Ready, Set, JET

The pup is returned to his owner and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve been a super stress case the last few days and I have the chin zit to prove it. But today I board a plane to California and things are looking up. I even took myself out last night for some sushi and retail therapy and bought myself some jeans that (gasp!) I find comfortable. It could have been a fluke though- the dressing room mirrors and lighting combined with coming down off a stress high and trying to hurry so I could go get some unagi. I could very well put them on today and change my mind. I am fickle like that.

I am devoutly a dress and skirt girl. What can I say? Pants often draw all my attention to my stomach and frankly, I already direct 82% of my self-loathing to that area of my body so I don’t need any help with that. I am not sure when exactly I shifted to dresses but I remember when I started my weight loss journey and I had a mental picture of what I wanted to be able to wear and feel comfortable. The outfit included me in a dress with a belt and boots. And now? That’s basically my uniform (add a flower pin and maybe a cardigan or fitted jacket). Maybe it’s time for me to revision my wardrobe and dream up a new goal outfit?

All this fashion nonsense rambling is to say, I’m going on a plane! And I might wear jeans! And if I do, I will take a picture for prosperity posterity.* Promise. I’ll daydream about my new fashion focus while flying Virgin Airlines for the first time. I hear it’s divine.

This is my first solo-adventure since hooking up with my fartner in crime, Mr. Darcy. He’ll be left alone with his military channel and cartoons and his pistachios and iced tea where he can leave the toilet lid up without complaint, go to bed without brushing his teeth, not bother to make the bed, eat take out for every meal without my judging eyes and sleep past noon if the cats will let him (good luck with that, honey!).

He is in charge of the building should any problems arise and keeping the cats in line. The cats who have confused our new living room rug as their new scratching place. It was a nice rug and I should have taken a picture of it when we got it A WEEK AGO because it’s looking pretty haggard. Those darn cats are the reason we can’t have nice things.

All this is to say I am really looking forward to a change of pace and sleeping in a luxurious hotel bed, some quiet by myself, some quality time with Rae Rae & Run Run, James Dean & Natalie Wood, Bird, and the beach. I am bringing my lap top for the fist time so you might just hear from me tomorrow too.

*Posterity not prosperity. The jeans aren’t gonna make me rich. OR WILL THEY!?!


25 thoughts on “Ready, Set, JET

  1. haha, i say that to my cats ALL THE TIME. “this is why we can’t have nice things,” with a glare, usually while picking up the shards of something glass that they’ve shattered.

    rock out in your jeans!! 🙂

  2. Ready, set, JEALOUS! Sounds like you’re in for a fantastic trip! Have a great time and rock those jeans! I’d love to know where you found them.

    Sad (though slightly glad) to hear I don’t have the only lovely but BAD cat. Mine’s decided to pee on my couch. (Repeatedly. On the cushions *and* back behind the cushions!) I love(d) your rug! And love your couch. Sending them good wishes.

  3. Have a great time. Sunny and warm, Yeah! I am so looking forward to my trip mid-October. I am assuming that the music man is home safe (I was going to say and sound but that doesn’t really apply, does it?) with his pup. Anyway, have a good trip. ;-]

  4. Uh… because I am me:

    “And if I do, I will take a picture for prosperity. Promise.”

    I think you mean POSTERITY: 1. succeeding or future generations collectively: Judgment of this age must be left to posterity.

    Prosperity would mean that you might get rich off of your jeans-on-a-plane pic. I suppose it could happen? 😉

    Say hi to the kids in Cali for me. And if you go to SC, eat some MoBo or Charlie Hong Kong and tell me all about it….

  5. Wow. You got more than a boyfriend, you got a built-in backup apartment manager! How awesome is that!

    I just hope he doesn’t end up going all ninja on the tenants with his swords while you’re away… OR DO I?!?

  6. Leave the prosperity.. maybe it will be like one of those secret things. You have said it and it will come.

    Glad everything worked out with the pup. And music man. Have an excellent trip in your jeans that will bring you riches.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time in California–I just got back from my own visit out there, and spent a day in your beloved Santa Cruz! I also hope you enjoy your new jeans 🙂 A flattering and comfortable pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple!

  8. OMG! Wait. Will we finally be in the same place at the same time??? Say it’s so! I’m going to Cali this weekend for a wedding. I’ll only be in LA for the day on Saturday, which is when the wedding is, of course, but we’re staying that night in Santa Monica, and maybe Sunday morning y’all are having breakfast somewhere that Leo, the Twin and I might be able to join in? I know it isn’t likely that our paths will cross, but DAMMIT! We’ll be so close. (/stalkerdome)

  9. 1. LOVE fartner in crime. That is adorable.
    2. I have the best new rug ever under my dining room table. My cat thinks it’s the most awesome and biggest scratch post ever. I’m going to start making her wear socks if she doesn’t cut it out.
    3. Have fun!

  10. Fartner in crime made me laugh too. Hee.
    What is UP with the stress-induced chin zits?? That is always where mine show up too. Ugh!
    Happy trails!

  11. I realized that my most flattering outfit would be shorts and some sort of voluminous top (because I have good legs and too much stomach and boobs for my own good). The problem is, that would be a lame outfit. I *want* to wear tight tops and skinny jeans, but that’s a recipe for muffin top. Sigh. Clothing is cruel.

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