Hello Autumn

Nothing quite like a walk amongst the bright fallen leaves in a raincoat & boots on a crisp Fall day. It's even better if you're coming home from getting your hair cut and colored (bye, bye white hairs! see you in 3 weeks you relentless bastards!).


9 thoughts on “Hello Autumn

  1. So, I’m sick and not the brightest bulb in the bunch with all this cold medicine… but I had to read this twice because on 1st read I thought you were calling us (your readers) relentless bastards and that you were taking a 3 week hiatus. HA! Whoa. 😉

  2. Seattle in the fall makes me so happy, lady. Did you notice how the trees were all of a sudden bright, vibrant red? Like, overnight? I say jump up and down, throw some garnet leaves in the air, and stomp your cute boots as you traipse through the city streets.

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