It really ties the room together.

Along with a new couch, we splurged on a new rug. It matches perfectly and we love it.

Thank you

Unfortunately, our cats love it too. (If you recall, my cats have a certain affection for rugs.)

If you look closely you can see how the cats have picked at our pretty rug.

From the moment we laid it down, they’ve been all over it. They are huge fans of plush wool and mistakenly think it’s their new scratch post. NO CATS IT IS NOT.

So now we spend our lounge time on the couch taking turns yelling at the cats to KNOCK IT OFF. We often come home to clumps of the rug pulled up. As much as we love this rug, it does shed a lot and sadly, is a magnet for pet fur.

We bought a rug with animal magnetism. Awesome.

I suppose as long as the cats don’t fuck up the couch, I can handle the rug being a bit beat up. The couch was a lot more expensive than the rug.

Now can someone please explain why a chair- which is similar in shape and assembly as a couch but smaller- is practically as expensive as a couch? WHY?

24 thoughts on “It really ties the room together.

  1. I love it! The rug. I have 2 cats and they’re out of control. When they were kittens, they scratched a huge hole in the back of my couch. So I got a new one. My first adult furniture purchase and I was ready for them. I had spray, the double stick tape, everything. When the couch was delivered, I had the water spray bottles ready. And nothing. It’s been 3 years and I don’t think they’ve ever scratched the couch.

  2. I love that rug! Have you tried putting a wide variety of scratching posts in your living room (flat cardboard, sisal, carpet post, etc)? That’s how we finally got our cats to leave the rug alone. That and Soft Paws. Have you tried those? We LOVE them! Only 1 of our 2 cats wears them (the one that prefers our ottoman over a scratch pad), and they are awesome!

  3. We have a rug from Overstock in the nursery and Montana looooooves it. Luckily all she does is lie on it. No picking or scratching. Bad cats!

  4. We bought a rug from overstock, put it down a couple weeks ago, and it’s already falling apart. No cats to blame. Just a crappy rug. Sigh.

    I think of the chair kind of like cleaning ladies think of bathrooms and kitchens. If your one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo is 300 square feet or if it’s 2,300 square feet, they’ll likely charge you the same amount, because they still have to clean a kitchen. And they still have to clean a bathroom. The rest is small beans in comparison.

    Maybe the furniture company thinks the fabric and stuffing (which is clearly less in a chair than in a sofa) is small beans compared to the labor to put together a chair or sofa, despite their seemingly large differences in size???

  5. Gelsey has RUINED our new dining room rug. She unraveled one area so badly that the yarn(?) from it got caught in the vacuum cleaner. She owes me some money for that rug.

  6. oh i just LOVE that rug! i’ve been idly perusing rug sales on crate & barrel and the like, but i think i’ll now be headed on over to….

  7. its a dream of mine to own something no one else has owned before. Like, a couch. but then i remember how an ex boyfriend had a leather chair that they completely destroyed. whoops! i dont have the heart to declaw =(

  8. I don’t know why you’re so surprised. Y’all already had a lot of animal magnetism between you; it’s only natural you’d find furniture to match. Love the rug. Hate the cost of chairs/couches. Wish I were independently wealthy. Get on that for me, would you please?

  9. Love the rug! And the chair costs so much because you want it and that’s their extra special gonna-mark-it-up-because-Sizzle-wants-it price. Yep.

  10. Love the run, I’d have rotating rugs all over my house if I could afford it, that one is really cute. I say get a spray bottle and spray the kitties with water when they’re being bad on the rug.

    Second, I too was irritated with the almost lack of price difference. When I mentioned it, Hubby says its because it takes almost the same amount of work to make a smaller version of the couch i.e.. chair or love seat, and I guess it kind of makes sense.

  11. love the rug! our cats do the same thing, but i guess because of the color – it’s hard to see… they DID enjoy the newly reupholstered couch and chair too much, so the slipcovers are back-on… such is life with animals in the house… 😦

  12. LOVE the rug, but I love The Big Lebowski reference even more πŸ˜‰

    My cats love to scratch our rug, too. If I see them doing it, I shoo them away. But like you said, I’d rather have them mess up the rug than the couch so it’s not a huge deal.

  13. LOVE IT. Your sofa looks quite comfy and soft, too. Tavo and I went looking at sofas with our primary requirement: We need it to be deep enough for us to lay down together and snuggle during watch a movie (or making out, haha).

  14. Just wait until they puke on the rug. πŸ™‚ I came home to a hairball barfed in a pile of my dirty laundry Monday. Lovely.

    At least you have a picture of the rug when it was new! And hopefully they’ll stay off the schmancy new couch!

  15. It looks beautiful!

    As for the cats scratching at it, I have no advice. Maya is a pain about things like that too. She gets it in her head that certain things are for her to abuse and then almost nothing we do can change her mind. I guess your point about leaving the couch alone is a good one. Maya chewed at our new super expensive front door (luckily we have made her stop…knocking on wood as I type just in case). She used to chew at the rug in front of it. As much as it used to bug me that she kind of destroyed the rug, I would much rather she did that than chew on the door.

  16. Naughty kitties! I’m guessing putting some sort of sign for them saying “DO NOT SCRATCH RUG” wouldn’t work right? Wishful thinking.

    Love both rug and couch!

  17. What a cute rug!

    Well – at least it has character now =) My Dogs have chewed up most of the nice stuff in our house. It’s a miracle I’ve kept my dog from destroying my mom’s bamboo furniture.

  18. If someone has figured out how to have both pets (other than fish) and nice things, I want them to come over to my house and sit down in our beautiful but already frayed year-old armchair and tell me how the hell they do it.

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