Video Holiday Card from Me to You

Nothing says “happy holidays” like singing off key (or being drunk around your family!) and Supple and I are here singing you “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” because you voted for it. It’s rather loud and the sound quality isn’t the best. Those are my disclaimers and I’m sticking with them.

If you  missed our “Marshmallow World” performance last week, I’ve added it as a bonus video here. Because seeing Mr. Darcy pop in and out of the frame makes me chuckle. And because I do just adore you, Sizzle Readers.

Here’s to the happiest of holidays to your and yours. Be safe & jolly!


21 thoughts on “Video Holiday Card from Me to You

  1. Have a very merry Christmas and a fantabulous new year!!! (Fantabulous – if it’s not in the dictionary, it should be.) 🙂

  2. Damn, Sizz – you can SING! You sound great! Seriously. Except it was hard for me to take you too seriously with those antlers on. 🙂 I missed the Marshmallow video the first time – totally funny with Mr. Darcy popping in…again with the antlers. I think antlers = hilarity.

  3. Oh.

    Those were too funny. However, you did need to do some headbanging in the first video so we could hear your antlers jingle.

    Merry Christmas, sis!

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