Stuff On My Cat

So a while back Nintendo  sent me a new game to try out on my beloved DSi called Professor Layton Unwound Future. The main character for which the game is named wears a very smart top hat. And because Brand About Town is awesome at putting together surprise packages for us Nintendo Brand Enthusiasts, they sent the game along with a mini top hat.

The moment Mr. Darcy saw that little hat he was obsessed with putting it on Dash. His artist’s mind schemed how he could get the top hat on him then photoshop in a monocole. Why yes my boyfriend has hobbies and one of them appears to be decorating the cats.

One day when Mr. Darcy was working from home I received an email entitled “I can die a happy man now” and within the body of the email were the words “Less work than I thought” and this photo:

Dapper Dash

I guess you could say that Dash is rather dashing. (Groan.)

He was unavailable for comment as he is off solving cat mysteries.


23 thoughts on “Stuff On My Cat

  1. Now that I know Mr. Darcy is another evil Cat torturer, I’m really starting to Warm up to him! Really, that is (or should be) your Christmas Card! A Fine Job!

  2. that’s so much better than the stuff i put on my cats! i tend to just pile as many things on them as possible. equally entertaining but less dapper.

  3. I would hire Sir Detective Dash for all sorts of mysteries. Like, I’m pretty sure my roommate in college killed my fish, “Just Jack.” And also, I know I have some sort of rich long lost relative who doesn’t know about my existence and I need to find this mystery relative so that I can get in good for the will and finally attain independent wealth. I’ll give Dash a cut, obvi.

  4. My cat would never stand for this, or sit for that matter, but I love it! Dash definitely looks dashing…hehe.

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