The Long & Short Of It

Once upon a time, I decided to grow my hair out.

Why? I am not 100% sure. Blame it on hair envy or future-tripping about being a bride (and yes, I am well aware we are not even engaged) or plain ol’ boredom. So here I am in the midst of the hair growing out process:

I'm at that awkward growing-your-hair-out phase.

See what I'm saying? Full head of hair! (I'm not just looking off into nothing. I'm actually talking to my friend Long Story Longer but didn't know if she wanted her picture plastered on my blog post.)

I’m second guessing myself. I mean, I LOVE short hair. I love that it’s so easy, that few women actually do it, that I can actually pull it off and that it suits my personality. I love that I feel a little funky and edgy with short hair. I’ve had long hair before.


Granted, it was 1991. But still.

My hair is very thick (thanks Mom) and as it grows out, very wavy (thanks Dad).  I feel like my head is big when my hair is grown out and subsequently, I view my entire self as larger the bigger my hair gets. I am the opposite of all those people who believe that long hair makes a person appear thinner. But what do you expect from a girl who gets sleepy drinking coffee? Exactly! (What can I say? I’m naturally caffeinated. And I like to keep things interesting.)

It’s winter which means I have access to a plethora of hats to hide the in between ‘do I am currently sporting.  I’ve promised myself that I will stay the course until my hair hits my collarbone at least. If I hate it, I can always chop it off. That’s the beauty of hair. It grows and you can cut it.

What do you think? Am I crazy to grow it out? Should I keep it short and sassy?


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  1. I love your longer hair – it looks great! I’m second guessing my hair decisions right now too – I grew it all out, but now I’m considering at least cutting bangs back in right now. If only it didn’t take so long to grow out should I change my mind!

  2. Not crazy at all! I got to the point some time in the fall when I felt like growing mine out (which I’m doing now) but I’m going in for a haircut just to reshape it. Not chop it off just yet. Like you said, if you don’t like it, you can always cut it! (That’s pretty much what I do.)
    I don’t know if this will help, but when I’m growing out my hair, I get really annoyed with it, so I’ll tend to put hair bands in it to give it a little something. It stops irritating me. Try that maybe if you get too annoyed with it?

  3. I love your hair short…. so sassy and sharp. Long looks beautiful as well, but since I just chopped mine off, I say join the club.

    I like to think of hair as an accessory. It is in constant need of changing or one gets bored.

  4. I’m with you on the hair conundrum. I had super long hair that I chopped off several years ago, and I keep looking at the pictures from when it was long and think, “I want to grow my hair out again.” But the reality is, I simply look better with shorter hair. And I LOVE your short, sassy ‘do – not many people can pull that off! So, while I am in agreement with the comments that say, “Grow it out, you can always cut it later,” I am also tempted to tell you to stick with what works for you because you just look so darn fabulous the way you are! Not that you wouldn’t look fabulous with long hair (because I’m sure you would), but why are you really doing it? In your post, I didn’t get the sense that you really had any real argument for growing out your hair, other than for a potential wedding. And if short, sassy hair fits you the best, then why argue with perfection? Besides, have you seen some of the awesome bridal ‘dos for short hair these days? You would kill with a bird cage veil with your sassy style! All that being said, I support your valiant effort at dealing with the growing out stages. Just go with your gut instinct.

  5. Oh, I like it both ways! I say keep up the growing out for now and if at some point you just can’t stand it anymore, you can always chop it off.

  6. I am growing my hair out too. I think you will look beautiful no matter what! Maybe we can give each other support when both of us have the panic moments were we ate fed up and just want to cut it all off.

    I get sleepy from coffee most of the time too. I thought I was the only one!

  7. You’re not crazy to grow it out. It doesn’t hurt to see how it works for you now vs. 1991. You definitely rock the short hair, tho.

    I grew mine out for my wedding “just to have options”, and I ended up cutting it off the weekend before the wedding. Short hair suits me. But I also have fine, thin hair, and anything longer than chin-length and it starts to look stringy.

    I’m getting the itch to make an appointment right now just thinking about it.

  8. I love your short hair, it seems to fit you. I keep thinking about going short (the last time my hair was shorter than shoulder length was over 20 years ago. GAH). I love the thought of easy to care for, no more constant tangles, etc. But I have a really round face and just don’t think I could get away with it.

  9. ooooh you should post some of the pics from your sister or bird’s wedding… didn’t you have sort of longer hair then?

  10. I love how short hair looks on you, you’re right, you can totally rock it and it seems to suit your sassy, spunky personality. But I totally get that you’d like a change and want grow it and see. Try it who knows, and as you say, you can always chop it off it doesn’t work for you.

  11. You know, I’m also in that weird growing out the hair phase. Where I actually like it once or twice a month and the rest of the time I keep telling myself if I cut it I will just have to go through this again. Keep going!

  12. I do the same thing with my hair. I look good with short styles but every once in a while I grow it out as some sort of test of my will. I say grow it until it hits your collar bone then cut it if it drives you crazy. I seem to wear my hair in pigtails or a ponytail once it’s long enough, which I use as justification to chop it off again.

  13. Hmmm….this is a hard one, Sizzle. You can TOTALLY rock the short ‘do like no other! On the other hand, it was nice having options for wedding hair. That flickr pic you posted above is super cute, though. I say keep growing it out for now and chop it if it just gets to be too much.

  14. I heart your short hair! But it might be worth a long hair shot as an adult; I always feel more feminine with longer hair.

  15. I say grow it out BUT get a cut to shape it first. That way, you can deal with this “in-between” stage w/ a little more pizazz. Then, if you don’t like the longer, you can cut it!

    (I do love the short on you, but I always think it’s fun to try new stuff with your hair, hence my rec to grow it out).

  16. i think sheryl crow said it best- a change can do you good. like you said, your HOH can always be cut. why not try it out for a few months, and at the very worst, if you hate it, you can chop it back to your sassy cute cut that you have now? i think it’s more about the personality of the person, that determines how they look with their current do’. so i say, you’ll be able to pull off short, long, or in between, because you’re sassy and beautiful just as you are.

  17. Cut into something sensational! If I may say so, you look much more ordinary with your hair verging on …something. You’ve got a great face and could go shorter than you’ve had it. Spike it a little bit…use some gel and spray. Be daring…I’ll bet you’d look great! Do it while your face is young enough to carry it off!

  18. I love your short and sassy hair and have hair envy because I could never ever pull it off. With that said, trying something new is never a bad idea. If you don’t like it, you can go chop it! Why not see of you like rocking a longer yet choppy bob or something like that? You’re young – experiment!

  19. I think you can totally pull off long hair! I do think your style right now might benefit from a little tidying up though. My suggestion while you’re growing it out would be to angle it so that it’s a bit shorter at the back than the front, and probably flat-iron it so it sits smoothly.

  20. Your flickr picture is super cute! Maybe that sort of mid-length will be more manageable than actual LONG hair. I think you’ll look sassy no matter what. Naturally caffeinated. Ha!!

  21. You’re a beauty whether your hair is short or long! But I will admit to being partial to the short, sassy cut. A – because its super cute on you and B – total hair envy here! I sooo wish I could wear a cute short cut like that, but I have a round face and short hair has NEVER looked good on me 😦

  22. This sounds just like the hair issue I had a few years ago. I wore my hair short (nearly buzzed to chin-length and everywhere in between) for 12 years. I liked it short, I was complimented on how well I wore it, and I felt like it fit my personality. But man, I was itching to grow it out and see what long hair was like even though I had photographic evidence of it not looking all that great way back when. My hair is also thick and wavy and I held back at first because I thought it would be so much harder to take care of once it was long. I grew it anyway because as you pointed out, you can always cut it and go back to the short style you know works for you. The outcome? I love my hair long and even my most avid short-hair fans like my hair long. And damn, there are some great hair products out there that either didn’t exist or I wasn’t aware of in the ’90s that help with the thick and wavy part. My hair is actually easier to manage being long than it was when it was short. And again, I love it and I never would have known had I stayed with my comfort short styles. Try it – it’s just hair.

  23. I do love it short and sassy, but think you could rock the longer look and NOT look “bigger.” (I have not heard that longer hair = thinner thought before!) Although, hmm. You are so cute with short and sassy hair. Hmm. What does Mr. Darcy think?

    That photo of you holding the photo TOTALLY cracks me up!

  24. I have no idea how I found your blog but I’ve been reading for a while now (in my reader). At any rate, this post forced me to click that title and come here and comment. You see, I’m a short hair girl. I’ve had my hair shorter than my ears MY.ENTIRE.LIFE! Just now (at the ripe ‘ol age of 33) I’ve decided to grow it out and see ‘what it does’. Granted, my experience is different cause I’ve never done this before but I’m really here chiming in because I have a soft spot for short-haired girls. ‘Everyone’ loves long hair. FUCK ‘EM!

    Now on to you … your shorter hair is adorb (in the nice flash back photo) but your current hair is GORG!!!! It doesn’t look ‘growing out’ AT ALL. I SWEAR TO YOU! It’s volumous and wavy and I loooove it. I agree with you that longer hair makes you look BIGGER. (Not ‘you’ per se). Now that my hair is bob length (the longest it’s EVER BEEN. EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME) I think my face is long. Like loooooong. And when I pull it back in a mini pony, my face is so tiny. So I don’t know if I’m being helpful here.

    Other than to say your current hair is GORG and just think, if you think it’s ‘you’, KEEP IT and when you have a weddin’, do what you want! Wear a gorgeous feathered headband (not circa Sacajawea, rather a classy ’40s look) or wear it as is. I never understood this whole ‘I’m growing it out for the wedding’ thing. I mean, if you like it short, keep it short. In honor of ‘practicing loving yourself’ on your list ;-), do what makes you happy. Not what other people do as part of the horrendous bridal movement.

  25. …and then I just read scienceandlife’s comment and I totally agree. Man, I had no idea what my hair could do (or it’s wacky natural volume that I never knew it had when it was so short) and now I use SO much less product. I’m the worst advice-giver ever.

  26. I’m always drawn to the look of long hair but mine just becomes a scraggly mess. Usually starts driving me crazy when it gets under my collar. Still, I typically let it grow through winter. Hate having a cold neck! So I’m with you in the odd in between stage. (Of course the curls make it take longer to get any appreciable length, a blessing and a curse.)

    I say mix it up. Do what you like. As you said, you can always chop it later. 🙂

  27. On Monday (at that meeting), I was SO THINKING of telling you your hair looked cute, but the timing didn’t seem right. I need to get to those things on time/couple minutes early so I can notice and compliment. Keep growing for now. The end result doesn’t have to look circa 1991.

  28. I am growing my hair out to! But just to right past my chin. Maybe you and me and Tori could start a club. 🙂 (The Hair Club for Sassy Girls?)
    I say, give it a shot, and if you don’t like it, choppy chop. (I also daydream about growing my hair out for my wedding and I DON’T EVEN HAVE A BOYFRIEND)

  29. A couple of things:

    1) I LOVE your short hair. Every time I see you I am jealous that I can’t wear my hair short.

    That being said 2) It actually looks cute right now. I don’t think it looks like it’s in an awkward phase at all

    3) If you ARE going to stick with growing it out, may I recommend Moroccan Oil? I have been growing my hair out and I started using that last April, I believe it was. I have noticed that my spit ends have all but disappeared (and I blow dry and flat iron every other day) and I now can wait 12 weeks between hair cuts. I am basically in love with this stuff.

    P.S. I want to see LSL 🙂

  30. I’m growing it out too and I hate that phase where is not too short, or too long, and it’s all in between and I just hate how it looks @ the moment- especially when I’m so lazy to do ‘something’ with the hair.
    Anyway, I like your short hair… but may be you want to change for a while and that’s cool and FUN!

  31. I did the same thing for my graduation. I thought a cap and gown look better with long hair. It was torture but I loved it in the end. Stick with it and take some prenatal vitamins to help speed things up.

  32. Grow! I’m growing my hair out because I dream of luscious curls and big hair. You’re lucky though; you look amazing both ways so you can’t really go wrong! But if you don’t grow, then you’ll find yourself back in the “why did I cut it all off” phase again. And then you’ll do this all over!

  33. I think your short spunky hair matches you. It’s so fun and whimsical. On the other hand, I do love shoving my own hair in to a pony tail.

    You can always keep growing it out and then hack it off when you decide to fuck it. 🙂

  34. Ah the growing-out-phase is the most awful isn’t it? I always had short hair up until about five years ago when I decided to grow it long. It was really scraggy for a long time and then suddenly I had strangers coming up to me and complimenting me on my lovely long hair. So it is well-worth it in the end 😉

  35. Might as well try it! I’m curious to see how it looks as it grows out. You DO rock the short hair, though, so you know you can always go back to it. 🙂

  36. I wish I could wear short hair. So that’s my bias from the get-go. But I think you could also wear long hair without it making you look bigger (your words, not mine). I think though if you have thick, wavy hair (which you SHOULD give thanks to your parents for) then you just need a skilled stylist who should cut long layers in to reduce bulk and give it some swing (and who can lead you through the transitions). I find that long, wavy, thick hair is great, when it gets actually long–midlength can be tough (I have thick wavy hair too though not as thick as yours) You have a great hair type for long hair, and a great face shape for short. So you basically have the best of both worlds. (And you can take this advice seriously…I’m a style editor.) 🙂

  37. I’m all: Hmmm . . . that picture looks familiar. 🙂 Oh yeah, it’s me. You can plaster me anytime. Or whatever.

    I’m jealous that you rock the short look, but it’s fun to mix it up. I’m with Kap – grow it out and then cut it off again! That’s what I do!

  38. I think you can rock both a short and a long cut, though I think I’m partial to short and sassy because…well, I don’t really know. I just think few people can really rock a short and sassy cut the way you can.

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