I tried a new exercise class last weekend and dare I say, I am hooked. It’s called Nia and it’s like martial arts meets dance with some yoga thrown in. It’s an awesome workout! I was red in the face, dehydrated and sweaty at the end of the hour. And the hour flew by.

I will say that my 12 years as a resident of The Cruz (AKA Hippyville) prepared me somewhat for the new age-y bent to the class. There was a lot of talk of our auras and chis (at one point we were instructed to “fluff” our chi) and a focus on BEING in our bodies along with the approval to make noises if we so desired. Grunts and yells and moans. Possibly someone unable to see into the studio might have wondered if there was an orgy going on at one point.

Speaking of sex- there was one chick in the class who clearly was or had been a dancer by the way she moved and over-emphasized every move. I kept getting distracted by her hip gyrations. I mean they were. . . wild. I bet that woman is a bobcat in bed.

All that hippy, sexy stuff aside, I really enjoyed the dance and martial art elements. It took me back to when I taught self-defense. I actually went to two classes over the long weekend and have another this morning. I think it’s a great way infuse some cardio into my exercise routine. Yoga is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, and I don’t plan on quitting it (ever) but I want/need to get in better shape and already after my new schedule of yoga in studio 3x a week and Nia 2x a week I feel stronger in my body.

It’s kinda fierce, you guys.

I guess Nia is my new water aerobics. Remember when I was all “water aerobics this” and “water aerobics that”? I still do like water aerobics but I haven’t felt inspired to drag my ass to the pool. Besides, I’m obviously occupied with trying to do holy shitasana pose and doing kicks. And, you know, fluffing my chi.


I woke up one morning and apparently overnight all my white & gray hairs grew in. WTF? I know a lot of people don’t notice it but I do. It’s all I can see when I look in the mirror. Those pesky grays coupled with the bulk of my wavy mane sitting like a spare tire around the back of my head (hello! not pretty!) compelled me to move my hair appointment up by 3 weeks.

Desperation, thy name is Sizzle.

I did not, however, chop it all off back to super short. I just realized I needed something more hip and manageable as it grows out. Please review Exhibit A and B (sorry for poor quality of shots, they are from my iPhone).

Exhibit A: Scraggly, gray-haired before shot.

Exhibit B: Sleek brunette almost-bob.

Next up, I must attend to the massive bags under my eyes. Not enough sleep? Too much salt or alcohol? POOR LIGHTING! That is it.

P.S. I am still growing my hair out.


My blogging will be sporadic for the next 2 months (as will my commenting on your blogs) because I am neck-deep in planning an upcoming major fundraiser in March. I’m rather jazzed because not only have we landed a big name celeb to join the event as a speaker (sorry, cannot disclose) but we have only 9 tables out of 120 left to reach capacity for the room. IT IS NOT EVEN FEBRUARY! To say I am excited and proud would be an understatement. It is a rather awesome feeling to be good at your job.

Shine on, y’all.


20 thoughts on “Newity

  1. I love your hair! I grew my hair out for Locks of Love once and hated it the whole time. Now I’ve grown my hair out again just for fun and liked it. The difference is regular haircuts from a stylist who actually understands my hair, so it doesn’t just look like a shaggy mess.

  2. It is so hard to grow out the hair, isn’t it? I think getting cute, manageable cuts in the meantime is the only way to do it.
    Congrats on your fundraiser! I think the yoga and Nia and hip gyrations are bringing great energy to your life. hehe 🙂 As usual, you make me curious with your special guests.

  3. I think it is good to mix up the kinds of exercise you do. All water aerobics or yoga is no good for you body or soul. You go girl!

    I heart your hair! So you.

  4. You look fabulous!!! I think your smile says it all. Successful, happy and chi perfectly fluffed!

    You go girl!

  5. Aww, congrats on already having so many of the tables full! You rock!

    I read another blogger who loves Nia! It sounds so fun.

    You have the cutest hair. Me = jealous!

  6. Bumble and Bumble does a coloured dry shampoo spray that I use when I am in my last week or two before I see my hair dresser. It’s weird but does the job…plus I don’t have to bump up my colour appts!

  7. Nia sounds pretty cool! Glad you’re so excited about it.

    And please tell me that Mr. Darcy is now asking you to fluff his chi when he’s feeling frisky…!

  8. I have heard great things about Nia–yay for you!
    Sassy, rockin’ hair. 🙂 And yeah…I have so many pictures where I need someone to airbrush my under eye area. 😦 It’s really bad in my mom’s family. I should start saving now for an eye lift…

  9. Good luck on the big fundraiser. I know those take up an enormous amount of your time. But keep on fluffing that chi! (I’m not exactly sure what it means, but I am gonna steal that line)

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