Photographic Evidence

This is me attempting a handstand in the doorway of our apartment.

I actually attempted this after a couple glasses of wine while friends were over our house Saturday night. I have real life witnesses!

That’s about as far as I can get right now. I’m still too chicken to let both legs go up even if someone holds me steady.

But I never believed I could get this far so. . . anything is possible if you believe in it enough.

What about you? Ever accomplished something you never thought you could?



24 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence

  1. weee now that looks fun!

    Running a 10 minute mile. Or, running for that matter. I still feel weird when I say “I ran four miles today” because I never in a billion years thought I’d ever do anything that resembled running!

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  3. For the longest time I could not go from plank to hovering. I’d try and then flop down with a thump. Then one day I could and I’ve been able to do it ever since. It was quite a feeling of accomplishment of becoming stronger.

  4. Awwh, yeah.

    Getting to see you do this on Saturday night next to a table of tasty appetizers while a disco ball littered the room with speckled rainbow-colored light was a highlight of my weekend.

  5. Holy schnikes, good for you Sizzle! You look wildly balanced and confident! I would think that falling out of that handstand and nicking your foot/ankle/toes on the doorjamb would be a scarier prospect, so were I bendy enough to consider trying this I would probably opt for a spotter. A spotter with spongy body armor all over. A spotter who isn’t a friend and doesn’t mind getting kicked in the face, cause I’m sure that’s where this would end up if I tried this. Like maybe recruit a Navy Seal who relishes bizarro challenges because they are there. You goooo, grrl!

  6. you’re AWESOME! and you’ve already done the hard part – getting that second leg up hardly feels any different once you’re already upsidedown vertical, honest! πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, awesome! I can’t recall ever having done a handstand. Good for you, Sizz!

    As for your q, nothing springs to mind which makes me think I really haven’t been reaching enough.

  8. Cool! That is impressive. And you look so cute.

    I never thought I would be as patient/understand as I am about the whole single-income family thing. I consider that an accomplishment πŸ˜‰

  9. Dude. That is awesome – and I love that you have a picture!

    I never thought I’d run a half marathon a few years ago. I hated running and the idea of 13 miles seemed ridiculous to me. Now I’ve done 4. Funny what we can do with the help of friends (and when we tell ourselves to shut up a little πŸ˜‰

  10. OMG. This is ridiculously cute. Like, can’t even handle how cute you are in this picture. And it’s limbs! Sprawling! And Conquering! And NOT GIVING UP! Love it.

  11. Way to go! Is it weird to admit that I’m also impressed you kept your top in place and didn’t flash everyone? I so would have!

  12. Ah handstands have always scared me! Even when I was a child I couldn’t do them. Something about being upside down that I don’t like.

  13. Having the patience to let my daughter figure the words out as she first started to read. Allowing her the triumph was an amazing feeling!

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