My Boyfriend, The Artist

“I need to go to Ikea to get some frames.”

“Okay. . . but why?”

“Oh for my art show at the gallery next week.”

This is how my boyfriend announces to me that he is having his first art show.

“Is there going to be a reception of some kind?”


“But why not? Don’t you want your friends to come out and see this? It’s kind of a big deal.”

“I mean it’s cool, yeah, to have my stuff up for people to see. But people probably won’t come.”

“Listen, do you know who you are dating? I am an event planner! I just mentioned the reception to you and planned it in my  mind. It’s done. We’re doing it. The end.”

Mr. Darcy isn’t one to call attention to himself. Unless you get him riled up in a political discussion.- then you might find it hard to get him to shut up. (He can’t help it. It’s a family trait.) (Also, it’s kinda sexy.) He also labors under the delusion that no one will show up for him. That’s why I had to throw him a surprise birthday party (where in everyone, even people living on the eastside of town, came to celebrate him). That’s why I had to force an artist’s reception on him. Because he doesn’t know how to let the limelight shine on him, even when it’s warranted.

And he’s dating me. Me, who likes to celebrate her birthday for a good week. Me, who does not shy away from talking in front of large groups, making friends with perfect strangers, who plans huge fundraisers and parties for a living. He’s totally in for it, right? Right.

So we sent out a Facebook and email invite to everyone we know. We got some beers and some wine. We raced home from work to get to the place to set up and wait for the friends to arrive. It’s a small place so it felt packed the entire time- and it was a great turn out. DUH. People like him. And want to support him. And besides, we had free booze.

Did I mention we didn’t have time to eat any dinner beforehand? Couple that with the booze and well, um,  yeah. . . I got mighty tipsy. Like fun tipsy not falling down drunk. Like by the end of the party when we were cleaning up, I pretended to drink from an open bottle of wine (because I didn’t want to waste it! Cough.) Like when I repeatedly cried out “chicken sandwich!” because the place we were all going had this yummy chicken sandwich and I was starving.

Chhhhhickkkennn Saaaannnndwwwwwichhhh!

When I was finally eating it I declared it the best chicken sandwich I’d ever had. Sincerely. Forever and ever. Amen.


Proof that we are dorks. And that Mr. Darcy is very street.

It was a really good time. Thanks to all who came out!




18 thoughts on “My Boyfriend, The Artist

  1. You guys remind me SO MUCH of Mike and I, it is ridiculous.

    Him: doesn’t like attention; doesnt’ like to make a fuss. Quiet about himself and what’s going on — like, if I don’t specifically ASK HIM if certain things are going on, they’ll just happen and I’ll never know.

    Me: A bit of the dramatic flair. Loves attention. Also an event planner (“I just planned it; it’s done”), has a huge social circle and love to be surrounded by them all the time. He once commented that if you cut me, I bled adjectives (“It’s THE BEST EVER”).

    Somehow this all balances out when we meet in the middle…

  2. I don’t even know you two (outside the web world), and I really really like you. Individually, but also as a couple. You complement each other so well.

  3. Congratulations, Mr. Darcy! That’s awesome!

    And Sizzle, you rock, of course. 🙂 I’m happy the reception went well. Sounds like a kick ass good time. I think everyone could use a cheerleader like you in their lives. But not just a cheerleader, one who actually does stuff and follows through. Rock on!

  4. Yay for Mr. Darcy and his upcoming art show 🙂 I wish I could come! No funds to fly all the way there…I hope you post his art online though… or does he have a website of his own? Would love to see his work! I’m getting my old art website redone. Will keep you all in my positive thoughts/prayers that his show is a smashing success! Rock on.

  5. I would love! to go to one of his shows. Your man is super talented. (And I’ve recently learned that I love art openings. And having artistic friends who can draw and paint Amazing Things.)

  6. That is so awesome that he is having a show! And that you threw a party for him.

    Steven is the same way – he hates attention. I am more like you 🙂

  7. You guys are hilarious. 🙂 And how freaking exciting that he had his first art show!! That’s awesome! We’ve been trying to get Mr. W’s old roommate to have a gallery show for as long as I’ve known them. I’m proud that Mr. Darcy isn’t a fraidy cat like the roommate is. He’s totally cool. And street.

  8. I find it interesting that people tend to downplay their artistic achievements. We think nothing of celebrating promotions at work, but it’s our side projects/passions that need to be nurtured and recognized most, IMO. I am sorry we didn’t make it because we are lame and didn’t dress for the crazy weather that night. Next time for sure though!

  9. Wow that’s great news about the gallery 🙂 I have to side with Mr Darcy – I’m the same, always hide away, sort of embarrassed if people notice my work hehe.

  10. Awwwwww, you two are the sweetest couple EVER!!!! You’re so awesome.

    Food eaten while drunk is always the best food ever. Yum! 🙂

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