When It Rains

It rained and rained and rained all weekend. Perfect weather for staying home to write holiday cards and bake. Except I woke up Saturday with swollen glands and soreness when I swallowed. Eek! I thought I had bested those germs last week?!

I’m home from work today because the sleep I got was sweaty, feverish, and intermittent. I was apparently snoring so badly (thanks mucus!) that Mr. Darcy had to sleep on the couch. I feel pretty wrecked this morning and am going to attempt to take it easy.

Except that a new tenant is reporting fleas in her apartment and there is a leak in the basement and there are multiple noise complaints about a particular couple in a particular unit and the front door isn’t latching every time it shuts and. . . and. . . and. . . Mr. Darcy was a dear and went into work late so he could get flea bombs and set them off. I’m dealing with the other stuff today as energy permits.

I’m half-way through my cards and baking but not sure I can muster the enthusiasm or energy to finish either today. The couch beckons.

Here’s some holiday cheer for you:


Finn AKA Rudolph




17 thoughts on “When It Rains

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling so hot, but here’s hoping the germs vacate your premises soon and very soon. Also, that it stops monsoon raining here soon, too. I miss my trails.

  2. Hi, I realize this comment is about a week late but let me know if the flea problems continue. I had a big problem last summer and learned a thing or two about fleas.

    Glad to hear your cold is passing, that sucks when you have so much to do and sick on top of it all. Ugh.

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