I walked into the communal lunchroom to heat up my food and spied a woman in a dress. A dress I would wear. A dress I wish she’d just hand over to me.

I mean, she could go home and change. I don’t think working in ones underthings is socially accepted. At least not in the non-profit world.

I liked the dress so much I blurted out a compliment,  “I love your dress!”

Her pleased reply, “Oh thank you! I got it at a thrift store for $3. You know, I think about you when I get dressed in the morning.”

To myself, “Ummm…This could be potentially Awkward with a capital A.”

She continued, “You have such great style. I want to emulate it.”

To myself, “Oh! Phew! That’s a relief. I am not up for a Single White Female situation.”

I thought the dress would go perfectly with a new pair of shoes I just got.

The peacock shoes (as I like to call them) on the right would look great with that dress that belongs to someone else.

Random compliments sure do perk up a person’s day, don’t they? I’m going to see if I can deliver a few today.

(I really do need to find a new dress to wear with those spectacular new shoes.)

23 thoughts on “Fashionate

  1. Aww! Reading this made my day. You are right- random compliments really do perk up the day. After reading this I’m going to deliver some of my own!

    (Also? The way you feel about that womans dress is the way I feel about your shoes. WANT).

  2. Your peacock shoes are fabulous! There is nothing like a red shoe to perk up your day as well. Where did you find those beauties? They’re shoes I would wear. They’re shoes I wish you’d just hand over to me. 🙂 Kidding! But seriously, where did those come from?

  3. That is so fantastic! I wish I had a sense of style beyond “What is clean and not wrinkled, and also let’s wear black pants and black flats because it’s just easier.”

  4. Sunshine for your feet!

    (Seriously though, I too think about you when I get dressed. You and Erin and Kali are my style inspirations, lest I just perpetually walk around in a Threadless tee, ratty blue jeans and Chucks.)

    (I mean, who am I kidding really? That’s my go-to wardrobe 80% of the time.)

  5. Uh I’m having a crush on the yellow shoes on the left. Where are those puppies from? I love a cute open-toe! You do have an amazing sense of style. I’ve felt like a schlub both times I’ve met you. 🙂

  6. You have excellent style. She’s probably happy thinking you wanted her dress. Mutual genuine compliments might be the best. And I second the request for style posts.

  7. I love a new outfit, and I miss thrift store shopping!! I found my favorite leather skirt at a thrift shop for $5! 🙂

    Compliments do make a person’s day 😉

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