Mission Complete

Mr. Darcy and I set out on a mission.

Maybe it was my bright idea and I dragged him along (willingly) but regardless, the thing to remember about me is when I say I am going to do something, I do it. I can be kind of relentless like that.

And so we saw all ten of the Best Picture Oscar-nominated films.

We almost didn’t make it. We had one final film to see and the Oscars were Sunday. It was Friday night and the movie times for “127 Hours” were 9:30 or 6:50. The earlier time meant we’d have popcorn for diner (nutritious!) while the later time meant we could eat a real meal but I ran the risk of falling asleep (as 10:30 seems to be my witching hour). As we went back and forth weighing our options time was ticking away so we just said fuck it and got in the car thinking we’d get burritos and hide them in my bag. But then Mr. Darcy started waxing poetic about this ham sandwich at the deli down the street so I switched directions and we ran around the store grabbing food so we could rush back to the car. Every minute counted! So of course some jackass decided he needed to block the only exit from the parking garage, backing up 5 cars, while he waited for a man to unload his groceries (at a snail’s pace) so he could have his parking space. Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy and I debated who a bigger ass- the guy in the car blocking everyone and choosing to do so while stopping everyone from exiting or the shopper who was moving slowly all the while fully aware that cars were backing up. Mr. D had his money on the shopper while I was adamant that the driver was the true asshole. But then again, I live my life trying not to inconvenience people unnecessarily and might not be the most balanced judge of character on this.

But really the true dicks of the night turned out to be the group of manner-less fucktards who let the door to the movie theater close in my face AFTER I held the door for them at the parking garage with absolutely no thank you or acknowledgment whatsoever. Really assfaces? REALLY?!

I digress.

The point of this post is supposed to be that we saw all ten films which is no small feat. But as my sister pointed out, we are childless and thus, have more free time. Look. We were on a mission. Missions require full focus and follow through. And we delivered.

I liked all ten of them but my top three were “Black Swan”, “The King’s Speech” and “The Fighter”. I was surprised at how much I liked “The Fighter” and Christian Bale whom I have expressed my disdain for repeatedly. He did a great job and I was just relieved he replaced his stupid Batman voice with a Boston accent. It was great to see Melissa Leo win for supporting actress. Her portrayal of the mom in that film was really awesome. Though I was secretly rooting for Amy Adams.

Everyone kept talking up “Black Swan” and I worried it could not live up to the hype. But holy crap that movie got in my head! So suspenseful and twisted and dark. I jumped a few times and grabbed Mr. Darcy’s hand. Every time I thought I had it figured it out,  they switched it up. Congratulations to Natalie Portman on her win. She’s come a long way since “Beautiful Girls”.

I went to see “The King’s Speech” not really knowing what it was about except that Colin Firth was in it. And since  Colin Firth is one of my pretend boyfriends, of course I was excited. It was such a great story about friendship, overcoming obstacles, and courage. I thought about it long after it was over and I don’t mean I fantasized about Colin. His Oscar was well-deserved (and his acceptance speech so humble and charming). I was surprised that the movie was awarded Best Picture but glad that “The Social Network” didn’t sweep the Oscars like it did the Golden Globes.

Did you have a favorite?



20 thoughts on “Mission Complete

  1. “I think my career has just peaked.” Colin Firth is awesome. I think the only movie I saw on the list was Inception. When I was unmarried and childless I tried a few times to get all the movies in before the Oscars and never managed – and they only have four or five those years! Managing to see all 10 of them is quite a feat.

    “Assface.” I haven’t heard someone use that term in a long time and I loved it.

  2. The only one I missed was “Winter’s Bone.” My favorite for the Oscar was “The King’s Speech” though I would have been happy if “Toy Story 3,” “True Grit,” “The Social Network,” or “Inception” had one… pretty much anything except “Black Swan,” which I didn’t like much at all.

  3. Since you’re one of the only other people I know who saw Winter’s Bone, what did you think of it? I crammed it in on Friday and found it to be better than expected, despite how incredible dark and depressing the subject matter.

    I was happy with the choices, and like you, I was glad Social Network didn’t end up with Best Picture. I would have been ok with Inception, Toy Story and True Grit winning too (I haven’t had a chance to see Black Swan yet but really, really want to see it)

  4. We tried to see them all too, but only managed to see 5 or 6. You are right, it takes dedication! I really enjoyed The Fighter, and really thought Christian Bale was great. He is also not my favorite actor so this was quite a feat in my mind that he even earned my approval. I regret not making time to see The King’s Speech. Everyone I know who has seen it has loved it and now it’s going to have the longest Netflix wait, of course! I hope I persevere and actually see it soon. All of this Oscar’s hullabaloo is such hard work! 🙂

    Also — TOTAL assholes that let the door slam in your face. This aggravates me to no end when people do that. WHAT DID YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU????

  5. I’m pretty sure that even before we had a kid, we still wouldn’t be able to see all 10 movies, even if we tried. Nice job.

    The only movie I saw was The Social Network. While I thought the acting was pretty good and the storyline also good, I felt the end sucked. Because, really, how do you creatively wrap up a movie whose real life story is still in the making?? So, I enjoyed The Social Network, but am glad we saved it for a rental and would agree that it didn’t deserve to sweep the awards – not even close.

  6. I saw 6 of the 10 and have to say that The King’s Speech was my favourite. I thought Firth was bloody brilliant (I like how I have to talk like an Englishman while speaking of this film). It really knocked my socks off how well he did with the stammer/stutter. I’m really glad that The Social Network didn’t win best picture- I thought it was good but not… Oscar worthy good. Also? Toy Story 3 made me cry like a fool.

  7. I love that you saw them all! I think I only saw a few – Black Swan, Inception, The Fighter, TS3, The Social Network…

    I really thought the acting in The Fighter was top notch. And I really like Black Swan.

  8. what a fun and impressive feat! there was on year my friend and i saw every full-length movie that had been nominated, in every category. i think there was one film she had missed but that i had seen (crap, i can’t remember what it was).

    i only got to see a few of the nominated movies – black swan, inception, the social network, true grit – and now i’m very interested to see the rest!

  9. The King’s Speech without a doubt. We saw Black Swan on Sunday just before the awards show but never got to Winter’s Bone (though it’s at home on DVD) and 127 Hours (too few showtimes).

  10. DUDE! I had the same plan but it totally fell apart. I didn’t see The Social Network in time (it’s in my Netflix queue). And I’m not sure I’ll see The Kids Are Alright now that I know the full storyline, because it sort of infuriates me what they did there. And I definitely won’t ever, EVER see 127 Hours because, ew, the arm thing…and also claustrophobia and bugs crawling on your face. EW.
    I am not sure if I thought the King’s Speech should win best picture but I’m not sure what I would have picked. I did think The Fighter was really well done/acted, I was happy for both Melissa Leo and Christian Bale, and I was thrilled for Natalie Portman. And yay, Colin Firth. Overall I was pretty happy with the choices.

  11. You don’t even like Christian Bale when he’s wearing the Batsuit? He makes me feel funny in my underwear in that outfit. Grr…

    My favorite movie was actually True Grit. I loved the writing. There were a lot of really amazing picks this year. Social Network’s writing was also brilliant. Loved The King’s Speech. And was creeped out and awed by Black Swan.

    I’m also awed that you guys made it to the movies to see all 10. Mr. W and I cheated – he got screeners and we watched them on the couch! 🙂

  12. I’m so sad I haven’t seen any of them! I’m so behind when it comes to Hollywood!

    But thank you for this short blurb about the Oscars, you’ve given me a good list of movies that I’ll watch soon enough.

    P.S. Love how your sweetheart’s name is Mr. Darcy and that Colin Firth is your pretend boyfriend. 🙂

  13. I’m envious you saw all 10 – your top 3 appeal most. Must see. Soon!

    Funny you mention Natalie Portman in Beautiful Girls. I remember watching her exchange with Timothy Hutton toward the end and thinking, ‘we’re gonna see big things from her!’

    Rudeness is my biggest pet peeve and I’m right there with you on the door situation. I’m wound up just thinking about it!

  14. Did you do the marathon thing at an AMC theater? You guys are tough, I only made it 12 hours… saw 127 Hours, The Kids are Alright, True Grit, The Fighter and Winter’s Bone. I was really only interested in the Kids are Alright, but I was pleasantly surprised by all of them. Especially 127 Hours.. I was determined to hate it – James Franco and a darwin award winner scenario, but it was really good. I wanted to catch The Social Network, but I didn’t think I could keep up with an Aaron Sorkin script at 4:45am.

  15. i got so close and saw 8 of the 10 this year. i hope to see the final two soon! but i’m with you, my favorites were ‘the king’s speech’ and ‘the fighter.’ i really didn’t know what to expect with either one and they both were amazing.

    oh how i love the movies.

  16. Loooovvvved the King’s Speech. First, Colin Firth introduced me to British television movies (P & P). Second, I’m a complete anglophile. Third, I’m (almost) a speech-language pathologist, so the fluency aspects of the film were wonderful. It was amazing to see how Lionel delved into the emotional aspects of stuttering at a time when it seemed like not many professionals were going that route. Excellent. Excellent.

  17. Wow, you saw all 10?! I only saw Black Swan, The King’s Speech and Inception. I loved The King’s Speech and was thrilled it won so many awards, and Colin? He’s just great all around!

  18. I saw 5 of the 10 movies, and my heart was with ‘Toy Story 3’ but I was able to watch The King’s Speech last night on the plane (it saved me $!!!) and I think the three main characters did a wonderful job. Colin Firth has been one of my fav actors for quite a while, and his portrayal of King George VI was amazing. I liked how he showed the emotional struggle and the great way to curse!!!! 🙂
    I might rent it to get the whole dialog as British English is too hard for me to understand…

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