Where’s the Party?

You guys. I’m going to be 38 in. . . uh, 12 days.

And for some reason, I’m just not that inspired to plan a celebration. Or a week of celebrations (because true Aries like at least a week of birthday) as per my usual. Could it be that I am outgrowing the party?


I feel like I am waiting for 40 to have the big bash. Of course I’ve already started planning it in my mind. Whose blog do you think you are reading?

So far all I’ve come up with is- a day trip to see the tulips with Mr. Darcy (it was on my 37 in 37 list so I’m just getting it in under the wire), brunch at my favorite place with my favorite family, and massages & dinner with some girlfriends. All of that is over the weekend but that leaves Monday, my actual birthday, open. My mom and nephew have asked to take me on an “adventure” which could involve superheroes, animals, or cheese (if my nephew is planning it). And Mr. Darcy is taking me out for a special dinner. I took the day off work because they are notorious for not doing much as way of celebrating and frankly, that just depresses me.I’d rather go to Nia, get some tea at Remedy, read a book than wait for some confetti & a cupcake at work. Actually, that sounds kinda nice. I think I just made a plan.

Every year I get asked what I want and while presents are nice, they are certainly not a necessity. Sincerely! Recently Mr. Darcy and I took that Love Language quiz from the 5 Love Languages book and I scored zero in the category of needing gifts as a way of knowing you are loved. I did score astronomically high in the words of affirmation. No one is surprised. Well, Mr. D kinda was as he had pegged me for a quality time person. I also enjoy acts of service and peanut butter & chocolate concoctions. Oh wait, that last one is from a different quiz entirely.

I do have some wish lists (THIS IS NOT A HINT, please see paragraph above) at Amazon and Etsy (love!). This is for you, my friends who read my blog, so you don’t have to email me for them. Because that’s not very stealth, you know?

I guess I better get to writing my 38 in 38 list.


11 thoughts on “Where’s the Party?

  1. It may just be me, but your plans sound really great. And even if it’s low-key to you, I’m betting that you’ll get some surprises!

  2. It sounds like you actually have a lot planned to me!

    I took that quiz and was highest in acts of service/words of affirmation and lowest in physical touch. Interesting test!

  3. I love that you’re already planning your 40th in your mind 🙂 And I love that you’re turning 38 — it’s so nice for me to have a friend so close to my age. You *get* it. :> xo

  4. Whee another April birthday 🙂 It’s my birthday in 10 days. I have no idea what to do to celebrate. I’m hoping for warm weather and BBQ’s 😉

  5. I took my birthday off this year for the first time in my life and it was AWESOME. I had a day at home to myself and just relaxed.

    Your plans for this year sound pretty rad. 🙂

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