Current ‘Do

A commenter asked for a photo of my hair in its growing-out-ness so I’m obliging.

Luckily this photo hides my gray hairs (tomorrow is blessed hair cut day!).

This ‘do requires blowing my hair out with a round brush and using a flat iron. That’s what is required when you’re a wavy hair gal who wants a straight style.


Sorry for a lack of posting and commenting. I am in the midst of my busiest time at work (1,200 person fundraising luncheon that is slated to raise $750,000 plus a diva celebrity guest speaker). Free time is a stranger to me til after mid-March.



23 thoughts on “Current ‘Do

  1. you’re gorgeous! (and there is TOTALLY a likeness to Kate Walsh – rawr!)

    I’m growing mine out too…or, i will be until my hair appointment in two weeks. Can’t. STAND. It. Anymoooooore!

  2. Aw you look so pretty πŸ™‚ That length really suits you actually although I know you want it longer so I won’t say that again πŸ˜‰

  3. I think your hair looks great. I cut mine short one time and it looked great while it was that length. Right now it’s a little longer than shoulder length. I can’t wait for it to be really long again.

  4. Your hair looks great! And if you win the lottery, you should look into la brasiliana hair treatment. Different from the Brazilian blowout, but similar results … might make your blow-out routine take a fraction of the time!

  5. LOVE the hair! You look beautiful (as usual). Best of luck with the luncheon. Holey-Crap, 1,200 people! And I thought coordinating for 200 was crazy.

  6. You’re GORGEOUS!!!! I wish I looked that attractive while trying to grow my hair out!! (I chopped it all off at jaw-length at the end of 2007 because I finally broke up with college bf and needed “a change” and again at the end of 2009 because I was super stressed and my hair was literally falling out!) Both times I was called “mushroom-head” by my loved ones. Just to give you an idea of how hot I look with short hair. You’re just WOW! πŸ™‚

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