Face It

I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed two new wrinkles around my mouth.

I blame too much smiling and the passing of time.

It’s an odd thing- to watch your face change as you age. I can sometimes catch glimpse of myself and not see an almost-thirty-eight year old woman there. She’s me but in her 20’s- a young woman who could stay up all night, party, and still make it to class the next day, a girl whose eyes did not require under-eye concealer, a chick who did not worry about properly moisturizing before bed.

Now I am this woman who plucks random hairs from her face, who benefits from a little blush and some under-eye whitener plus concealer, who moisturizes like a motherf*&#er. I haven’t seen the other side of midnight in quite some time. Who prefers an intimate dinner party than a rager. And that’s ok because, honestly, I’d rather be me today than me 15 years ago.

Every line on my face tells my story.

Besides, if you have to earn a wrinkle it should come from too many smiles. And remind you of your own happiness.



17 thoughts on “Face It

  1. I would rather be me now too… however with the knowledge I know now, I’d like to go back to a time when I could change some of my ways. I have no regrets (?!) but it’d be nice to go back in time to perhaps alter my path. Enjoy your wrinkles 🙂

  2. It sometimes surprises me when I look in the mirror, because the lady that is staring back looks much older than I remember being.

  3. Exactly what I was going to say!

    The Man has grown his hair out after shaving it for years. It’s now completely grey and looks “old man” … (Mine’s probably not fairing much better either, but I dye.) And I catch my smile lines and the crows feet around my eyes. Then I look around and see it all… wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  4. I’ll admit that I get why women go under the knife to fix their eyes. Mine droop in places they never used to droop and I wish it’d all perk up a bit. But, the mouth? I love laugh lines. Like you said, I think they’re evidence of a happy and well-lived life!

  5. I wish I could keep the whole “every line was caused by a smile” outlook when I’m looking in the mirror. My crow’s feet are getting toe-ier and toe-ier…

  6. This is so true! I keep telling my hubby that the wrinkles around my eyes are from smiling and laughing and I would not change them for anything. They are marks of happiness! But the others.. oh, I don’t want to think about them..

  7. Too much smiling is never a bad thing. I have some laugh lines too. They used to bug me but now they don’t. I think I’m always going to feel like I am about 18 and be surprised when I don’t look like it when I see myself in the mirror, but luckily I am a much better smarter person at 35 and if wrinkles are the price for that, I’ll take it.

  8. I love this post! Watching my face change before my eyes is definitely a little disconcerting, but I try to embrace it like all other facets of change.

  9. I just came to the conclusion today that it may be time to start wearing makeup. My usual dab of concealer isn’t cutting it anymore. Plus, I’m off to the salon this weekend to get poor girl’s botox as well (bangs). Sigh.

  10. It’s so refreshing to hear someone actually like their wrinkles! It’s so rare these days. I noticed some around my eyes a year or so ago and I wasn’t unnerved by them. But my sister goes crazy about hers. I just don’t get it lol!

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