Mr. Darcy is a Rock Star

This isn’t really my story to tell but I’m going to share what I can from my perspective.

Last summer, right before we were leaving for our trip back east, Mr. Darcy  made a huge decision. (Well, besides the one where he decided to move in with me.)  He left the job he’d moved all the way out to Seattle from New Jersey for- a place where he had given years of time and toil to, a place where all his friends worked, a place where he was very successful and had made a name for himself (among nerds and non-nerds alike). It was a long time coming but sometimes push does come to shove and you just have to act.

He wasn’t left with a lot of options. Less than 2 weeks before we were set to leave for our trip back East (a trip long since planned and paid for) they told him they were denying his vacation request. A request he was required to submit 90 days prior. 90 DAYS! This is just a small window into the unethical, crazy shit they would pull.

And so he left and quickly found another job, this time as a concept artist for a fledgling video game company. It wasn’t ideal- the pay was pretty crappy but the atmosphere was relaxed. And hey, it was a foot in the door to the video game world which can be pretty lucrative. Mr. Darcy has a really stellar work ethic and gave the job his all even though he wasn’t that excited about what they were working on nor did he have a lot of faith that this game they were working on would ever actually get picked up and shipped.

During all those months, he’s been picking up side gigs for extra money. He’s been rather inundated with requests actually because he is a fantastically talented artist. But working a full-time job AND coming home to do more work was wearing on him (and us). He kept his eye out for a  better paying job so that he could focus on one job that pays him well, not multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Then he got contacted by a recruiter for a Very Prestigious Video Game Company (hint: angels are known to wear these on their heads) and got a phone interview then an in person interview then was asked to take an art test which basically meant he spent 20 hours reworking one their pre-existing concepts and drawing some sort of weapon (I am not so good with retaining weaponry words or most video game-related thingies, please forgive me). He submitted it early after staying up til 2am for two nights in a row because not only is he really good, he also prides himself on being really fast. We thought we’d hear soon and so we sat on pins and needles with our fingers crossed. Three days went by, no word. The weekend hit so he tried to put it out of his mind (good luck with that, right?). Then Monday came, then Tuesday. WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO TELL US!?

Finally, Mr. Darcy got an email from the recruiter that asked him to call him. Mr. Darcy being the pessimist that he is immediately decided that he did not get the job. He told the recruiter he would call him at 1pm on his lunch break (it was 9am). I wanted to pop him over the head for putting it off. He’d only been agonizing over this for a week and now he has the chance to know the result and he says he will call at 1pm? GAH! I say that Mr. Darcy is stubbornly impatient while I am more of an impetuous impatient person. He begs to differ which is his prerogative even though I am clearly right. (Ahem.)

I’m dragging this out, aren’t I?

So the recruiter guy writes back and says, “It will be quick. I want to make you an offer.”

WOO HOO! Insert bells, whistles, confetti and happy dancing here.

This was a very long way of telling you that my man, my Mr. Darcy, has done got himself a really good job at a really good company and I am so insanely proud of him.

Way to go, my love.

I snapped this picture of us on Saturday during our celebration date.



53 thoughts on “Mr. Darcy is a Rock Star

  1. Woohoooo! I’ve seen some of Mr. Darcy’s work and you’re right – he’s crazy talented. Big congrats! I hope the new job is rewarding and fulfilling.

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats to Mr. Darcy! It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for him. On an aside, what is it with companies asking for free work as part of the interview process?!?

  3. yes you did drag it out! I forced myself not to skip to the end, but I was very invested in the outcome so I read fast and probably skipped words. I hope this new organization is a more positive and appropriate fit for Mr. Darcy where he can be happy.


  4. Congratulations Mr. Darcy! And that is a great picture of you two by the way. Would it be possible for you to post some of his art?

  5. Sweet – Mr. Darcy will get to work with my cousin-in-law who is a computer techie person at the “angels wear these on their heads” company!

  6. That is so awesome! (And that game is so hard – I tried to play with Mr. W once and I couldn’t control all the head-turning options – I just kept making myself dizzy). I remember talking about Darcy’s job when we visited in August. I’m psyched for him that he landed something he’ll hopefully love!

  7. Congratulations to your Mr. Darcy. That is so awesome. Good things come to those who wait, huh? You two are adorable. P.S. I love your hair!

  8. Hey I work for that same really good company! Congratulations and welcome Mr. Darcy. We’re lucky to get you.

  9. I was just going to say that the company is lucky to have him – work ethic and talent all together in one fabulous person? Good hire!

    And Mr. Darcy, I’m so impressed that you busted the move that you did to move from a less than fabulous work environment. It takes a certain amount of moxy to do that. But then we all know you have moxy cause look at your girl!

  10. D’oh! I didn’t read your blog today until late! Even with my success, I can still be a complete doofus!

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words!

    Thank you, my love; for sharing our success with the world. I couldn’t do it without you supporting me. xoxoxo

  11. That must feel really great for the both of you! How awesome! Congratulations to Mr. Darcy.

    From the small tidbit of his art that you’ve posted, he IS incredible!

  12. Congratulations to Mr. Darcy. Boy oh boy does he have a work ethic, if he waited till lunch to return the phone call. And some serious patience and/ or restraint. I don’t think I could hold out for the time it took me to get away from my shared office.

  13. Wow that’s AMAZING news! My husband would LOVE that job! Especially with that company 😉 Congratulations, Mr Darcy 🙂

  14. I was out of town last week for business so I’m just now catching up on my blog stalking. I HAD to comment (albeit late) on this post to give my belated congratulations to Mr. Darcy! So very happy for both of you 🙂

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