5 horse and some french fries. Then returned to my Mom’s house for PBS tv, games and pillow fights.

I was stuck in traffic driving home that night (Seattleites don’t know how to drive and it’s even worse when it rains which means IT SUCKS ALL THE TIME) so I called Mr. Darcy and had him order Indian food. Side note: whenever we order Indian food the delivery guy catches us in the middle of (cough) something (cough). I don’t know if it’s Indian food that makes us randy or a repeated fluke but it’s happened at least 3 times. Since I arrived home 5 minutes before the food did, this time he didn’t coitus interruptus us. And that’s all the details I will tell you about that. (HI MOM!)

Mr. Darcy went off on a nerd adventure with some of his guy friends to Portland Saturday which left me a free agent. I did what any free agent girl might do- met a friend for breakfast, got a pedicure, shopped at Target, took a two hour yoga workshop, and cleaned the apartment while watching chick flicks. I enjoyed it and our apartment is now super clean and organized. If you ever want inspiration for cleaning your home, watch Hoarders.

Sunday mornings are my time. Mr. Darcy sleeps in, I read, catch up on dvr’d shows, drink tea, maybe make myself muffins or pancakes or something yummy. I head to yoga at 10:30am and don’t return home until after 12:30 while Mr. Darcy sleeps and sleeps or drags himself to Noah’s Bagels (a personal weakness of his). I returned home from yoga yesterday to a very sweaty boyfriend who was vacuuming the building with our crappy vacuum (our good one needs repair). He not only vacuumed but he did the entire list of building chores while I was gone! AND he bought me a bouquet of dahlias at the farmer’s market. Um, I’m pretty sure I hit the boyfriend jackpot with this one.

How was your weekend?


36 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Why is it people forget how to drive when it starts to rain because the same thing happens here. It’s droplets of water people, not falling rocks!

    Your nephew is ADORABLE! I don’t know how you resist buying him stuff (which is a good thing) because if I had a nephew/niece I’d spoil them rotten. And then their parents would hate me.

  2. I had a great! weekend. While I manned ballet and Nathan’s party, Matthew purged our pantry and organized the cupboards.

    “Nerd adventure” made me laugh. 🙂

  3. Wait, you went to a 2-hour yoga workshop on Saturday and then returned for class on Sunday? Clearly, you’ve mastered that 1-minute plank pose and are a glutton for its punishment! =)

    PS – A boyfriend jackpot you did hit this weekend!

    • Nilsa- It was a two hour workshop, not a regular class. It basically ran us through the basic positions and the principles behind Anusara yoga. It was TAME in comparison to the classes I have been taking. I’m still struggling with plank pose but I did hold a one minute half handstand (assisted!) yesterday.

  4. You totally hit the boyfriend jackpot. Meanwhile, I nearly called a marriage counselor because my husband does anything and everything he can to get out of helping me with home improvement stuff.

    Let’s have a man swap!

    • Carrisa- I don’t think Mr. D is THAT into home improvement. Heh. He will help because he likes things to be fair and balanced but not because he’s driven to remodel or clean. 😉

  5. That should have been my weekend! I need to get organized and return to yoga, or jogging, or something. I did buy a vacuum though, now I need the jackpot boyfriend to use it! 😉

  6. Your weekend sounds fantastic! Mine was fairly unproductive, although we did hit up Ikea on Saturday night for a few things. Where do you guys usually get your Indian food? When I lived on Capitol Hill I would do Chutney’s, or head into the U-District for Cedars. Now I want Indian food…

  7. Wow, ^5 to Mr. Darcy! Methinks he needs to give my bf some tips. 🙂

    My Friday night was spent in the ER. A friend of ours had a potentially broken ankle. Thankfully it was just a chip off the bone and, what one would assume is, a REALLY bad sprain. Poor guy. 😦

    • Sara- Mr. D does go above and beyond sometimes. I mean he also leaves his iced tea glass on the side table ALL THE TIME and hangs his underwear on the hook outside his closet. . . so just keeping it real that it’s all a balance. 😉

  8. Whenever I watch “Hoarders” I feel SO MUCH BETTER about myself. LOL. Is that wrong?

    Worked Saturday morning, then cuddled up to an ice pack and tried to catch up on sleep Saturday afternoon (went racing Friday night and it was 1 o’clock when we got home, then had to be up by 6. UGH.). Sunday spend the day hanging with my younger daughter running errands and generally catching up. Now that she has a “real” full-time job and I’m busier than ever, I don’t hardly see her. Yes, she still lives in the same house. 😉

    • Sue- I feel much better about myself after I watch Hoarders too. If that’s wrong, I’m right there with you.

      Sounds like you had a good weekend. 🙂

  9. Awwwe! That Darcy is such a sweetheart. And it sounds like you guys are really in a good cohabitation rhythm (aside from the sex/Indian food scheduling conflict). 🙂

    Mr. W and I went to the LA County Fair this weekend. It took everything in me not to lay down on the hay and snuggle with the baby goats and piglets…

  10. this makes me want to order more indian / thai / pizza. i think it also means i’m a perv 😉

    also, i just now read the tater tits post, and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA heeheeeee.

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! You definitely found a great guy in my opinion.

    I didn’t know your mom’s dog’s name is Oliver(and probably it would be strange if I did know that) That is what we named the dog we had for a whole 3 days. I loved that little guy!

  12. You truly DID hit the boyfriend jackpot with that sweet, thoughtful Mr. Darcy 🙂 So very happy for you!!

  13. sounds like a pretty stellar weekend. mine involved a neighbor trying to kiss me – again (yuck!) and quite possibly one of my top 5 weirdest experiences of my life. ps. i love finn! he’s the cutest.

  14. Hi Tater Tits! I’m still reading, OF COURSE, even if I’ve been too . . . whatever to comment. Just wanted to take a minute to say that I love nephew stories. 🙂 And glad your free day was so nice.

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