Last month I announced on Facebook that I needed to see the following musicians in concert: Alexi Murdoch, Joshua Radin, Gossip, Allison Weiss, Adele, William Fitzsimmons, Cake, Gossip and The Decemberists.

And then promptly discovered that  five of them were on tour. Hooray! I thought.

Supple and I got tickets to The Decemberists show a couple of weeks ago and while we were in the last row in the last balcony, the show was epic in its awesomeness. Their new album is different from their previous stuff and while I like the old stuff, I love, love, love  The King is Dead.

I discovered that Joshua Radin and Alexi Murdoch were performing right before my biggest fundraising event of the year. This meant that it broke two of my own rules. Rule 1 does not allow for me to make any major plans, particularly involving a monetary commitment, the two weeks prior to any major fundraiser. I know myself and my work load and I would inevitably be working a 12 hour day, too exhausted or busy to break away to see the show and then I’d waste money (I hate wasting money). Rule 2 states that  I cannot buy a ticket to a concert on a work night especially if it is at certain venues who are notorious for starting the headliner after two opening acts (that’s excessive!) at 11pm. Because that means I am already up past my bedtime before they go on. Re: I am too old for that shit. This rule can only be broken if said musician is playing at a short list of approved venues who allow a person to experience a show in a civilized manner (I’m looking at you Paramount and The Triple Door. Wink. Wave.)

So I did not buy tickets to Alexi or Joshua. Alexi is now sold out. If there are still tickets to the Joshua on the day of and my work load permits, I might cave. I snatched up tickets to see William Fitzsimmons which is on a work night but since it is at a civilized venue, the rule is moot.

And then there is Adele.

I love Adele. Like I can sing all of her album, 19, and on first listen to her latest album, 21, I can safely say my adoration of her is off the charts. She gets into my soul. She’s a modern-day Etta James except she’s white, British and probably not going to end up molesting herself on stage from her Rascal. I tried desperately to get tickets to see Adele. I was at my computer clicking refresh minutes before the clock struck 10am only to be given a message repeatedly that the wait time was 15 minutes. And it kept telling me that for 40 minutes. And then it was sold out. WTF?! I was monumentally disappointed and expressed my feelings all over the internet (because isn’t that what the internet is for?). I didn’t know anyone locally who snagged tickets to the show. I even tried to get tickets at any West Coast show of hers thinking I could make a trip out of it but nooooooooooo. They were all sold out too.

Then I got wind that they’ve move the show to a bigger venue and were selling more tickets this past Saturday at 10am. I decided standing out in the cold at the venue box office was the way to go this time because I NEED to see her live. I got there 30 minutes before it opened. I had my phone charged and ready so that I could simultaneously attempt to get tickets on-line while standing in line. Look, I am a freak for Adele. I can’t really think of another artist I would go to these lengths to see. I mean it fucking started to SNOW while we were in line. Many of us couldn’t feel our feet as we waited endlessly for a chance to get a seat. There were about 20 people ahead of me and unfortunately we were forced to use the automated ticket kiosk rather than work with a human because the box office was not open on Saturday (this we learned a mere 5 minutes before ticket-buying time so we were all scrambling to round the corner to the kiosk and hope no one cut in line). The kiosk only allows you to buy one ticket at a time. ONE TICKET! Which meant the line moved veeerrry slowly. The average time per person at the kiosk was 5 minutes.

I am an impatient person who loves Adele. This was not pretty, my friends.

After about 5 people got tickets some lady in line announced that they were sold out. I was deflated but the people in line kept trying. A few of them actually got tickets which means that woman that announced there were no tickets and walked away is shit out of luck and inept at using a 21st century ticket machine. I thought maybe I had a chance. And then the on-line site let me in. I was euphoric! Except, when I put in the number of tickets (2) it informed me that that combo of tickets was not available. What the hell? So I put in 1 ticket. And that’s when I heard more rumblings around me that there were no tickets being given out via the kiosk. When I got the message that that combo of tickets was not available and I was requesting ONE ticket, I realized that I had failed to get tickets AGAIN. It was, in fact, sold out. In under 30 minutes.

Dejected, frozen to the bone, and pissed off, I walked back to my car.

I decided a poor substitute is to invite my Adele-loving friends over on the night of her show for drinks. We can listen to her albums and cry into our cocktails.

Who is coming over?

13 thoughts on “Ticketed

  1. I thought this post was going to have a happy ending the way it was written. Needless to say I’m bummed out with you right now. I’m so sorry that all the effort you’d put in didn’t get you those Adele tickets. 😦

  2. god i feel your pain on missing a big show you want to see! maybe tix will go up on craigslist right near the show. i know manfriend sold a pair of tickets to a show last friday ON THE SAME DAY, and maybe you’ll get lucky too! i hope so. im listening to adele right now! or, maybe you could peak at boston craigslist and come to the show with me if you can find tickets! not to rub it in or anything, im just saying… you, me, music… we seem to mesh really well!

  3. I am so heartbroken for you. What a clusterfuck. Adele is amazing and I wish you had been able to get tickets to her show.

    And count me in for drinks and a listen!

  4. Surely you can get a pair on Craigslist? Or if you love her that much even just show up at the venue an hour or so before the show starts and see if anyone is trying to sell off their tickets. Usually works!

  5. I love Alexi Murdoch. I have never “met” anyone else that likes him. I see Pete Yorn next week. I can’t wait.

    I saw a free Cake show a while back. One of my favorite bands.

  6. I am just now remembering that I had a recent dream about you and Adele. Like, you popped in my dream to be all, “I can’t; I’m going to see Adele.” (Don’t ask me what you couldn’t do, because I honestly can’t remember. Ha!)

    I’m seeing Joshua Radin with Rhi in March! Wait, that’s this month! Ummm, in like a week, I think! I should probably figure this out soon.

  7. Oh no, that sucks! I love the rush of buying tickets, the “will-I won’t-I” feeling. Thankfully I have never missed out so far… I’m sure that luck will run out in the end.

  8. I hate it when I feel that the system has let me down. The combo between technology and patience just not working. Alas.

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