I made a list last year. Honestly, I made many, many lists but this one was different. It was a list of goals for 2010. Let’s see how I did:

  1. recommit to practicing yoga CHECK
  2. start practicing meditation CHECK
  3. prioritize self-care (This means that yoga class, water aerobics, exercise, and down time are not things I am willing to schedule over on my busy calendar.) CHECK (work-in-progress)
  4. spend more time with my family CHECK (more of this please)
  5. road trip CHECK
  6. find a new guitar teacher and get serious about learning OOPS
  7. go to Hawaii with Tomato OOPS
  8. have lost a total of 75lbs by the time Tomato and I go to Hawaii (currently at 35lbs lost) OOPS
  9. take the train to Vancouver with friends for TequilaCon ’10 CHECK
  10. have monthly dates with Finn ALMOST (more of this please)
  11. say “no” more often CHECK
  12. go white water rafting CHECK
  13. throw more parties CHECK
  14. have all of my credit cards paid off ALMOST
  15. go to more theater and author readings ALMOST
  16. learn a new craft (I’m thinking embroidery) OOPS
  17. have days where I have no plans, no obligations, nothing! so I can have a modicum of spontaneity ALMOST (shut it, Kaply)
  18. sing in public (even if it is karaoke, DO IT) CHECK
  19. read more books (a book a month if I can swing it) ALMOST
  20. only blog when I feel inspired not when I feel obligated CHECK

11 out of 20 CHECK

4 out of 20 OOPS

5 out of 20 ALMOST

Sure I would have loved to have lost more weight, gone to Hawaii, learned a new craft or guitar, read more, done less but I can’t say I am disappointed with what I accomplished in 2010.

What’s in store for 2011? Well lookie here! I made a new list!

  1. Pay off all my debt (I am reaaaally close to achieving this)
  2. Bulk up my savings
  3. Study up on home ownership
  4. Take a dance class with Mr. Darcy
  5. Redesign my blog
  6. Get my side business up & running (including a website, business cards, and some clients)
  7. Grow my hair out (more on this in another post- I might be crazy for doing this)
  8. Stop biting my nails
  9. Maintain a daily meditation & yoga practice
  10. Find an aerobic exercise I enjoy & can commit to
  11. Practice loving myself more rather than beating myself up
  12. Open a checking account with Mr. Darcy for our joint bills
  13. Read more, watch less television
  14. Be crafty
  15. Visit the beach more
  16. Travel to somewhere warm
  17. Call a friend once a week (stop relying solely on texting or emailing)
  18. (ADDITION!) Go to Hawaii with Tomato

13 thoughts on “Listing

  1. You are a ROCK STAR!!! Doesn’t this make you feel so accomplished??
    Oh, I say this out of love, but please work on biting your nails. I see people on the train with half their hand in their mouth and I just think, “God, don’t they know how unsanitary that is?” 😉

  2. Wow! You did awesome! I love the new goal of calling a friend once a week. And I cannot believe you are ready to change your blog! It seems like it was just yesterday that you did! Time flies 🙂

  3. I agree that the 35lbs lost should be in the “almost” category. That’s a great accomplishment. And technically.. it says “before going to Hawaii with Tomato”.. and you haven’t gone to Hawaii yet, so just saying.. =)

    I make lists like these for the new year (although I haven’t done that yet, so I guess I’ll make that #1 for the list!). It’s always such a great feeling to be able to look back and check so many off. Great list for this year!

  4. Have you tried spin class? Cycling. I really thought I would hate it and that it would be super boring but I love this class. You sweat, burn lots of calories and your lower body gets in very good shape. Of course, I do other things for upper body. If you decide to try cycling, I do recommend investng in the padded bicycle pants, though.

  5. Hurrah! for lists. Your 2010 was awesome, and I have a feeling your 2011 is only going to be more! amazing.

    (Also: You can call me anytime. I love hearing your voice. xo)

  6. How I accomplished #8: Every time I almost put my fingernail in my mouth, I remembered hearing that there is more bacteria under a fingernail than in a toilet! Gross!!! It has even helped my husband who had nubs! Do It!

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