Say 3 Hail Marys and Call Me in The Morning

Internet? I have a confession to make.

Last night marked my return to yoga after a two weeks hiatus.


How did that “happen”?!

Being out of town for two weekends in a row shook up my routine even though I would occasionally roll out my mat and practice at home (or in a hotel on a towel as the case may be- I don’t recommend a towel as it has zero gripping ability). It wasn’t the same as going to class and having my instructor lead me through the poses. Something about being in the studio amongst other yogis pushes me to be better. Is it okay to bring your competitive nature to yoga class? Oops.

Last night I bullied Supple into meeting me for class so I would have someone to be accountable to. No excuses! No letting the fear of half-handstand keep me from my practice! You don’t improve unless you commit to practicing. And frankly, I missed being connected to myself. I feel like I’ve been slipping into self-sabotage mode more and more lately and it concerns me. Yoga deserves a priority placement in my life because the effect of practicing ripples out goodness. I am more centered, more calm, more alive, more committed, more ME when I do so.

I won’t lie. It was difficult bending into some of those poses. I couldn’t hold forearm plank for the entire minute. I got up into half-handstand but didn’t stay up there the entire time. I tried to push the excuses and the  negative self-talk away and just focus. It helped that we were dedicating our practice that night to someone. I could keep her in my mind and when I struggled, the image of her could encourage me. Because she’s someone who is strong, positive and true. Someone I admire. Someone who faces adversity with a sense of humor. Someone who despite having crappy kidneys and arthritis at such a young age, lives life fully and loves big. Yep, I dedicated my practice to one of my dearest friends, the infamous Kaply. If I were in Kaply’s place, I highly doubt I would handle it with such grace. (Love you, Kap.)

I am blessed to be able to move my body every day. To practice yoga. To be healthy. I don’t honor that enough.

What or whom do you need to honor today?


14 thoughts on “Say 3 Hail Marys and Call Me in The Morning

  1. YES. I love this. For so long (too long) getting back into running was a such a struggle, and I don’t really know why or how but something just finally broke inside of me, and the memories of why and how I love running–why and how I love moving–came catapulting back, and I’m so very thankful. Even when it hurts, and I’m so sore, or so tired, I work hard to consciously remember how grateful, how lucky and blessed I am to be able to move the way I can and now am.

  2. I love that yoga has become so stabilizing for you (well, figuratively, not literally, with hand stands and such!). I need to honor the same thing. My body. And my relationships. I’ve been slipping with some of them (sick of doing all the work, honestly).

  3. amazing how easy it is to lose all the ground you gain with working out. ive been sick for weeks. and i had to stop trying to work out for exhaustion. now i feel lazy. and tired all the time. and i hate it.

  4. I discovered this year. They have a free online yoga class each week. Sometimes when I’m having trouble coordinating my schedule with the classes I like to go to I’ll go online and do their free class. It’s more like a class you would go to at a studio than a lot of the videos that are available and because they’re different each week I don’t get bored with them. It’s been good for me.

  5. Man, I so NEED to get back to yoga. It does for me all those things you say it does for you. It truly does center me and allow me to be a better version of myself. Meditating helps with that too, but yoga has the physical component as well, which makes doing it provide a sense of accomplishment. I need to follow your lead and get to it again already. Good for you for going back!

  6. Sizzle! This is off topic. How is your wedding planning business going? Did you pick a name? I am married and live in VA so I can’t make use of your business, but I am still excited for you. ( :

  7. That was a brilliant idea. I love the thought of dedicating a workout to someone.

    Do you think that the positivity you experience in yoga helps like rewire your synapses? When I used to go regularly, I felt way more centered too. I wonder if there’s something aside from the breathing and relaxing that takes place – like you’re toning your positivity muscles so they’re always more in shape. I need to go back to it…

  8. Hey, two weeks is better than 2 months. 😉 Hooray for recomitting!
    I have been thinking very deeply about some major career changes lately. When I talked to my therapist, she was stunned that I hadn’t talked to any of my friends about it. I said I was scared that people would tell me I was dumb or that I wasn’t cut out for what I think I want to do. Aside from the fact that’s totally ME talking right there, she pointed out that I needed to recognize my friends are better than that. At least if they think I’m headed down the wrong path, they’ll articulate it to me better than just telling me I’m dumb. All that to say I realized going to a friend when I’m scared is really truly honoring that friendship.

  9. I’ve had to skip a bit of yoga because of things that life throws your way, which is ok because I keep going back to yoga and like you said, it offers such great centering and calmness that I can’t really live without it now.

    Oh and um, I totally push myself more in class because I am *sort of* competing with other people. Whatevs, it works!

  10. I really admire those who do yoga. I want to try it, I have absolutely no flexibility or core strength right now. So I need to find a yoga for dummies class.

    I like the idea of calming down – at work I’ve been given at least 5 different “free yoga class” cards by instructors telling me I need to release some of my energy. Ha ha.

  11. I missed yoga for a full month while we were on the road. I finally got back this monday and felt all tight and sore, but also in full bliss. I’ve ached all week! It just reaffirms how important it is to keep up with a regular practice. If I didn’t have children, I would look for yoga studios wherever I travel. It’s fun to visit different studios in other cities.

    PS. I’ve dedicated my practice to you on several occasions. 🙂

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