Zzzz is for Zombie

You guys? I’m tired.

It should be stated that I am the worst kind of sleeper- a light sleeper who snores. I’m a total asshole. I complain about other people snoring because it keeps me up and yet, I myself snore. I wear ear plugs every night because noise from the street or the cats or my neighbor upstairs wakes me up and I have The Hardest Time falling back to sleep.

It’s going on a week now that Mr. Darcy has had a cold. A cold  that moved from head congestion to chest congestion. Congestion has made his regular snoring worse and subsequently, I have slept like shit for days on end.

I am not blaming him even though it sounds like it. He can’t help being sick. But last night I slept on the couch because his snoring was incessant and I could not fall asleep to its soundtrack.  The couch, while comfy, is not a bed and today my back is in knots. I’m pretty sure I left my sunny disposition between the cushions.

Excuse me while I go stare off into space like a zombie and try to keep my mouth shut so I don’t say something mean out of sheer exhaustion. Not sleeping well brings out the bitch in me.


27 thoughts on “Zzzz is for Zombie

  1. I hope you feel better soon (and hope that he does too!) I know exactly how much sleep matters. When I am overtired I am almost a completely different person, and not in a good way!

  2. I have to commiserate: last night, I poked my husband to make him roll over because he was snoring – loudly – directly into my ear. The only way I deal with it is by listening to books on my MP3 player. It drowns out other noises and helps me fall asleep (as long as I don’t listen to anything too interesting or exciting!).

  3. Sizzle!!! I’m so sorry. I have been where you are. Andrew not only snores, but his body jerks a lot when he’s asleep, so some nights are really hard. He did a sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnea, so now he wears his cPap which helps with the snoring. The jimmy legs? Well, I don’t know what he can do about that! I just try to ignore them.

    My doctor prescribed trazadone to help me with sleeping through the night. I have had the bottle of about 50 pills for 2 years now and still have half of it left. I only take a 1/2 pill about once a month or so to help me sleep hard. I will sleep through anything with that pill.

    Good luck! You will make it. If you want a few pills, let me know. 🙂

  4. I’m no help. When my ex and I were together, he started making this weird popping sound with his mouth when he slept. I suffered in silence until one night when I kicked him in the shin three times and called him a jerkface poppin’mouth. And then I slept in the guest room. Ear plugs work. I also like listening to Savage Love podcasts when I’m falling asleep; that Dan Savage has a soothing voice.

  5. I’m married to someone with allergies, so he snores when they are bad. I’m totally a proponent of the guest bed for these situations. Sadly we’re now in just a 2 bedroom place, so the guest bedroom is no longer. Thankfully our couch is really comfy!

  6. Lack of sleep is just the worst, no matter what the reason for it. I always notice I get suuuuuuper emotional when I’m lacking even just a few hours of sleep. I’ll be like crying over the fact that my Post-Its are orange instead of green. You know, hypothetically, of course.

    I hope tonight is better! xo

  7. i think being sleep compatible is #1 on my list of musts in a man. Maybe this is why I’m single?

    I cannot stand being kept up. That is…unless its by a pet. for some reason its perfectly ok for my squishy faced pets (shih poo, shih tzu, and persian cats) to snore and keep me up but if its a boy? i have to kick him til he shuts up.

  8. Does your man have a neti pot? I’ve never found anything, OTC or prescription, that clears out cold/sinus congestion like a pint of warm salt water poured through my head. It may not change the snoring in general, but it should speed him through the cold.

  9. oh man. i dated a guy who could wake people up IN OTHER APARTMENTS with his snoring. it was… eesh. i also recommend an ipod to lull you back to sleep.

  10. Ugh lady I’m sorry. 😦 Not getting any sleep does suck and don’t apologize for not being in a sunny disposition. Maybe Mr. Darcy needs to go see a doctor or at least needs some cold meds?

    I’m with you on the snoring though. Thankfully Matt is not a snorer but there are a few times when he’s sleeping weird on his back and he’ll start snoring, even lightly. That’s when I kick him and tell him to be quiet.

    I hope he starts feeling better soon and that you get your rest!!

  11. I snore and wake myself up. LOL That is usually when I know it is time to turn off the TV and lights. I always feel so self concious about being a woman who snores but I guess it’s more common than I thought. 🙂 Hope your day gets better and Mr. Darcy gets to feeling better.

  12. Have you ever tried having a sound machine in the room? It might only help a little but people say it evens out the noises.

    Hope you get some deep sleepin’ in tonight.

  13. I always use a box fan when I go to bed. The white noise from it really helps me stay asleep and avoid waking up if my husband pees in the middle of the night, or has to get up earlier than me.

  14. wow. sounds like my nights when C’s sick. or, you know, his night’s when i’m sick. *sigh* i hate not sleeping well. hope you can make up for it this weekend!

  15. I can’t sleep with snores either. And the couch, I know how that feels after a few nights or maybe even one. I feel for you. Have you tried the sleeping aid water? They sell them at CVS, Walgreens and the kind. I tried it a few times and it seemed to help with the sleeping (nothing much to do bout the snoring). Maybe it’ll work for you.

  16. Aww hehe that sounds a little like me 😉 I snore too – it’s so unlady-like isn’t it? 😉 Last night my husband woke me to say I was nibbling his shoulder hahahahaha!

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