“Perhaps that is the secret- that every time we dare to voice what beats within, we invite some other cell of heart to find what lives between us and sing.” -Mark Nepo

Today is the anniversary of my first blog post six years ago.


Man, six years is a long time. In blogging years, I’m pretty sure that makes me like Yoda.

From time to time I’ve thought about giving up blogging but never in earnest. I’m too invested. I get too much out of it. Having a place to express myself, share my thoughts, and find support are invaluable. Readers have come and gone over the years – there was a time when my blog posts were getting upwards of 90 comments per post. I’m still wondering how THAT happened. So many of you but have turned into dear friends. I’m blessed to have found such a supportive and fun community on line. Why on earth would I ever walk away from that?

I’m still in awe that many of my closest friends are people I met through blogging. We were once two people with blogs who commented on each other’s sites and now we are friends I get noodles with, or fluff my chi with, or visit in Portland, or swap music with, or start a book club with, or exchange countless emails with. Many I have known for so long, I have forgotten how we found each other. So many that have touched my heart that I can’t link them all. And even more who have drifted off, leaving me wondering about how they are. Because truly, I count you as a friend and I miss you when you go.

It’s like Mark Nepo says in the quote above- that when we share, we allow for connection. If anyone asked me why I keep blogging I would say, without pause, that connection is why. I share my stories, my thoughts, my heart and you comment, or email and we get to connect from across distances, cultures, backgrounds. I am so grateful for that and for you. For this community. Thank you for being here!

In celebration, I will be selecting a comment at random to receive “The Beauty of Different” by Karen Walrond (AKA Chookooloonks). It’s an amazing book that helps us celebrate our own unique beauty and that special something each of us bring to the world.

So on this day of anniversary, tell me something: How did you find Sizzle Says and what keeps you coming back?

Here’s to tomorrow and all the days that follow.


99 thoughts on “Six

  1. We read mutual blogs years ago, and I thought, “I have to check out this Sizzle person.”

    And then I ogled your glasses and hair and style.

    (PS. I blog under a different name now. But, hey, I’m one of your FB friends.) πŸ™‚

  2. PS. I keep coming back because I love your glasses and hair and style.

    PPS. Also because of your ability to write words that resonate within my heart. And because you’re real, with no pretenses, and that’s a rare quality in blogs these days.

  3. Happy six years!

    I found you through another blogger’s links and was delighted to discover your honesty, openness and willingness to acknowledge your areas for growth.

    The same things keep me coming back to cheer you on, witness your progress and to celebrate your beauty.

    Hope you’re well.

  4. I found you through my friend Willikat, and I keep coming back because you’re real, witty and smart and a lot of fun to read!

  5. Aww. Yay for six years! I have to say, it’s probably been 5 years since we “met” and I imagine it was through mutual blogs/blogger friends, but I really cannot remember specifics at all. You have always been a doll, though, even taking time to converse during those 90+ comment times. πŸ™‚

  6. Happy anniversary. I’m pretty sure I found you through Hilly, but I really can’t remember. I know that you had just moved to Seattle and were looking for work. I was thinking that I would be looking for work soon, so it was kind of fun (scary and interesting) to follow your job search.

  7. I dnt remember how I found the blog- may be blog hopping… All I know is I’ve been reading you since that first time like 4 years ago and I’m still here.
    Why I keep coming back?
    You are real. You have struggles. You are normal. You are funny. You are honest.
    You write stuff we can relate to. And on top of that you’re so smart!!! πŸ™‚

  8. I have no clue how I found you, but I’m glad I did. I see in you the same challenges that I face – the struggle to overcome feelings of inadequacy, the tendency to be a fixer, a martyr, to the point of sacrificing your own well being – all those things that come from being the adult child of an alcoholic. But I also see the hope for myself as I see you balance opening yourself to people while still demanding the respect and consideration your deserve. It’s an inspiration.

  9. Happy 6th blogoversary πŸ™‚

    I think I found you through…mmh… maybe Kerrianne? I’ve been reading for a while and I keep coming back because you seem genuine, real, like someone one can relate to. You are honest, you don’t suger-coat. You’re funny and self-critical. You just seem like an awesome person πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t know how I found your blog, probably through one of the other 50ish blogs I read on a daily basis. What I do know is that your blog is the one that I scroll through my Google reader to get to first every morning and I’m always happy when there is a post waiting for me to read!

    So I guess today is my day to de-lurk and tell you that I admire you and learn from you in so many ways. I also struggle with body issues and I also am getting ready to move in with my man friend. Sometimes I feel like your words were written as a How-To guide for my life! ha!Congrats on 6 years Sizzle!

  11. Happy blogoversary! I’ve always been blown away by the depth of the connections we can make through blogging. I started out blogging because I was lonely and needed something to fill my time. I expected to only find something to fill my time, but I found the connections that helped relieve the loneliness too.

    I found you when First Star Friday featured this post of yours:

    I have it bookmarked, and I read it whenever I’m feeling especially impatient with the world. I think it’s beautiful!

  12. Happy Blogaversary!

    I found you through Hilly, who I “met” through the weight watchers web boards – that is how I basically jumped into the blogosphere.

    I keep coming back because you’re real, you’re honest, and I relate to a ton of your body image issues. It has been helpful to read about your relationship wtih Mr. Darcy, because Manfriend and I are also an imperfect couple who love each other a lot and both WANT to make it work… reassuring to me that we’re not the only ones!

    Keep writing!

  13. I wandered into your lovely bit of blogdom one day a few (1 or 2 or 3?) years ago whilst randomly blog-hopping. The very first post I read was about porn or sex or something hilarious combination of both that was so entertaining, I came back again and again. What kept me here was your complete honesty. I admire anyone that can be so forthright in his/her writing. You’re one of my favourite subscriptions; congratulations on six years!

  14. I found you through the blog of an enemy….

    I keep coming back because of the authenticity with which you share your story.

  15. I found you through a mutual blog we followed. I kept coming back because so much of what you write about resonates with me on a key level. And it never fails that when I am having a rough day with some of it, I will find a post from you that is very similar, and find strength in knowing it is not only me.

  16. I’m pretty sure I found you through Lessinges (Monkey Boy) when I was an awfully awkward undergrad student. I quit blogging a couple of years ago, and recently started up again (Thank God, I’ve missed it so much)! Low and behold, I stumbled back across your blog recently and am incredibly glad to see you’re still an avid blogger! πŸ™‚ Your posts are still awesome!

  17. Happy blogiversary! De-Lurking to say I found you as a commenter on will wheaton’s blog a while ago. I’ve been reading ever since. πŸ™‚

  18. Happy blog anniversary! I honestly have no idea how I started reading you…but I’m sure it was back at the beginning, seeing as this spring I’ll have been blogging for six years too!

    You’re still one of my faves πŸ™‚

  19. I can’t remember how I found your blog but I’m a longtime (mostly) lurker. I keep coming back because I love your writing and you seem like you’d be fun to hang out with. πŸ™‚

  20. Wow. I really can’t remember how I found you. But I’m glad I did and it’s totally you and your personality that keep me coming back.

    Congrats on the big 6!!

  21. …congrats! …i am having trouble in year two, i cant even imagine year six! …i hope you keep writting and have many more years to come

  22. I am a new reader that you found you via Whoorl – six years of writing/journaling is a major accomplishment, congratulations on your discipline and success!

  23. I’ve known you ever since you were a goofy undergrad, so I had dibs before most everyone else! Plus, I’ve been involved in some of the more hilarious, sad, and generally memorable times of both of our lives – I’m sure you feel the same way.

    Cheers to you!

  24. Happy 6th! I found you via Whoorl about five years ago when you were still in Santa Cruz. So I had that whole, “Hey! We’re from the same area!” draw to you. Then you moved to Seattle, and I was all, “Hey! I lived there for five years!” We became blogs friends, I met you for reals, and that’s why I keep reading πŸ™‚

  25. I dont remember how I found you- but I’m ever so glad I did!!

    You are my inspiration πŸ™‚

    Thanks for blogging, and please keep on keepin’ on!!


  26. Happy 6th blogiversary!!!
    Your writing style, your real-ness (sincerity would be the word to use here, but real-ness works!), how you share, and your perspective are what draw me in… Also, you’re hilarity. And your love for your peoples.
    With all the slandering of others, and hate-crimes, etc etc, it’s nice to just read pleasant things, and things that are easy to relate to. You’re able to speak to so many of us, and it seems effortless. That’s kick ass!
    I started reading you back when you had that old template (brown and green, which was one that I had at one point too!), and I found you via the Wino. I love me that Kris lady… And then there was a point that I read indiebloggers frequently,too. Etc etc. You’re everywhere! πŸ™‚

  27. I met you back in the Old Country, in the days before Twitter and Facebook and iPhones, when we had to travel 50 miles in the snow just to post a comment.

  28. i honestly don’t remember how I came across your blog. i’ve stayed over the years because you are just so honest and i greatly admire you for that.

    keep on truckin’

  29. Aww, happy six! So, are you old like Yoda, or wise like Yoda? Or both?!

    I think I found your blog through Dave and I come back because I love how raw and honest you are. And you rock! πŸ™‚

  30. Happy Six years…Thank you for being here thi is usually one of my first stops of the morning. I found you through another blog “Random Ramblings of my Crazy Life” Miss Vanessa.

  31. I keep coming back because you are just such a wonderful person. As I get to know more about you, I love you more.

    I have no idea how I found you. Possibly through Hilly? I do know that it was during a time I was stuck at home recovering from surgery quite a lot and I clicked around and found TONS of blogs. Most of them I never even check anymore. Yours? Daily (if it is a day I am on the internet). I remember being afraid to leave my first comment because you were just so popular I thought you’d never even read it/care. I am so glad I got the courage up or I could have missed out on someone I think of as one of my best friends now (even though we have only met in person once) If we lived closer I am POSITIVE we would hang out often.

  32. Congratulations!

    I found sizzlesays just recently because I started following you on twitter! you really like real connection with readers, honest and authentic.. and I love that πŸ™‚

  33. I almost think it’s fitting that this is the first time I’ve ever visited your blog. But I must admit, I’m in awe of 6 years. I’ve been doing it for a year and a half and would feel so disconnected if I ever stopped. Can’t wait to look around. I found your blog through your tweet that was retweeted by Chookaloonks. Now I’m a follower of yours too. And that’s what makes social media so awesome πŸ™‚

  34. I found you through another blog, although now I can’t remember which one, and I keep coming back because of your honesty, clever wit, charm, and kindness.

  35. I found you through Chookooloonks and twitter…love how realistic the writing is! Congratulations and keep doing what you do.

  36. You actually found me first! You posted a comment on my blog, so I came over here and checked you out. I kept coming back because you are brave and honest and I always felt better after reading your words. I come back now because you are brave, honest, your words make me feel better, and you are my friend. ❀

  37. I found you through andsosheblogs. I noticed that your comments were always so kind and, you know, enlightened. So I checked you out and here’s why I hope you never stop blogging – you believe in love, self improvement, working hard, admitting to making mistakes and forgiveness. And you often make me smile and you often make me feel hopeful. And sometimes I worry about you. Which is that weird thing of “she’s not mine to worry about” but I do worry. When you are sick and overworked or sad. I just think you rock.

  38. Amazing! Six years? I can’t even keep a journal fo more than a year. What an inspiration you are Sizzle. I actually found you when Bob mentioned you on his show. I thought I would check you outand I’ve been hooked! Good luck and hears o many more years of blogging! (ps love the quote!)

  39. Happy Day?! & I just found you today over from Twitter- earlier sadly had to Tweet you have a bucket of bolts that won’t make it over to Houston today to go to your booksigning so will have to settle for just a regular book order of what I see & hear is a beautiful book?! Will need to catch up 6 yrs now on the blog–oh my…for now am sitting in the sun waiting on new battery – Enjoy your Blog a versary?! ;o)

  40. I’ve been reading since 2007? I think? I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I started reading because I liked our Seattle connection. At that time, I was still living on Capitol Hill so I loved reading another blogger who was right up the street!

  41. Honestly, I don’t remember how or when, but I think it must’ve been through seeing your comments on Blogography. I kept reading because your writing makes me feel like I’m sitting there listening to you….I guess it feels real and you share pretty candidly. Though we only met for a few minutes at TequilaCon, I’ve spent lots of times laughing with you & at you, feeling sad or discouraged when things were bad and just enjoying your journey from afar!

  42. I can’t remember how I stumbled on to your blog…I know why I stay. Your perspective on life and your way with words. I hoped you would finally find that special someone and was absolutely thrilled when you shared Mr. Darcy. We have never met but I hope one day that will change.

  43. I just recently started reading you regularly and I found you through Kim. I love how you always have such thoughtful comments and your posts are so honest. You aren’t afraid to talk about the darker side of some things but you do such a great job of also talking about the light.

  44. I don’t recall how I found you but have been reading for a while now. I love reading about your journey…it is very similar to the one that I’m on. I find myself nodding alot while reading your posts. You are honest, kind and authentic…why wouldn’t I stick around?

  45. gosh, i don’t even remember…i think we both read someone’s blog and I noticed your face on other ones that I was reading too. all i know is that I’m glad. what a journey!

  46. Congratulations! 6 years is very impressive. I’ve been feeling distracted in my fifth year. A few months to go though and I’ll be six too. πŸ™‚

    It’s been so long I have no idea how I found you. Through a comment you left to a mutual blogging acquaintance no doubt. Neil maybe? Or perhaps you found me…

    I keep coming back to follow your journey which inspires me, but also to see how my cyberspace friend is doing.

  47. Congrats on 6 years! I don’t remember how I ended up here, but I’ve been reading for a couple of years–and have no plans on stopping anytime soon!

  48. You are a total blogging veteran. I don’t know a lot of people who have 6 years under their belt.

    Party Blower noise sent from my blog to yours. So glad we are friends and can talk books and life together.

    I think I found you by a girl named Lani that read my blog, so I read her blog, and then she blogged about you. Then I knew I loved you. You are even better in person too.

  49. I seem to recall I followed a link from a comment you made somewhere, then I commented on a post, you and Jenny responded, and I was hooked. I remember thinking, ‘They’re so smart, and so nice, and so sassy!’ You even inspired me to start my own blog, which really never took off. That was Sept ’05 and even though I was quiet for a while, I’ve never been able to stay away for long. Your openness and authenticity are infectious and I identify with a lot of what you write about. Happy anniversary – here’s to many more!

  50. I have been reading your blog for a few years and I am pretty sure I found it through Hilly. I also live in the Seattle area, so we have that connection. I can relate to you regarding the body image issues.

    Happy 6th Anniversay! Keep posting!

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  52. I can’t remember how I found you but you were one of the first blogs I found that I liked reading when I started my blog. I’m so glad we found each other. πŸ™‚

  53. I love discovering the awesome local blogs like yours. I think I may have even found you by following up on a comment over at greeblemonkey.
    I keep coming back because I love the honesty and humor with which you write. And I like your glasses.

    So Happy Blogiversary! (thats also my birthday) And thanks for a chance to win Karen’s book.

  54. I keep a habit of searching out blogs of interest – to the point that I now have a fairly substantial “favorite list” of blogs I try to tune into daily, or at the very least, weekly. On one of those blogs, I forget the post subject, you commented. I’ve been reading your blog for years, so sadly, the comment itself is gone from memory, but at the time, it resonanted within me to the point that I said to myself, “Wow, who’s this Sizzle person? She sounds like she’s super awesome!”. So I stalked you ever since. And you know what? You ARE super awesome! You’ve taught me so much over the years. Thanks for all that you are :). Happy Blogiversary!

  55. I wish I could remember how I found you. I honestly just think I kept seeing you around so many years ago, loving on the same people I was loving on, and then realized we had endless things in common, and plenty of things in different (that’s a new phrase I just made up right now to express not being twins in everything, which is more than merrily fine with me because “different” = “different perspectives, hurrah!”), and then we started commenting on each other’s sites and emailing and Gchatting all the live-long day and the rest is, as they say, history!

    I feel the exact same way you do about This Whole Blogging Thing. It’s a million times worth it for all of the no doubt life-long friendships I’ve made. People do come and go, definitely, but some stay, and I watch my life get brighter and bolder and then I get sappy and count my lucky star fishes.

    The reason I keep coming back? RABIES. This is totally about rabies isn’t it?


  56. Happy anniversary, sweetie!!!
    I am so happy I found your blog. Not only is it great reading, but I always look forward to your comments on my blog and the blogs of others because you always have such sound advice. πŸ™‚ And WHEN we finally meet in person I know we are going to hit it off swimmingly!
    I am pretty sure you are part of the Blogography posse that I met through reading Dave’s blog. Yay, Dave! Way to bring great people together!!

  57. Happy blogiversary!

    I either find you via Onenjen or, like Kerri Anne mentioned, I kept seeing you amongst other bloggers I adored. Or a combo of both.

    Regardless, I keep coming back because you have a way about you. You are a warm spirit and a gentle soul and an all-around doll.

  58. Happy Anniversary! I found you back in 2008. My cousin was pregnant at the time and passed much of her time reading blogs. After reading a few over her shoulder or ones she had emailed me, I stuck with a few including yours. I keep coming back because a. I love the way you write and b. I can relate. The relationship with your dad, your struggles with self-worth and frustration. I get it. And it’s nice to know that there are people out there who go through those things too. It’s nice to not feel alone.

  59. I think I found you through Hilly as well. You write very eloquently and I can relate to a lot of things you write about. Thanks for sharing & I hope you continue:)

  60. I think I found you through Angella and I keep coming back because I love your words. You are probably the sunniest-while-still-painfully-honest person I have found on the internet and I adore you for it. Happy 6, lady!

  61. Happy 6th Sizz! Wow I bet that flew by. I am humbled to be on your list of blog friends. I really don’t know what I’d do without you bloggie girls – you help me maintain my sanity most of the time. Often, more than my close-proximity non-blogger friends.

    Thank you for making me feel warm and fuzzy on a day I really, really needed it.:)

  62. I can’t remember how I found your blog…maybe through a comment, maybe through random surfing, maybe through a blogroll. No idea whatsoever. I keep coming back because your words often make me smile or think a little deeper. Also, you write very well and I utterly enjoy your candor about life. Reading what you write makes me feel a little less alone.

  63. I was hoping my gmail account would lead me to the very first interaction that we had, but it didn’t. And I cannot remember. But I do remember how excited I was to finally meet you at BlogHer08 and how I’ll never forget BlogHer09. You are an amazing woman and a fantastic friend and I’m so pleased to know you.

    Thanks for swapping music with me. That reminds me I think I owe you some cds.

  64. Wow, has it really been six years? Amazing! Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary!

    I think I found you through Dave or maybe even Karl who actually introduced me to Dave, Kevin, Brandon and probably you too. Either way, I am glad to have met you and to continue to know you. You are a tough woman with a heart of gold…that’s a great dichotomy!

  65. some of my favorite blogs I have no memory of how exactly I found them. Late night blog reading – someone left an interesting link on someone else’s blog, or was mentioned in someone else’s blog… I collect the links to read later and often discover magic – just like your blog.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  66. Not sure how I found your blog. I don’t comment very often, but I read your posts. I appreciate your often brutal honesty. I often relate to or appreciate what you’ve written. I’m not brave enough to do the same, so I’m happy you do. Also, the underlying themes of positivity and perseverance keep me coming back for more!

  67. I have a few blogs which I follow, and you guys all recommend/comment on each others’ blogs. I think it all started from, but I’m not sure how I discovered her. I come back because I can relate to a lot of what you talk about…we’re the same age, no kids, unmarried, weight stuff, cats :o), etc. Can I tell you about a Sizzle inspiration? I broke up with my BF (met through work) around Halloween and joined eharmony. I “met” a dude I really enjoyed, and he actually asked me out to a hockey game. I was SO NERVOUS, but I thought….Sizzle did several (I think) dates and found a man…I can do this! I even reread the blog entries on your dates, and it seemed so non-chalant, in such a good way. Blah blah blah, various dates, blah. You didn’t make a huge deal about it, and I decided, I will be chill too….at least on the outside. It was a huge help to me. (We have gone a several dates now; so far, so good). Thanks, Sizzle! Happy Anniversary! Keep it up!

  68. Happy Anniversary! I found you through Alissa. I keep coming back b/c I kind of have a girl-crush on you. I mean that in a totally non-stalker, platonic way of course. Your writing is always with feeling – whether funny or tear-inducing or whatever in between – and I love it.

  69. I’m not sure how long I’ve been visiting or exactly who’s blog it was that I got here through. But its been that long that I’ve forgotten. But it was someone who had you one their blogroll…. And I keep coming back because I love your stories…

  70. you’re honest, and real. you’re charming, and charismatic, and genuine. and kind. you’re authentic, and i admire that about you most. though i don’t always comment, i love reading about your journey through the everyday… the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it.
    i think i found you… way back… through maybe… egan, or tori? i forget now! but im so glad that i did!
    happy 6 year blogaversary!

  71. I found you through Hilly’s blog (snackiepoo) and really liked your writing style. I’ve been “hooked” since. πŸ˜‰

  72. I found The Sizz thru The Slackmistress, and your post that particular day was witty, clever, and chock full of snark. What keeps me coming back is the honesty.

  73. I think I found you through whoorl, from her links.
    How could I not keep coming back?! Besides your writing being lovely and insightful and funny and enjoyable, you seem like a person I would like in real life too πŸ™‚
    Happy Anniversary and many many many more!

  74. Well, duh! I know you from Vahid. But I think I knew of you before that or at least I knew that Sizzle was a blogger that everyone read.

    Happy Anniversary! πŸ™‚

  75. Six years is a great accomplishment, yay you! Congrats!
    I don’t remember how I got here, I think you left a comment on someone’s blog, which I liked and led me here. I keep coming back year after year. Your writing is so honest, so real and sometimes even raw that one can’t but identify with it. I love your blog Sizz, wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  76. I found you through my sister-in-laws blog, yet she did not know that I read her blog. Which did create some awkward moments (that I knew things that she did not know I knew etc, so no you were not awkward). And then I just liked your writing and kept coming back! Happy Anniversary!

  77. Well I am horribly late and am not looking to win anything, but I had to say congratulations on 6 years, Sizz! I’m not sure how I first found you (maybe Marci or Whoorl??) but I think of you often, esp. when I go through my blogging hiatuses like now. You are one of the few long-term bloggers I know that has managed to always keep it real. You haven’t turned this into a career. You haven’t sold out to ads or product placement. You share your thoughts better than just about anyone I know and you don’t sugarcoat things. Life isn’t perfect or easy and you embody the struggle that we all share in a way that is accessible and heartfelt. I love reading you, in good times and bad, and I truly look forward to the day that we finally meet in person.

  78. OOps. Late here, but catching up on my blog reading! COngrats on blogging for six years! I am duly empressed! I think that I found you as a commenter on another blog, loved what you had to say and linked back to your blog. And I think I have been reading for over 2 years, but I can’t quite remember.

    I love reading your writing, and I thank you for sharing with us all.

    And I too, live in Seattle so maybe one day our paths shall meet…
    But not in a creepy stalker type way. πŸ™‚

  79. How did you find Sizzle Says and what keeps you coming back? I found you through your pal Jenny-Two Times. She and I were blogging pals first I suppose. Then she quit blogging for awhile and you and I became blogging buds. Then I dropped off the face of the earth. Now I’m back. Again for the hundreth time I suppose. And why do I keep coming back? Out of curiousity now. To see who you are dating, to possibly see sightings of Finn and again just curious.

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