Sister = My Heart.(Birthday post by Dokey)

When we were small, I always wanted to be nearby my sister; knocking on her bedroom door every ten minutes (o.k., maybe every five minutes) to ask: “what are you doing?”, “what are you doing now?”. Her most common answer, reading, never seemed as interesting as entertaining me. After a while, she usually caved, put down her book and let me enter her room. I vividly remember climbing up onto her bed, resting next to her on the pale blue satin comforter, staring out the window at the birch branches, completely content to be exactly where I was, with my favorite person.

Naturally, our lives have changed quite a bit since those early days on Regina Way, but the feeling remains, I’m always glad to be with my sister. How could I not be? She’s the most amazing person you’ll ever be lucky enough to know. Honestly. Sure she’s hilarious, brilliant and clever, but above all else, she’s real and in turn, she encourages (or sometimes pushes) you to be the same. She’ll tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. She’d most likely give you her heart if she could. She’ll definitely give you the hug of your life, hands down.

This year, dear sister, I hope all your birthday wishes come true, you deserve that and so much more. Thank you for being my constant shining star. I love you with all my heart, Doke.


28 thoughts on “Sister = My Heart.(Birthday post by Dokey)

  1. Sweet sister love.

    Happy day, Siz. What a lovely addition to my year you have been. Amen to everything your sis said. So fun to get rubbed down with you today.

  2. Happy birthday, Sizz! Reading this lovely post touches my heart. It also makes me think of all of the amazing changes you’ve made in your life and all the ways that you’ve grown in the past year and more, one of the coolest being what a yoga-head (and all-around exercise freak) you are. It’s kind of fun to get older, isn’t it? (I mean, in a way :>)

  3. Dear Doke,
    And you said you only spoke in photos. Pshaw! I beg to differ, my sweet sis. Thank you for taking over my blog to share such touching sentiments. More than that, thank you for being you. I love you a thousand times to the moon and back.

  4. Happy Birthday, my dear Sizz! Hard to believe I’ve been following you for over five years. LongStoryLonger is right, you’ve changed and grown a lot these past years, and I’m glad to be along for the ride. May this year be molto groovy in every way.

  5. The happiest of birthdays to my sweet, adorable lady! I hope all your wishes come true and look forward to the promise of new adventure! xoxoxo

  6. What a beautiful tribute. I just love these words about Sizz.

    Happy Birthday, dear Sizzle. Thank you for being one of the bright spots on the internet πŸ™‚

  7. You write the bestest birthday tributes to your family and friends. It is always such a treat to hear how to describe what they mean to you.

  8. This just made me cry. Sisters are such a blessing.

    And this: “She’d most likely give you her heart if she could. She’ll definitely give you the hug of your life, hands down.”

    YES. I was just earlier this morning thinking that one of my favorite parts about you is how great you hug.

  9. I love sister love. And this: “She’ll tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear.” This is especially true; the best part is how you do so with such compassion and empathy that it doesn’t hurt to hear the truth from you because you tell it to yourself first. You are authentic. And I’m so glad to know you.

  10. I am here to wish you a happy birthday cuz Tracy told me to. And since Tracy scares the ever living shit out of me, I do what she tells me.

    Thanks for being such a great friend to one of my favorite internet people. Hope you had a great day!

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