Weighty Issue

**I have added a follow up article link at the end of this as more information is being discovered.**

A 19-year-old girl who won tickets to American Idol was forced to sit in the back because of her size.

Did you hear about this?

She and her friends showed up giddy to be in the audience. But when they were seated, she was told she had to sit in the back because she was too big. So her skinny friends got to stay up front while she was not only denied her rightful place in the front row, but had to face humiliation and degradation because she is supposedly fat. Another friend had to accompany her due to her shorts which were apparently not appropriate.

This girl is not fat. And regardless, size should not be a factor in where people are seated in a studio audience.

Even if this girl was large, why the hell should it matter? She won tickets! It’s her right to sit there. Her body size does not dictate her acceptability. Who the fuck cares what size an audience member is? People come in all shapes, sizes and colors- why create some carbon copy row of skinny people? Does the media industry really think that showing us only one type of body will get the rest of us “falling out of line” whipped into shape? I’m so sick of this crap.

More questions I have-

Who decides what fat is?

Why can’t fat sit in the front row?

Why is it acceptable in our culture to treat anyone who isn’t stick thin this way?

What’s it going to take for us to stand up and scream ENOUGH! and stop this madness?

For us this is a blip in the news but to this girl, she’s been shamed. It’s hard not to take these messages in and have them not negatively shape your own mindset about yourself. I’m sure most of us can remember a time when someone said something about our looks that we still remember years later, right? And it was probably something false and mean.

I am not sure what else to do to stand up against this bullshit except write about it, talk about it, and not participate in it myself. What do you do when you’re outraged?

P.S. American Idol is denying the claim. Who to believe?

*photo from 100.7 Mix FM website


27 thoughts on “Weighty Issue

  1. Not fat. Who does American Idol think is watching their show? I will continue not watching and will now smugly say I am boycotting it.

  2. This girl was on Good Morning America this morning. There are some misstatements int he press about the situation. Apparently, she had to move to the back of the section, not the back of the audience. It was only 5 rows back. There were 6 in her group and they split up the group 3 and 3. So, while I agree this is absolutely an issue, it’s been blown out of proportion by the press (not surprising, eh?).

  3. Disgraceful. Appalling. WRONG. I’ve always watched this show; this season, tv scheduling conflicts have made it so that I haven’t watched much of it so far. This situation, regardless of how the media affected its proportions, will secure my decision to quit watching it altogether.

  4. First, I couldn’t really believe anyone called that girl out on size. Every time I see something in this vein, I’m stunned. It’s a shame that it’s the same people, “television people”, who’ve both caused this and mis-reported on it. Nonetheless, the principle issue is relocating people based on appearance, which is gross and classless no matter how it’s reported.

  5. Are you freaking kidding me?? That girl is sooooo not fat. Ridiculous AI. Seriously if I didn’t already boycott your show THIS would make me stop watching it.

  6. I didn’t hear about this and for some reason it surprises me that this is happening. I thought television was trying to do a better job of representing what real Americans look like. I’ve seen commercials for that show “The Voice” whose whole premise is that singers will be judged on talent alone, and not what they look like. What a novel concept! (duh) And there seem to be more and more women on TV who are NOT anorexic looking. This is a step backward, for sure.

    And this girl is not fat. AND, she is adorable.

    As far as what you can do about this kind of crap, I suggest (in addition to bringing it to our attention) volunteering for some kind of women’s body issue campaign. I think Dove has one for girls and one for aging women. Anyway, I think it would be rewarding work. In fact, I’m going to look into it!


  7. OMG!!!SO NOT FAT! They should be ashamed of themselves for treating her (anyone) like that!! I’m going to put this on twitter and if anyone else does, lets hope it goes “viral” and the young lady gets some justice, or at least, people can show these creeps the outrage that society feels towards treatment such as this!

    You are right to be outraged, Ms. Sizzle. I am too.

  8. wow. i did not hear about it (over here in germany) but it’s ridiculous. i’m at a loss of words. and sad. for that beautiful girl in the picture above 😦

  9. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong…They should be ashamed for what they have done to that young girl…I didn’t hear about it until here, but who made that decision, American Idol?

    Along these same lines…Did anyone happen to see all the awards programs with Jennifer Hudson on the red carpets. Anyone happen to notice “how beautiful she is now, since she has lost all that weight” What she was ugly before? Now she is pretty because she is thin? She is the same person, is she not? Ridiculous.

  10. This is ridiculous. I too have only been half watching this season, but now I’m done with it.

    J Lo was just named the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine. Jennifer Hudson was also on the list of beautiful women but I’ll bet they wouldn’t have included her pre-weightloss. This kind of stuff infuriates me. I hope that 19-year old knows she’s beautiful and I’m sorry this happened to her.

  11. It is disgusting that this young woman was treated this way. I hate that people treat other people with so horribly. I will never watch American Idol again. EVER! That is how we should protest her treatment.

  12. You know who needs to move to the back? Tall people. That’s who is always in my way and why I hate going to concerts. Every time I go 99.9% of the people in front of me are over 5’10 and I can’t see anything.

    Moving to the back because of someone’s weight? That’s just stupid and I call bullshit. But as Nilsa mentioned, the press may have blown it out of proportion (as they love to do).

    In any case that’s just stupid to move anyone to the back to their weight.

  13. This is beyond not okay. It’s only ONE of the many reasons I despise American Idol. That girl is beautiful and it shouldn’t matter if she was missing half her face! She bought the damn tickets!

  14. Wow. It’s no wonder all of us continually feel like we don’t measure up to the people on TV. The stupid media controls who and what we see – which clearly isn’t based on reality. That is horrible. That girl is adorable. And you’re right – would they move an anorexic back for being too skinny? Doubt it. Ugh.

  15. This move is part of the same lame playbook that seats the six black people at the Republican Convention in the front row. Live studio audiences are a big lie, everyone!

  16. I hadn’t heard about this! But it’s definitely sad and ridiculous and yeah, that girl shouldn’t have had to sit in the back row when she won tickets to the front row for ANY reason.

    (And I love Terrell’s idea about volunteering for a woman body issue/image campaign!)

  17. that is just so sad, i can’t even imagine how upset that girl must have been. i mean to win tickets is a huge thing and then told you’re fat ad have to sit in the back? eck. what is wrong with society/american idol!? just ridiculous and sad.

  18. I can’t believe they did that! Well, I can, I suppose. That poor girl – I hope that all of the people rallying around her help to balance out that experience, if only a little bit.

  19. fat was decided by some man. i just have a feeling lol. seriously, good question because all the old paintings of people, show them pleasantly plump! and naked! and proud! why cant people be plump and naked and proud now?

  20. Hadn’t heard of this but, my friend took her mom to see Oprah. They got to sit in the back out of view, while the prettier thinner younger people got to sit within the camera shot.

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