“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Supple, Mr. Darcy and I contributed to Neilochka’s 5th Annual Blogger Chrismalhijrahankwanzakah Concert (try typing that!) and it’s up today! Pop on over and see which song we sang, get yourself a big dose of holiday cheer and support all the other bloggers who risked on line embarrassment by performing.

Hint: The song title includes the name of something you might put in hot cocoa.

Every time I watch our video I crack up at Mr. Darcy’s part. He’s such a good sport. And once Supple got over a raging case of herpes the giggles, we managed to capture the song in under 6 takes.

A bonus video from Supple and I is slated to make its appearance here next week. Stay tuned!


13 thoughts on ““The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

  1. Hmm! I have looked twice and can’t see yours. I can see your name showing you’re supposed to be there but can’t see the actual video.

  2. I was in a cranky ass mood and desperately needed to shake it, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish that in the 2.5 minutes I had. Then I thought, Sizzle can do it! Let me see what she’s up to today… And lo and behold, here you are spreading good cheer! You’re so awesome – Supple and Mr Darcy rock too! Thanks so much for being your fantabulous self, lady. (The friends I’m seeing tonight will thank you too!) xo

  3. Yeah! I finally got to see it. Very cute. It made me laugh when Mr Darci pops in for his part. Merry Christmas and to a bright New Year!

  4. I had never heard that song or even heard of it until last week when my vocal teacher handed it to the class. I feel like I’ve been missing out for *cough* forty years.

  5. That was adorable! Mr.Darcy’s role was integral, as well ;). Bonus – I incidentally song-bombed Chris with it as I watched, and moments after it ended, he was whistling the tune as he made breakfast. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas!!! 🙂

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