Flashback: Textualizing

The morning after our first date (almost 10 months ago), Mr. Darcy texted me saying:

“Your status has gone from “cute” to “adorable” to “shmexy”. That is all.”

On our second date, Mr. Darcy forgot his wallet.

True story.

He was so mortified, thinking I would believe he did it to stick me with the bill (as if!), he texted me when he got home:

“How was your date? I’ll bet the dumbass forgot his wallet but found it later. I also bet he’ll  be thinking about your legs for the next couple days.”

The wallet was in the pants he’d worn to work back at his apartment. That is what you get for trying to dress to impress I guess.

Weeks later as our dating and texting frequency took a big jump, he texted me this:

“I am constructing an epic Norse Saga about your breasts. It is called the Bewbaskaladon. Three thousand pages at least.”

He always makes me laugh and blush. Sometimes simultaneously!


28 thoughts on “Flashback: Textualizing

  1. Well that sucks! When guys like Mr. Darcy get so helplessly charming like that, it totally raises the bar for the rest of us poor bastards! And aren’t you ladies already running on hopelessly high expectations already?? I’m doomed. DOOMED!!


  2. Haha aww that’s so cute 🙂 I miss the dirty texts me and my husband used to send each other… I think I might have to ressurect them. Give him a surprise when he’s at work 😉

  3. I am soooo jealous. (in a good way) I want to laugh and blush at the same time. I have been on Eharmony and it really isn’t going any better than if I wasn’t on a dating site. Egad! Am I really that hard to match. Apparently, I am.

  4. Oh my GAWD I love that guy. You two are so perfect! I love it! I love getting texts like that from the bf when I’m places like the grocery store or the library or something. Uncontrollable laughter is one of my favorite things and I get a lot of it in our relationship. Sounds like you do, too!

  5. Oh man that is some FUHNEY sheet! I hope you have saved every text he’s sent like that. Sheer brilliance. I love it. Especially the Norse Saga. Fricking hilarious.

  6. Awww. So cute! (And this is where I go into some story about how that reminds me of me and Vahid but I do that ALL THE TIME here and I’m sure by now you GET IT. But I just think it’s awesome because then I know that your relationship is like the uber awesome that ours is. Hi, I’ve had lots of sugar.)

  7. Too funny…. I love it! After you’ve been married for awhile, you tend to forget those funny little things that are said (or texted) early on. Or in my case, this is a nice reminder to keep these things up 10+ yrs. later!

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