A 4 Day Celebration Worthy of Turning 38

Ringing in my 38th birthday was a lot of fun.  Here’s photographic proof:

Friday night date with my sister at a local wine bar, she shot this:

It was the end of happy hour so I had to double up. HAD TO. (No, that is not a young Gary Busey behind me.)

Saturday after getting my groove on at Zumba (no photos because that’d just be waaaay to sweaty and red-faced), Mr. Darcy & I drove up to see the tulips:

This is not a picture of tulips but rather the best part of the adventure which was NOT the tulips.

I had very much-anticipated seeing the tulips but sadly with all the rain and cold we’ve had, very few had opened and the fields were VERY muddy (re: slippery!). Plus, there were throngs of screaming, wild children running amok. SO! Mr. Darcy and I have now made a pact that we will not visit places with the word “field” or “farm” or “patch” in them unless we have children with us. We feel very good about this agreement.

Sunday was breakfast with my family at my favorite joint:

Entertaining the nephew while we wait for PANCAKES.

As we were eating our pancakes my nephew says to me, “After this we can go to your house and have your pancakes,” to which my heart melted a little bit because that boy sure does love my pancakes. He’s declared them The Best. And tells my Mom that her pancakes are the worst but she makes really good hot dogs. (Ha!)

Double B behaves while Supple doesn't.

Kaply came because, yes, she's part of my family. Plus, she really likes hollandaise sauce.

My Mom has adopted Supple.

My sister and I are big on self-portraiture.

Then I met my friends Aimee and Meghan for massages. They’d never been to this particular place but I go all the time. Unfortunately, the masseuse I got had hands that reeked of cigarette smoke and he wheezed like he was down a lung. It was giving me flashbacks. Uncomfortable flashbacks. Luckily most of the massage is focused on the feet (it’s a foot reflexology place) so I didn’t have to smell him for long. As Meghan was being massaged, the guy’s elbow working some magic, something popped in her back to which the guy leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Your rib.” Hey, now she doesn’t have to visit the chiropractor for a while!

Jen (pictured in the middle) met us later for Vietnamese food. It was a good girlie time.

Can you believe we’re just now getting to my ACTUAL birthday?

Mr. Darcy insisted on giving me his gift as he sat on the couch in his towel pre-shower. (Hubba!) And then I was off to Nia before meeting up with my Mom and nephew for “an adventure”. They came over with lunch and lit a candle in a homemade brownie and sang to me.

The sun was actually shining for most of the day. A birthday miracle!

Finn is sprouting like a weed. And he is very athletic. He prefers sports to the arts. I'm not sure my sister knows what to do with that.

Then Supple picked me up for a pre-dinner cocktail wherein we ate olives and talked about her inability to flirt. (I tried to give her tips- first one, Confidence with a capital C.)

I wore a new dress which fits great when I stand up but when I sit it feels too tight. Ooof! I wore it anyhow because what the hell, I'm 38!

Mr. Darcy took me to Dahlia Lounge which was delicious from start to finish. They even comp’d my half-glass flight of wine that accompanied each dish because it was my birthday. They also gave generous pours (so it is no wonder I fell asleep on the couch at 10pm- that was a lot of wine).

Making a wish on the most delicious coconut cream pie EVER.

My man sure does spoil me. I'm so lucky.

It was an awesome birthday from start to finish. From thoughtful friends calling, texting or sending gifts (you shouldn’t have!) to family going above and beyond to make me feel special, I loved every second of it. I can’t really believe I am 38 though the lines on my face remind me daily. I think 38 is going to be a really good year.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!


25 thoughts on “A 4 Day Celebration Worthy of Turning 38

  1. I’m so glad it was such a friend and family and coconut creme pie-filled day! Yay! 38.

    (Also: That last picture of you and Mr. D is my favorite.)

  2. Happy Birthday from one of your Blogger/Twitter fans! 38 is a Wonderful age to be! There’s Real Magic yet to be had, more of Life’s Marrow to suck out& Savour! May 38 be your Best Year ever!

  3. You are SO blessed to have such a great group of friends and family always around you! I’m glad your birthday was as special as you are. 🙂

  4. Happy 38th. My mom’s 71st was on the 18th too. I was in a thrift shop yesterday sending birthday vibes your way, hoping you had a fabulous birthday!!!

  5. Happy birthday! (or Happy being 38, rather, since I’m late!) You look so great in that dress! And your friends and family are absolutely adorable. And Finn! He’s so big now!

    That’s a lot of exclamation points, but birthdays call for exclamation points, don’t they?

  6. sounds like a perfect birthday! i love it all, so much fun and fabulous people and wine flights and cute clothes, yes definitely an excellent birthday, woo!

  7. I’m so glad you had such a great time 😀 It was my birthday weekend last weekend too and I had an amazing too. And the sun was shining! Perfect April birthdays yay 😀

  8. Dude, I’m not sure if you know this or not but if your actual birthday falls on a Monday, you get to take the rest of the week off. Go ahead and sleep in today, I’ll send a note on to your work letting them know what the deal is.

  9. What a wonderful birthday celebration! I am so happy you had a great time!

    I’m also really jealous that you look so pretty and graceful blowing out your candles because I look really yucky in my picture with my cheeks all puffed out and it is just not good.

  10. That last picture is the cutest. And I will refrain from making a hundred jokes about “the gift” Mr. Darcy gave you while wearing only a towel… SNL’s ____ in a box comes to mind… 😛

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