You Will Thank Me Later

I need to tell you about two things I am totally diggin’ on right now:

#1 This sports bra:

This bra is ta-ta-riffic!

I am seriously in love with it. Thank you, Aimee, for telling me about it. It is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn. It doesn’t smush my girls into a uni-boob and the velcro straps make it a breeze to adjust. I can dance and jump and downward dog with nary a care in the world when wearing this bra. PLEASE DO YOURSELF (AND YOUR BREASTS) A FAVOR AND BUY IT.

#2 This show:

Hi Jax. I miss you.

Who would have thought that a show about a biker gang in a small town in California starring (formerly know as) Peg Bundy and Ron Pearlman would float my boat? BUT IT DOES. SO MUCH!

Side note: Who remembers that show Beauty and the Beast? I think Ron may have looked better there.

We blew through the first two seasons in a week (one Sunday I didn’t leave the couch due to this addictive show) and now I am going to have to buy Season 3 just to see what the heck is going on with Jax and Abel and everyone because as much as I know that they are not real people (as Mr. Darcy is fond of reminding me) I want desperately to know what is happening in their (fictional) lives. Sure, they sell guns and have killed people and have full on back tattoos depicting their “club” logo, and always wear their biker vests which leaves me wondering when do they get laundered but so what? THIS SHOW IS AWESOME.

I had similar obsessions with Dexter and Weeds but my current love of Sons of Anarchy surpasses both of those. If you do start watching this, don’t say I didn’t warn you to set aside a chunk of time. You will get sucked in.

P.S. You’re welcome.


17 thoughts on “You Will Thank Me Later

  1. Ooooh, I am so excited about this sports bra. (How sad am I? haha) I’m currently wearing an Enell that is too big and am in dire need of a new one but they are SUPA DUPA expensive. Excited to see these get good reviews and are resonably priced. Thanks!

  2. My ta-tas are wee, but I have a few friends who have a hard time finding bras to hold their ladies. I’ll pass it along. 🙂

  3. Snort! After your rave review of the bra, I had to go see what it is, and snorted when I saw that its name is “Fiona bra.” I’ll buy one in advance for when my little Fiona is ready for one. Tee hee! I’ve got Sons of Anarchy in my instant watch queue. Yahoo!

  4. I LOVE that sports bra. I have it in several colors 🙂 As a gal who is quite well endowed in the chest area, this is seriously the best one I’ve found. Love it.

    I have yet to sit down and watch SOA, but it’s been in my queue for awhile! It’s on instant, so I may just have to start watching soon.

  5. I have that bra! It works well for me when my boobs are really big. I had some other MC ones and eventually, the hooks on the back scratched up my back so I threw them all out. I really like the Champion C9 ones at Tar-jay!

  6. I L-O-V-E moving comfort bras! I have two of em and LOVE them for running, cycling and yoga. If I’m going all hard core, I’ll sometimes wear my Enell. But it looks and feels like the Terminator of bras, and is just as cute and uniboobesque as you’d imagine.

  7. And thank you for the show recommendation. I would prefer to hibernate with a grizzly bear than be awake and conscious as I wait and wait and wait for Weeds Season 7 and True Blood 3 to be available through Amazon. But now I might have something new to live for. Thank you, Sizzle! I will check it out.

  8. I love Sons of Anarchy and any being of ample breast size, I will check out the sports bra. I cycle, run, and do whatever…I have to wear two bras most of the time to keep from bouncing all around.

  9. I fell in love with Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad at the same time, and I pretty much think they’re the best shows on the television these days. Katey Sagal is sort of effing amazing, and I adore Charlie Hunnam.

    And who’d have thunk Hal could be so, so, bad?

  10. Thank you NOW for this sports bra rec! I need a new one so very bad, and the price is right, too. (Considering I spent waaay too much on regular bras, but hey, at least I know my size now.)

  11. That sports bra is the BEST! I have it in black and white and have found that Amazon is generally the best price. I didn’t realize they made all of those other pretty colors too. May have to order another one. I know my girls will thank me.

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