Why I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

I was falling asleep on the couch watching Castle when I said, “That’s it. I’m putting myself to bed.” Mr. Darcy joined me a few minutes later, tuckered out himself from staying up late the night before working on one of his contract gigs. We’re laying there in the muggy night, the fan blowing, restlessly shifting under covers trying to get comfortable, having an idle, sleepy conversation when the front door buzzer goes off. Once, then again, insistently. I get up and go to the phone in the hall, lifting the receiver, “Hello?” I’m thinking it’s a tenant who has locked themselves out so I am prematurely irritated.

“This is the Seattle Police. Please let us in.”

Excuse me?

“Uh, ok. Is there something I can help you with officer?”

“No. This concerns a different apartment.”

I buzz them in and turn to tell Mr. Darcy what’s happening. We both throw on clothes and make our way down the stairs. Before we hit the bottom floor we can hear the officers talking and a tenant, The Music Man, is frantically explaining he has a dog, he is sick, etc. There is panic in his voice and we hear handcuffs as the officer says, “Just turn around. Calm down.”

That’s when I looked at Mr. Darcy and said, “I don’t want any part in this. Let’s go.” And we booked it back up to our apartment. I felt embarrassed for the Music Man and also a little scared. The officers clearly didn’t need the managers butting in or they would have asked to speak with us when they rang our buzzer.

From our living room windows we could see not one but three cop cars parked on the corner. We sat in a dark apartment keeping watch on them, waiting to see if they were in fact hauling off The Music Man. A total of 20 minutes had passed since they rang the buzzer when we saw three officers walk out the side of the building with The Music Man, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and what looked like no shoes, a suit blazer hung from his gaunt shoulders, his arms not in the sleeves because they were handcuffed behind his back. One officer held him by the arm and in the other hand held a plastic grocery bag filled with what looked like clothes. They put him in the back seat of one of the cruisers and then two officers had a casual conversation beside it while the one who hauled Music Man used a sanitary wipe to clean his hands.

I have no idea what he did, why he was arrested, or where his dog is since he lives alone and there wasn’t enough time for someone to show up to take the dog. We stayed up even longer talking about what could have happened to get him arrested. It could be anything really. I don’t know how much I should know though a tenant living in my building who can get arrested? Is not really a tenant I want. That’s not the kind of building we run. I feel bad for him as he is very sick, paranoid, and mentally unstable. I’ve alerted the landlords and will wait to see what happens.


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  1. There have been a number of times when there’s been commotion outside our condo … I’ve always turned off the lights and watched out the window. Yes, I’m that creepy neighborhood lady whose nose is in everyone’s business. hahaha.

    Whenever you talk about the Music Man, I can’t help but feel sorry for him … sorry that he doesn’t seek out or get the help he needs. Maybe this latest incident was a true plea for help … hopefully he’ll actually get it this time.

  2. Do you think the dog is still in the apartment? You could call animal control or the police to let them know that you think there may be a dog in there. I can’t imagine the cops would have just left a dog in there knowing the dude wasn’t going to be back any time soon to take care of it.

    • I am going to check this morning to see if the dog is in the apartment. MM has a lot of friends that look after him and he loves that dog so much that I doubt he would leave him unattended.

  3. Oh, thank goodness you’re going to look in on the dog. I was all: BUT THE DOG!! THE DOG!!

    I let the police in once (like a half a dozen plainclothes officers swarming in the building) and found out one of the people in our basement was a gun runner. It freaked me out a bit, but what can you do?

  4. From what you have been telling us about him, he seems to be “mentally ill” or something and needs help. I don’t think he got arrested for something that he could help to do. Maybe they took him to a hospital or something where he gets the care that he obviously needs.

  5. Your Music Man stories always make me kinda sad. I hope he’s able to get some help now.

    …and of course, being me, I was also sitting there worrying about the pup. Glad you’re checking on him too.

  6. Yikes…3 cop cars is a lot. I hope you’re able to find out what happened so you can tell all of us!

    Nilsa’s comment totally cracked me up. I’m the same way – peeking out the window to see what’s going on. Curiosity is an alluring little lady, isn’t she?

  7. Wow, that’s crazy. I’m so glad you are checking on the dog and I’m glad y’all are okay. Still, so weird. And unsettling. Very unsettling. ❤

  8. It makes me sad to see mentally ill people get arrested. As someone who just came off the Board of Directors for a residential and recovery mental health clinic – where our mission is to help people who suffer will mental illness live a normal life, it really breaks my heart. (That is, if he is actually mentally ill or clinically ill.) I hope he’s able to get help, if he needs it – treatment, not punishment.

  9. Wow. I always wondered, when you talked about him, what would become of this guy but it’s so sad to me that this is the way the path has led. Hopefully, if nothing else, he can get some help if he wasn’t already getting it.

  10. You know, through the magic of the Dooce Community, I’ve recently discovered that we can all look up the records on people through county record online. If you know this guy’s name, and I presume you do, you can totally look up and see what he was arrested for, I’m thinkin’. As long as the booking has gone through, that is. I’m not sure how long it takes to get posted online, but if you’re curious, you might check it out. I hope the puppy is alright!

  11. Ditto ditto on the sad for MM. But more importantly, please ring in and let us know what of the dog! Sizz, I never understood how you have put up with managing that apartment building, though you clearly do it well. After living in the Cray Cray Condo for 7 years where I owned 25% of it, I’m never gonna share my walls with anyone again. Fences make good neighbors!

  12. Oh dear. I hope whatever happened isn’t too terrible. You and Mr. Darcy did the right thing in not getting involved. Like you said, if the police wanted to speak with you, they would have definitely let you know.

  13. This is my work nightmare. The phone call from the apartment manager, telling me that one of my clients was hauled off by the police and that there were 3 police cars in the parking lot. And then the “We don’t run that kind of building”. And completely understanding, but also worrying where am I going to find another home that is suitable but won’t worry about the police cars sitting in the parking lot regularly. This is how I started my day yesterday.

    It is always interesting to hear the other side of the story.
    And I’m guessing his one phone call was to find someone for the dog.

  14. Update: The dog is apparently locked in the bathroom. A friend of MM called to ask me to walk the dog since he can’t get there til after 9pm tonight. He must be hungry! I am so upset.

  15. Well, I have a kinda different experience then many. There are cop cars around my house a lot, day & night! no, I’m not doing anything wrong or anything I’m ashamed of.They are there to use the Bathroom, have a cup of coffee, shoot the s&^t & Chill.

    As for your neighbor, I think it’s Great that you are caring for the dog. It’s the Human thing to do!

  16. I hate when you goto the buzzer and its the police on the other end i allways feel as thou i have done something wrong or you think one of you friends has been hurt seriosly

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