When 60 seconds feels like a really, really long time.

Remember how yesterday I was all, “I hope someday to be able to hold half-handstand for a full minute. Maybe even someday do a full handstand.” Um, yeah. About that. . .

Last night in class my teacher announced the new focus pose for the next 2 months. I should say poses because it’s not one but two, technically even three. They are-

  • More forearm plank held for one minute (because straight up regular plank was so last month).
  • Forearm plank into side forearm pose held for one minute on each side. I don’t know the technical name of this pose as I was too busy freaking out about my lack of core strength and inability to do it. It looks like this:


Side Forearm Pose AKA This Is Hard Pose


  • And drum roll please! The dreaded HANDSTAND held for one minute.


Yes. You read that right. I could only hold half handstand for 30 seconds and now we’re moving right into full on handstands. My initial reaction was to turn to Supple with a look of fear and dismay plastered on my face. Please recall that I have never done a bona-fide handstand, not even as a kid that I can recall. I am overcome with a fear that I will break my own neck trying. I also feel very inferior because I am one of the larger people in the class. I know people probably aren’t judging me but I AM JUDGING ME. I’m working on it because I did after all start off the half-handstand series completely freaked out and convinced I wouldn’t be able to do it and then I did do it for 30 whole seconds and held plank for 60 seconds.

So there, self! STFU.

So for the next two months I am going to do daily yoga even if it’s just for 20 minutes at home before I meditate because I need to get stronger. I need to practice plank and increase my core and back strength. Last night when Supple assisted me into handstand I could only kick my legs half way up. I am comforted with the knowledge that my teacher struggled with this pose for years. If she could learn to do it and not give up and become the amazing yogi she is today, maybe I can do.

More than body strength, yoga gives me the opportunity to go deeper, push farther, be kinder to myself, slow down and remember that if I believe in myself I can do anything.

Remind me of that when I am spazzing out next time.


18 thoughts on “When 60 seconds feels like a really, really long time.

  1. You have a great, great outlook toward it! Handstands intimidate me to no end, but yoga does allow for constant trying. That comforts me, even if nothing else does.

  2. I love this- you told the Universe “this would be the most difficult pose for me and I am not ready for it yet” and WHAM the Universe told you “hey, instead of putting this off as unattainable, how about you do that handstand now instead”.

    You are going to do it Sizz!

  3. I always really struggle with handstands/headstands. One class I took, I just told the instructors “I can’t do these, and I don’t want to” and it was totally cool.
    However, I much more advocate giving it your best shot like you’re doing! (but it was nice to be able to say, I don’t want to do this and not feel pressured at all–yay, yoga!)

  4. I just did a straight arm plank for 60 in your honor. Hold through the shake. šŸ™‚ Months back or last year, I was doing forearm planks (3 for 30 sec with 15 sec breaks in between), those are tough! But also kinda nice as an alternative to crunches since you know it works your abs.

    An outside structure, your class in this case, that pushes you forward is a good thing I think. It keeps your forward momentum going. It sidesteps the plateau issue by pointing you towards the next challenges. On my own, I’m probably more likely to bail if I get out of the routine for a few days/week.

    Keep at it every day, meet yourself where you are, and believe. I believe you can do it, Sizzle. šŸ™‚

  5. You can do it!

    The side plank is challenging. Do-able but it won’t take long and you’ll build up the strength. I find core work is like that.

    Handstands scare the fuck out of me.

  6. It has been so interesting to read about your yoga experience. It’s funny how different classes can be! In all of the years I’ve been studying, I’ve never had a class (regularly) focus on how long you can hold a pose. (Most of mine are about 5 full breaths total except for inversions.) But ever since you started mentioning this, it has made me wonder — how long could I hold this pose? šŸ™‚ Out of curiosity, what sort of class do you take?

    • I take Anusara yoga classes. Heard of them?

      I never had the focus pose aspect at other studios. I kind of like it because I get to see my strength grow in specific areas.

  7. Dude, you are a powerhouse – you’ll totally be able to do it. Do you at least get to handstand against the wall? Or with a spotter holding you? I’ve never just DONE a handstand without a wall or person there. Now I want to go home and see if I can hold forearm plank for a minute without crumpling to the floor. I have a feeling there will be crumpling…

  8. You can totally do it!

    You’re so inpsiring. I need to try for something like this too. I can barely hold regular plank for 10 seconds!

  9. Ohhhh the planks! They are hard, but those side ones are worse. I can’t get a good base to balance on. I blame my wimpy forearms.

    I never thought i’d be able to do plank into those horrid tricep pushups, hold it a half-inch above the floor, then scoop into up dog, but I can do it now! It’s so fun to find out you can suddenly do something yogic you never thought you would be able to.

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