Year One

Today marks one year since our first date so I put together this little montage in honor of it.

Hey Darcy? Thanks for loving me just as I am.


**We leave Tuesday for the Oregon Coast. I’m taking an internet break until the new year. See you in 2011!**



44 thoughts on “Year One

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  2. What an awesome tribute to your ‘person’. Congratulations on finding him. Best wishes for many years of happiness!

  3. sounds to me like you both found “your Person” !!

    just happy you took the time……now at last……a Happy Ending!

  4. UH….. you just made me cry with this video. Congrats on finding your person…. now, don’t ever let him go!!!

  5. That is beyond awesome.

    And you thought you’d never find “him.”

    Who was right, sis? Yeah… ME!

    Happy anniversary to you two shmoopy little kids.

  6. Happy anniversary, wife and I met online and I moved from the UK to Seattle. February sees our 13th wedding anniversary.

  7. Thank you for sharing this last year with all of us. It has been a joy to watch this relationship blossom… a wonderful testament to love.

  8. Well that video was just (so totally you, and) about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I am totally crying right now, shut up.

    Happy happy happy, just so very happy for you both.

  9. Love it!

    And I cannot believe it has only been a year. You two just seem like the right fit for each other… like he’s always been there. I hope that makes sense 🙂

  10. Sizz, what a lucky boy! What a lucky girl! What lucky cats! I love you so much! Smoochies to all of you! Your thoughtfulness inspires me everyday!

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