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**UPDATE** We have decided on a name- The Ulterior Motive Mob. If you’re local and want to join, we have a few spaces left. We’ll be beautifying the South Park Skate Park. Email me!

Last night at a Tweet Up for non-profit types, my friend Frank & I got roped into volunteered to co-captain a team for the annual Seattle Works Day on May 21st. (Ok, I volunteered him but that’s what you get for being my friend.) Seattle Works is a great local non-profit organization that connects volunteers with volunteer gigs. Seattle Works Day is when throngs of people spread out across Seattle to tackle volunteer projects from gardening to feeding the homeless and then after we all gather at the Seattle Center to grub on delicious food, toast with tasty beers, and enjoy a whirlwind of activity that is the after-party. It’s a really good time (Mr. Darcy and I were on a team last year). It costs $30 to sign up but that gets you into a cool volunteer project, a commemorative t-shirt, plus food and drink and fun post-doing good.

We’re kind of coming into this team captain gig a bit late in the game so we have to do 2 things quick.

1) Name our team!

2) Recruit friends to join our bad ass do good-ing team of misfits

I know many of you aren’t local BUT! if you are and want to join our team, let me know and I will email you the information. For the rest of you, can you help us out by suggesting fun, tongue-in-cheek team names? We need to have it picked out by tonight (eek!) and I know you are all a bunch of creative masterminds. That’s why I thought I’d ask. Also, you look really good today. Did you do something different with your hair?


Suggest away!


10 thoughts on “Name It

  1. I would LOVE to go but that’s super close to my finals and last projects for the term. I don’t think it’d be fair to my group if I left for the weekend (because hi, I’d want to spend the night, no thank you 6 hours of driving) before everything was do.

    I suck at naming things. So this comment was exactly zero help.

  2. When you get roped into volunteering, it’s called being “voluntold.” Or, at least, that’s what I call it.

    Sounds like a cool project. Wish I was out there to help in person.

  3. I’d volunteer if I lived closer! And I’d suggest a name, but it took me nine months of pregnancy to decide on names for my kids, so. 😉

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