Living in the Laugh of Luxury

Picture it.

Me, standing in our bedroom, disrobed, WAIT! ON SECOND THOUGHT DO NOT PICTURE THAT!

Let’s try this again.

Me, standing in our room in my birthday suit (do not picture this, could lead to blindness) with my hair sticking straight up on top of my head** (on purpose) I said to Mr. Darcy: Who do I look like?

Him, perplexed yet titillated: . . . a naked Troll doll.*

You know how sometimes something just strikes you as absolutely hilarious that you can’t stop laughing? Well, that did it for me. Maybe my utter exhaustion exaccerbated my amusement? I threw myself on the bed in a fit of deep -in-the-belly laughter. He wandered off to the bathroom and I rolled around clutching my sides, gasping for air, unable to stop.

Ah, good times in the Sizzle/Darcy bedroom. There is no denying it. We bring the sexy.

*Later he said his other response could have been “. . . Um, crazy?”

**I had manipulated my hair to stick up to mimic one of the guys on the Hoarders episode we had just watched. Mr. Darcy had commented throughout the show that the guy needed to visit a barber.


22 thoughts on “Living in the Laugh of Luxury

  1. I used to have troll dolls! I love laughing like that, but usually I’m incredibly tired and it ends in me crying hysterically after laughing so much I cry. awesome!

  2. What a great experience!!!!
    We happen to laugh a lot about ourselves and the silly things we say/do which makes the relationship and cohabitation extremely exciting!!!
    Yay for more and more laughs bet you and mr d!!!

  3. I love stuff like this! I bet you’ll be catching yourself throughout the week, thinking about that moment and laughing. That happens to me all the time after Mr. W does something funny. My coworkers must think I’m nuts if they ever see me walking the halls, chuckling quietly to myself.

    BTW I think you guys have devised a great new game to play when you’re bored.

  4. I love this story. It makes me want to share a very inappropriate joke that I made to Steven about myself last night… but don’t want you to picture it. Ha!

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