I start a meditation class on Friday.

Me of the over-active mind and jam-packed schedule. Me of multiple jobs and too many commitments.

Yes, me.

I think I’m the exact right type of person for such a class. I’ve thought about meditating for years. But that’s it- just a nagging thought, an action item on the lengthy To Do list, an additional goal to reach, another pressure. Call me crazy but isn’t that counter-productive to the very act of meditation?

So when I saw that my yoga instructor was teaching a 4 week class, I paid the additional fee and registered. And now my concerns that I will be a meditation failure are swarming my mind. I keep telling myself that a meditation practice is like a yoga practice and it’s about personal progress, not perfection.

Breathe, Sizzle. Breathe deep.

Part of the commitment to the class is dailyΒ  meditation. Of course, I read that in the fine print after I signed up. What does that mean for my routine? Because now I get up, feed the cats, make tea, check my email and some of my sites, maybe post a blog, eat some eggs, get ready for work, change my outfit a minimum of 3 times, and then realize I am late for work, flare up into a stressed out crabbypants, hurriedly say good-bye to Mr. Darcy and arrive at work harried. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Frankly, I am ready for an upset in this pattern.

The wee hours of the morning are my favorite though- that time when the light is just breaking through the sky, when the city is quietly waking up, the tea is steaming in my mug, and it’s just me alone with me. That’s when I will want to meditate. That’s when I will want to climb into the quiet and prepare for my day. That will mean not turning on the computer first thing (or maybe at all). It might mean not blogging as much. It might mean less comments from me on your blogs.

I’m hoping for a shift in consciousness because the way I’m prioritizing the things of my life is not working for me- the me I want to be in the world. Just maybe (hopefully) this new commitment to meditation will help me find balance internally and externally. I’m looking forward to learning how to quiet my mind’s chatter, listen deep, and just BE.

I can totally master that in 4 weeks, right?


(Sort of.)


21 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. I haven’t kept up with the daily practice the way I should (for a number of reasons, though I plan to resume soon) — but meditation did wonders for me. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I think, about how different it makes you feel and eventually you’ll crave doing it.

  2. Could this be the “ordinary but deep” thing you mentioned after your return from California? πŸ™‚

    “I can totally master that in 4 weeks, right?” I’d say so definitely.

  3. Oooo, meditation is my favorite part of any yoga session. It irks me when a yoga teacher doesn’t do much of a meditation at the end of a yoga class — how contrary to yoga is that?? I can’t wait to hear how your experience with a meditation-only class goes.

  4. Good for you. I think that seems like a natural step, and from this side of things, seems like good timing.
    And as someone who hasn’t had a damn thing to say on the Internet in, like, two weeks, I feel like it can happen pretty naturally. πŸ™‚

  5. This is on my to-do list for this year (this year starting about 2 months ago). I feel like we are really in sync with each other in our personal goals. It’s awesome when I come to your page and read about something I was just thinking about and have been working on for myself. πŸ™‚
    You can do it!

  6. Yay! I hope you find joy and encouragement in your practice. πŸ™‚ I started writing on Saturday morning about how I meditate, but I haven’t had a chance to complete it yet. Maybe I can get that posted today…

  7. well this is fab-u-lous! I’m all about meditation! I have been doing this on my own at first with guided CD’s and then my own quiet time. I joined a group, to learn more about buddhism, and they do their meditation with their eyes open. now that…..i cannot yet master, i am too easily distracted, so I still close my eyes! But they also do walking meditation which is also different for me.

    You really do feel at peace when you give yourself that time for yourself!

  8. This is great! You’ll see the benefits of meditating, especially if you take in on daily. Every time I stray from it, I wish I hadn’t (which is what is happening today, for example). I just started this last March and have not done it regularly at all, but when I do I feel the results immediately, it helps ground me. And you are totally right, it’s not about doing well, it just about doing it. Yay for you!

  9. Good luck! I’m not a morning person, but I do know that certain things are best done for me when I first get up too. Like yoga. Otherwise the day blows past before I realize. Still surprises me how distracted I can get in even just a few minutes of meditation that early. Working on it. πŸ™‚

  10. I’m so excited for you!! I went to my very first Zen meditation session this past spring. On a date on less. Ha. I went a couple more Sunday mornings and then sort of flaked out. I need to get back to it. I keep hoping the day will come when I learn to meditate regularly but at the same time, I try to have reasonable expectations of myself. πŸ˜‰

  11. Yes, Progress not perfection. I have tried meditating in the way most people meditate. I haven’t been able to do it. My workout time is my meditation. Good luck to you. Hope you find time to Blog too, I would miss your posts. πŸ˜‰

  12. I highly recommend meditation. Being a monk myself, I was required to do a significant amount of them during my studies. Though I don’t do it enough right now, even just 1 minute of meditation can make or break a day for me. I guess in some level, that’s 1 minute of “me time” – nobody else, just time for myself and I.

    Good luck with your journey with meditation, you can totally master it in 4 weeks, it’s all about how much you’re willing to let go of yourself during.

  13. I definitely understand needing to find balance and a calm center.

    I’m considering taking up a martial arts course of some kind to help me achieve the same kind of thing.

    Looking forward to reading how it turns out!

  14. I know you didn’t just write “Post a blog.” You meant, “Post on my blog,” right? πŸ™‚

    I am really excited about this for you, and stoked that your yoga teacher is the one leading the class. I know this would be all kinds of great for me, but I’ve never gotten into it. I hope you take us on your journey, even a little. Good luck xo

  15. Ellen Degenerous talked about this sort of thing in a comedy routine she had once, for tv. She said her mind was so busy thinking about things all the time, it didn;t know how to do “nothing”. So it would turn round and round, it’s own sort of white-noise as she learned… and then as if to snap her out of it, a random song lyric like from a commercial would pop out of her head! Heh! πŸ™‚

    Maybe your brain will turn in circles too, as it tries to figure out why it is supposed to be “quiet” for awhile. Maybe it will go round and round until it makes a white noise to soothe itself… but out of that relief? You will find the tools to do more. Good luck!

  16. I can’t wait to hear about it! I have wanted to try meditation, but my days are more like yours… super busy and I cannot make myself stop. Share what you learn! πŸ™‚

  17. Ooohhh… I can’t wait to hear about it, too! I have a really hard time quieting my mind too, so I’d like to see how I’d fare in a 4 week class. I think this will be so good for you. Please be sure to tell us how it goes, good or bad! Either way it will be such a good exercise for the mind.

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